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1. I would like to know if I want to set a discount code specifically only deduct shipping price and does not applied to product price.

2. The shipping method I need to use is .

Kindly advice.


Hi risecakoplusplus,

You can not deduct shipping price with this plugin. You can choose to set a cart discount though.

Pre-sale question…I need coupon to be usable with 4 different products, but restrict checkout to 1 product, at quantity of 1. Can this plugin force the exclusion of ANY other product in cart, and, limit it’s quantity to 1?

Urgent pre-sale question: Is it possible to use product variations as “free product”?

Yes, possible. But the user will not be presented with the possible options (e.g. radiobuttons S, M, L, XL). You can specify the possible variation(s) in the coupon admin section.


itusop Purchased

I wonder that I can set up the coupon cannot be combined with some particular coupons but can be combined with others. Let say, there are coupon A, B and C. Coupon A can be used with B, but not with C.


I’m Looking for Plugin with Different discount type in one code,. WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features Can do that or not.

No, unfortunately not.

Is it possible to send the coupon to customer by email (with the final email from woocommerce) after the order is marked “complete”?

What do you mean by that? If a coupon is used, the code or description is in the email.

Can you help me clarify if this will work with your plug-in:

For my clients site, which is a paid-member access site, each new user receives a free 15 consultance.

We need to make sure that each customer knows how to make use of this gift& free consultion + also make sure that the user can only receive ONE free consultion, and we also need to monitor who has made use of the free consultance.

Thanks Peter

A coupon can be limited to 1 time usage per customer. The user is identified by email address or user id for registered users.

My plugin has no monitoring option. Communication to the client is not done by this plugin. Create a post/page for that or use a popup plugin.

Hi, our website is running wordpress 4.7.3 and flatsome theme. Woocommerce version is 2.6.14. Will this plugin work as described ?

Plugin has been succesfully tested with those versions of WC/WP. Don’t know about the theme, but should be fine.

Hello, pre-sale question: I need to match that situations for coupons: Is this possible with this plugin?

1) €20 off any 2 16” pizzas (offer excludes Margheritta pizza, all “Half and Half” pizzas, all “Create your own” pizzas). (so size 16” is variable, those products to exclude are in same pizzas category)

2) Spend €50 get 20% off (offer excludes all "Sale" items, Deals, Tray, Combo products, Dinner time offers, all Drinks).

3) €2 off any 2 Curries (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Deals, Tray, Combo products). (need to exclude sale items, and some other categories)

4) €2 off any Sides order over €15 (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Deals, Tray, Combo products). (same as 3), but based on spend amount not product quantity)

My other tasks should be covered if all above covered €5 off any Eastern European order over €35 (offer excludes all “Sale” items). 3€ off any Burger or Burger Meal order over €20 (offer excludes all “Sale” items, Dinner time offers).

Please see the mail I sent you.


Petr111 Purchased

Hi, Pre sale question

can i set it up so that if customer buys a product from category A, they get a discount off a product in category B, so that the discount only applies to the product from category B, all other products in the cart are NOT discounted

is that possible?

No, unfortunately not.