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Presale question.

If a store has free shipping on orders over $75 and once the cart reaches $75, there is a free shipping option presented.

If your plugin was used, could it restrict (not show free shipping as an option) based on the user role even if the cart reached $75?

Hi, yes it could.

Hi, is the coupon url feature confirmed working? Because now Wordpress is using word-based permalinks. When I go to paste in the coupon piece (?apply_coupon=coupon_code), the question mark is overwritten, making the url invalid. Also I tried changing the link settings in Wordpress to show the urls in the post id format, but it turns out those are not editable. Please advise.

Yes it works. You need pro version to apply it on an empty cart. Free version is best used in combination with the free Cart Links for WooCommerce plugin to populate the cart with products in combination with the coupon.

Hi I installed the free version into my web store. I am trying to achieve a free product to automatically be added to the cart when a specific coupon code is added and the total ‘cost is over a set amount. Is this achievable with this plugin or does the free version cover it?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, free products is PRO functionality only.


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Can you let me know how this differs from –

Is there extra functionality?

Also when a customer submits and order will it display that two items need to be shipped?


Hi, apart from free products, our plugin adds many other functionality to coupons. I never tried the other plugin so I can’t really compare.

See documentation here:

Products will be visible in the shipping list as any other product.


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Can you let me know what the latest updates where please, do you have a changelog?


Changelog is in the readme.txt of the plugin, or see


Can I ask something before I buy the plugin?

- Can this plugin be used to create a month-to-month coupon? For example, a coupon called “5dollarmonth” will give to anyone wo uses it 5 dolar discount for each month, starting on 1rst day of the month.

Can this be done ?


Hi, no that can’t be done with this plugin.


if I am using URL coupons only, can I hide the Coupon box on the basket.and checkout pages?

Many thanks.

Override WooCommerce templates cart/cart.php and checkout/form-coupon.php

Just to be sure: with this plugin, would I be able to create a coupon to automatically apply a discount when a user adds 3 items of a specific category into the cart? (And for this coupon to apply per sets of 3 items, so if there are 6 items, it would apply twice?)

Hi there,

Hope you are well.

Is it possible with this plugin to automatically add a coupon when there’s more than 10 but less than 20 items in the cart, and only allow two of the same items? In that way it won’t be possible to buy more than 10 of the same item and still receive the automated coupon discount.

Many thanks!

Hello I am needing something and not sure how hard it would be. I wanted to basically add a BCC field to a coupon. Where if someone uses a coupon code “spring” for example we can have a BCC email field where someone (in addition to the customer) will also get a copy of the order for anyone who uses coupon code “spring.” Is this possible?

Hello Is there a way to have a tax exempt coupon code?