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When using the WooCommerce Coupon, I can add the coupons used like this: add_action( 'woocommerce_admin_order_data_after_billing_address', 'testing', 10, 1 ); function testing($order){ if( $order->get_used_coupons() ) { $coupons_count = count( $order->get_used_coupons() ); echo '<h4>' . __('Coupons used') . ' (' . $coupons_count . ')</h4>'; echo '<p><strong>' . __('Coupons used') . ':</strong> '; $i = 1; $coupons_list = ''; foreach( $order->get_used_coupons() as $coupon) { $coupons_list .= $coupon; if( $i < $coupons_count ) $coupons_list .= ', '; $i++; } echo '</p><p><strong>Coupons used (' . $coupons_count . ') :</strong> ' . $coupons_list . '</p>'; } } But when using this awesome plugin, how can I do the same? I really need it to display on the orders page and some other areas.

Will work just the same with this plugin enabled.

Sadly it always returns empty on the first if check. So it does not work with the plugin. I’ve checked it towards orders with coupons and without. Both return the same on: if( $order->get_used_coupons() )


Is it possible to show on the tab of a product which product is given?

That is, show the gift in small?


Thank you

Hi, not out of the box. This would be custom work.

Hello, I am looking to buy this plugin but I have a question. Can a set limit order for 100$ and who is buying no less than 100$ get a free X product from the store, can I set it like that?

Thank you!

Yes, that’s possible.

Hello. Under “usage restriction” the “Minimum Amount of Matching Products” to 10. I Would like the coupon to only apply if the customer has 10 products from the same exact category. How do I configure this? Thank you.

That description is not what you are asking for. But you can request a refund, no problem.

With this plugin if I wanted a customer to get a discount buying 10 TSHIRTS or possibly 10 HATS they would need different coupons for each because they are in separate categories. There is no way with this plugin to set it to apply the coupon whether the customer chooses 10 “Matching Products” from either the HATS or TSHIRTS category. This is troublesome especially from a functionally point of view. I do not want to have to create 20 coupons because I have 20 categories. How do I apply for a refund?


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The plug-in does not work templates/cart/select-free-product.php and templates/checkout/select-free-product.php There is no such two document


iselice Purchased

I sent it to you wp-admin Please check it

It seems that some plugin is parsing shortcodes in the cart template. I did a quick fix, so the fatal error is gone. There still seems to be a compatibility issue with your theme; the ‘update cart’ button is not enabled after choosing a free gift. I will create a fix for this.

I updated the plugin, all should be ok now. Please confirm.


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Hello. What I need is very simple. When two products are added it should apply discount. But for some reason it is not working. I have WPML and when I add two products, it automatically adds two more products of another language. So there are 4 products in total. Could that be an issue? Thank you.


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Is your plugin compatible with WPML?


Alex011 Purchased

I have contacted WPML. Thanks

Hi, yes it is compatible, but I haven’t tested for a while. When the new version of my plugin is about to be released, I will retest with the newest version of WPML.


I’m interested in purchasing your plugin. I would like to know if your plugin is compatible with this plugin I purchased ( because I would create a coupon for who pays full amount.

Thank you


Hi, I don’t know if these plugins will work together. Please try the free version of my plugin to try it out.


I have created a coupon to give away a free gift. The coupon requires the purchase of 4 different products in order to get the free gift. However when I add those products to the cart, I get an error “Sorry, this product cannot be purchased.”

Even if I remove one of the products and make it 3 products required, I see that error again.

Can you please help.


Please disregard

Hello, I am using your Cart links for WooCommerce plugin. I have 4 products and I wanted to apply auto coupons based on 2 conditions. One for regular users that buy all 4 products and other for Abandoned carts where I would offer them a better discount if they buy all 4 products. I want to do this using URL coupons. How can I achieve this? I have tried some thing like this,46,50,53&?apply_coupon=99 and,46,50,53&?apply_coupon=79. But they didn’t work.

Install this free plugin: and replace add-to-cart with fill_cart . Add-to-cart doesn’t always work.


Hi Sir,

Can this be set up?

Subtotal 100 free gift A Subtotal 200 free gift A, B (can choice) Subtotal 300 free gift A, B, C (can choice)

Limit coupons by category, According to the amount or percentage used. Clothes, can use A coupon (can not use B coupons) Electronic products, can use B coupons (can not use A coupons)

Thank you.

Yes, all possible. What do you mean by ‘According to the amount or PERCENTAGE used’?

ex: subtotal >=3000 percentage:10%, So when the 500,300,100 coupons exist, I can only use up to 300 coupons.

or category A amount >= 5,can use coupon A.

How do I remove “free products” text on my shopping cart page? Added by this plugin div is wjecf-fragment-cart-select-free-product.

I have no free products. Just want to hide or remove the text line.

Ok thanks. There is no free product coupon in the cart but there is a coupon active. Can you tell me in which file the text “Free Products” is in? I will just remove the text and keep the div tag.

The div is in the template templates/coupon-select-free-product.php. You can override this template file by copying it into YOURTHEME/woocommerce-auto-added-coupons/coupon-select-free-product.php

If you’re not using the ‘Free product’-functionality at all, you can disable it from the Settings > WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features page (you need to temporarily enable debug mode on that page for that)

Thanks all fixed.

I am looking for a plugin that can apply a coupon code that rounds the cart total down to the nearest dollar (eg $36.45 becomes $36). Is this something your plugin can do, or does it only offer fixed discount amounts and percentages?

Hi. Pre-sale question:

Does this plugin works with variable products? For example: Product A has 3 variations: 15ml, 5ml, sample.

Case 1) I want to offer 5ml (Variation of product A) free gift if total in cart is up to 50€. Possible? Case 2) If case 1 is possible, is it also possible that customer can choose free gift between variations of products? Ex: Customer can choose between 5ml (Variation of product A), 5ml (Variation of product b), and so on…. How, when and where can customer select his free gift?


Thx for ur reply. I would like to buy this plugin (possibly for 3 online stores if we try it and it fit well to our needs). The only “problem” is that our online store is a bit complex with a lot of plugins and custom code, so is there the possibility of a refund if there are some issues with this plugin, and after working with ur support theres no way to make it work? This would NOT mean that ur plugin does not work, it would simply mean that it conflicts with something in our store, but currently we cant change or uninstall anything in our shop in favor of ur plugin….. This plugin will be an extra.


Possible, but please first try the free version of my plugin which is available at

Hi josk79. Ok, we have tested the free version of plugin in our 3 online stores, and it works well. We have also bought 1 pro version for test in the most complex store, and it also works well, both the free gift and the discounts, applying coupons automatically or not, rules and so on… So it is all perfect! We well buy pro version for the other 2 stores soon. Thx!