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This plugin seems great! Quick question, I’m using Follow-ups plugin from Woocomerce to send receipts emails. Is it possible to add a shortcode with the auto-generated coupon on the email? Or is there restrictions to use default receipts coming from woocomerce?

Hi. Currently there is not shortcode that can be used.

thank you. Let me know if that changes.

Can a customer share this coupon with their friends? We plan to provide a Free Shipping coupon with every order/or every customer. The couple should be reusable and one can share the same with their friends.

Let me know if this is possible.

Unfortunately the generated coupon is restricted to the customer only.

Dear colleague, your plugin is interesting and would work very well in Brazil. You have a translator for Portuguese in Brazil? Can I translate your plugin for Portuguese from Brazil in exchange for a license, we can close a partnership?

Unfortunately I am not interested. This plugin does not have many texts so I could translate it myself :)

Is it possible to send emails with coupons to old users, before the plugin was installed? If i mark an old order to completed again, it does not send a coupon mail.


In theory it is possible, but just updating the order status with the same status will not trigger it. You’ll have to change order status for something else, and then to completed.

Hi. Can I choose a time limit to use? For example 10 days after the purchase.

Thank you for your purchase. I sent the update with time limit option to Envato, and they are currently processing it. The update will be available really soon (maybe today, maybe tomorrow) and you will be notified by email.

Also, it doesn’t generate different coupons for every orders. So if a user get the coupon, he can use it for every next orders and also can send for other users to use it!

The coupon will be generated for each order and is related to the customer user ID or email address. Therefore, other customers with different email addresses can not reuse it.

hi i want to make something link customer loyalty card where user will get discount after 5 purchase / 5 orders, can your plugin does it?

No, this plugin will give a discount for customer after every order.

Hello – just purchased – NO IDEA what the upload is? There’s no ONE file to upload to our plugin folder. There’s a file called, Woocommerce, but that would overwrite an existing file. So, we changed the name, however, your plugin does not show up in our plugin area. Please advise or refund. Thank you!

I just downloaded the plugin from CodeCanyon. The zip file contains documentation, includes, languages, Licensing and WooCommerce folders. Also, a file woocommerce-every-order-coupon.php. So all the files are there.

Upload the whole zip file from WP admin and it’s fine.

Thanks – however, once installed and setup, my entire site went down with a HTTP 500 error. When I deactivated (tried this 2x) the site came back up. So, unfortunately, your thoughtful plug crashes my site — using Avada theme. Thanks for trying! I’ll request a refund. Bummer.

Have you checked the compability with your WooCommerce version? Also, is there a chance you could check you debug.log for errors?

Hi there,
I have placed an order on your test website, I have received the email confirmation of the order but I did not receive any coupons. How does it work?
Thank you,

Hello Radu,

Coupons will be generated for logged in customers.


Hi Risto
Thanks for replying. So basicly the plugin is useless if the user checks out as a guest?


Yes, it is completely useless for a guest.

Idea behind the plugin was to get the customers to register, and therefor receive coupon for it. As a registered customer they will see all their generated coupons under “My Account” page.

Also the registration requirement is useful, as the coupon is attached to the specific user and others can not use it.


Do you plan to code a support for WooCommerce 3.x?

Hello. Yes, I will, it will be done in a week.

Just submitted the update to CodeCanyon. It will be reviewed and available in 48 hours usually.

Hello Can I select a specific product for which the coupon is valid only?

and another question: Is it possible to have the coupon only be valid for one specific product?

after installation and configuration, my woocommerce dont send emails with the coupons…. i think all the configuration is ok, is not difficult, my version of wp is 5.0.2 can you help me?


will buy for my site soon.


Kamaljp Purchased

Hello, Email send the homepage only even i erase all text but when i choose Email type as plain text it send what i write but has ==-===-===-==== line on top and dowm on the email.