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If i proceed checkout process, Estimated date was display like this link ->

Could you tell me how to move date below quantity label?

my website is

Thank you. ᐧ


I’ve tried setting this up which I thought would be simple but I’m having a problem. I’ve set the day’s off to Sat & Sun, set the estimated amount of days to 4. The current day is the 7th of May (I have no holidays set) but the plugin generates that the item will be delivered on the 15th of May? How does this work?


I’ve played with the settings again, I’ll run it for a few more days but if it goes out of sync again I’ll have to stop using it. I’d be interested in your opinion on the above.


I would like a refund for this plugin, it does not work.

I’ve had it setup with no holidays, sat & sun as the days off with 2 days for delivery on all items and a cut off point of 12.

For the last few days every day after 12 the days have increased by 1 as they should but today after 12 the days have decided not to increase? Before 12.00 it was estimated for the 15th and now after 12.00 it’s still the 15th. Why has this stopped working randomly on Wednesday when the days off are set to Sat / Sun?

I’ve cleared the cache and I’m viewing the dates in the basket/check out.

Please can I have a refund so I can buy a plugin that works as currently this is useless.


It has now updated to the correct date at 1.00pm either tho I’ve got the time set to 12.00 – Where is the time pulled from? I’ve checked and my WooCommerce time is correct. Confused. In the time between I did disable and re-enable the plugin.

Hi! How can I translate this pugin using Loco Translate? There are no .PO/.MO files in the plugin folder?

Hi again! I want to import estimated shipping info using WP All Import. So my question is, where is the data stored in the database? Are you using custom fields?

How do I set this up so that the delivery date changes based on the state I’m delivering the product to? Can’t figure this out, and w/o that, this plugin is worthless. Thank you

Hi, What does the “Delivery End Time” option do? When i Set it to 16:00, what does that mean?


I sent you an email 5 or 6 days before about bug I have in my Ecommerce shop Delivery date is not displayed in my product page. Please can you check. Thank you

How does support work ? The plugin is not working for me. I send you message no answer. I let a message here no answer.

Can you answer me ??

Thank you


Sorry for late reply.

Can you please send your site admin detail on so we can check issue and solve it


The plugin doesn’t work. Can’t see a simple estimated date I set within settings on the product, cart or at checkout.

I know there is a free plugin (which btw works on my site), but they don’t have the date format that is clear worldwide, i.e. DAY, MONTH (in text) and YEAR…this one does, but don’t work!!

I see the date range options at the bottom of every product page, but it says to leave it blank if wanting it sitewide. I wish to have a simple sitewide date notice 25 days from viewing.

Could you suggest why I get nothing showing up? If not, I’ll have to ask for a full refund.



Can you please send your site admin detail on so we can check issue and solve it


Hello Support,

Pre sale questions here.

If a product is out of stock, i would like to display the expected delivery time like:

2-3 days

4 weeks

10 days

Does this plugin can do this?