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Hello, I have installed the plugin. I’ve noticed that nothing is showing up on the frontend unless I manually tick box on product AND enter something. Is there any way I can make the settings show on all products automatically? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for all your help so far. What is the quickest way to show ‘Dispatched within 2-3 days’ appear on all products unless otherwise?

Also, I love how it shows on the checkout page, but how can i make it appear below the x1 quantity?

Thanks again!

Also, on the CSV is there a way for ALL product IDs? Thank you

Any word on this please? How can I bulk change all products to the same delivery settings? Thanks, it’s now very urgent.

Can i set the dates based on shipping options?

no you can’t

Hi Magerips,

I’ve been trying to translate the months and dates in your plugin. I have tried Loco and WPML. They do not work. Please advise.



can you please send your site admin detail on so I can check issue and solve it


can you help me I use your application and I want to apply it on express delivery and allow automatic change when the customer clicks on express delivery

Hi, Plugin only delivery text based on delivery time entered for product. There is a no relation with shipping method. you need to customize plugin for it.

can you please provide detail description for how you want to display text based on shipping method so i can check provide suggestion if i can

Hi, is there any way of showing the delivery text for each product on the main admin product page?

Alternatively, is there a way of exporting a spreadsheet to see ‘at-a-glance’ the delivery information for all products? Thanks

No currently plugin do not have option for display delivery text in admin, will add this function and update plugin.

Thanks for suggestion


Hi, im using the Woocommerce Estimated Shipping Data per Product 1.7 with Woocommerce 3.1.2, Wordpress 4.8.1 and Cloudflare CDN. After plugin upgrade the orders are comming with {d} on place of days on phrase, like this: Entrega em até {d} dias úteis para todo o Brasil.

This pages are not cached by CDN and in the product, cart and checkout the phrase is: Entrega em até 18 dias úteis para todo o Brasil.

How to proceed?

Hi, i have urgency with this, this customer project is in production, please i need a response!

hi, can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue.

also please send url of page where you are getting issue


I’ve been using this plugin for a while with no problems.

However I’ve noticed recently (must of been since an update with WooCommerce or Wordpress) that now when I duplicate an item the EST date is automatically disabled and the days data is removed, whereas on the item I duplicated the box was ticked and it had 2 days in the box.

Before this when I would duplicate an item it would also duplicate the EDT date settings.

Any ideas how this can be sorted?



Hello, I just buy your plugin. when I check the box “Check this option to enable estimated delivery date text on cart and checkout page” it doesn’t appears.

Can you help me ?