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Hi, 17 days ago I have reported a bug, and you have replied you will look into this. But is still is a plugin that is not working properly.

I also saw an other client mentioned it also.

This was my initial message to you:


I have bought your plugin, and look great.

However when I do a bulk edit on my product, for instance to change pricing, all the data and days are gone.

I have made all the setting correct, but when doing a bulk edit, (like stocks, pricing) the fields are cleared/empty when going to the product itself.

Please help me out.


Please fix this issue because the product is great and love to use it.


Today I purchased: WooCommerce Estimated Shipping Date Per Product

When I installed it, turned it on and checked enable button(“Enabled delivery date?”) products pages are now blank – they doesn’t seem to load at all.

When I turn it off, it works well again so the problem is with your plugin.

Can you fix this issue for me?

What more information do you need from me?

Cheers Damian Miela

sent email, please check

I just bought the “WooCommerce Estimated Shipping Date Per Product”. How can I configure that when a product is not in stock the delivery-date will be 5-7 days and when the product is in stock the delivery-date will be the next day

Hi, I have installed in plugin in version 4.9.6 of Wordpress and I am using Woocommerce 3.4.1 and I have a problem when importing CSV files. The format I am using is this: S418VA81,1,4,0, as it comes in the example file with simple products. When carrying out the process it tells me that the import has been satisfactory but when checking in the product file I see that the Product EST Day box is blank. This is fundamental for me, I manage more than 4,000 articles and I must update the delivery times weekly. Can you help me please? Thank you

email sent, Please check

Hi, I have translated the days and months into the Spanish file main.php, which is inside the lib folder but I still read the months in English on the product page. How is the language changed? regards

Sent email to you, Please check

Hello! I have a pre-purchase question: Can I create dynamic delivery times with this plugin? Example: I have a product in stock 1x. For that 1x product I want a delivery date of 2-3 days. As soon as the product has been purchased, I want the delivery time to change to 12 days, because that is how it takes to refill my stock. Is that possible with your plugin? Thank you.

Hello. My support for this plugin has expired but I am considering renewing it. But before I do so, I need to make sure that the plugin can achieve what I want otherwise it’s not worth the investment. I’m not looking for help here before I have renewed my support license, but I need to make sure that what I need is possible and that you will be able to help me.

I want to display display the custom date on product pages only ( i already know this is not a problem) and I want to display it in a custom place, using a shortcode. Is this possible?


fclugano Purchased

We have a problem with your product: we have the website in Italian, but shipping date appears in English: 9 June … how do make your plugin pubish the italian date?

Pre_sales question Is there a way for me to test it over your backend?

we handle customize production upon order. Not all product as the same duration for production. different products have different delivery time.

I will like to define the product to be delivered in + x days upon orders.

If multiple items are ordered will like to show the delivery time as the products that have the longest delivery time.

Enabled it with some products but nothing is showin on my product page. Could you help me? Thanks!


please send your site admin detail on so we can check your settings


cosmoweb Purchased


how can I use short code or hook?

My products have the same delivery date.

How can I enable all my products and update ( Estimation Time : 0)?



cosmoweb Purchased


I need to enable each product manually? I have almost 1.000 products.

What’s the easy way?


you can use plugin delivery time import function.


cosmoweb Purchased

where can i find this function?

Hello support,

Pre-sale questions:

1. Does this plugin to allow to set a “cut-off” time, which means, if customer order before cut-off time, items will be delivered next day, if not, item will be deliver day after tomorrow.

2. If customer select option A for a product, the estimated delivery date will be 1 day, if customer select another option(B) for this same product, the estimated delivery date will be 2 days.

3. Can admin set the public holiday at the backend, so that the delivery day will be added one more day if there is a holiday?

Hello I’m very interested in your product however im not sure if it will meet all my needs so I would like to test it before go ahead with the purchase. Once I test through a free trial or test site and im satisfied I will more thank happy to purchase your plugin.

Looking forward to your response,