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Did you get my email sent 8th February?

Delivery text not showing on product page of variable product since updating to Wordpress 4.7

Please help.


No, can you please sebd your site detail on so we can ccheck issue and solve it?

Email sent

Sent email Please check

Can delivery date be displayed based on order time? For eg. Order placed before 4 pm – same day delivery, order placed after 4 pm – next day delivery?


I have purchased this plugin and did all necessary settings but unable to see the estimated delivery date on product pages. Please look into it and let me know URL:

Thanks, Kiran.

I am having some trouble with showing Estimated delivery dates on a product with variations. There are 40 variations on this particularly product and none show up once added. I can see in the html that not all vairants have been added and also they all have a style attribute of display:none; I wondered if you had any thoughts?


can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it


cheonmu Purchased

Hi, How to apply each estimate time on variation products? my product have different estimate time according to size. Thank you

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this what i get with woocommernce plugin for estimated delivery

please install plugin folder inside package file

I would like a refund, I am not happy with this plugin. Thank you

Hello. I have 3 different shipping options for my customers: Standard, expedited and rush delivery. Can your plugin display different delivery dates for each? Thanks.

No plugin only display delivery date as per you entered delivery setting in admin

No plugin only display delivery date as per you entered delivery setting in admin