WooCommerce - Estimated Dispatch Date

WooCommerce - Estimated Dispatch Date

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WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date

A Wordpress Plugin that allows you to estimated the dispatch date of a particular WooCommerce product or order.

The plugin allows you to attach to a product, the estimated number of days it would take to be dispatched. When viewing a product it can determine the number of days before it would be dispatched, as well as the total cart / order.

The dispatched date is attached to all orders, which can be updated and forwarded to customers via standard email actions.

New Features


PHP: 5.3+
Wordpress: 4.1+
WooCommerce: 2.5+

NB: Version 2.x is incompatible with any lower versions

Display Types Product Types Category Hierarchy Cart / Checkout Order / Email

Feature Summary

  • 3 Different Display Types
  • Supports All Official WooCommerce Product Types
  • Category Hierarchy
  • Countdown Timer for Cut Off Time
  • Import / Export Product Data (.csv, .xls, .xlsx)
  • Editable Order Metabox
  • Included in Email Order Summary
  • Advanced Shortcode
  • Activate Per Product / Category
  • Custom Same Day Dispatch Message
  • Cut Off Time for Next Day Processing
  • Set Working Days
  • Set Holidays with Public Holiday Import (42 Country Support)
  • Choose from Various Product Placement Hooks
  • Set the Title for Product & Order Pages
  • Bulk Edit
  • Customise Date Format
  • Option to Ajax Product Data instead of localizing to the page
  • Support
  • Visual Composer Integration