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Hi their. Can you set a date to apply into a specific firm ? so that its based on a brand and not just on a single product ?

How are you currently associating your products to brands? Via a plugin?

Simply from here https://weblink.url/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=brand&post_type=product

This is what i mean. Here i have some brands that ship with 1-2 days and some that ship with 2-3 days.

Hi Cassim1,

Sorry I missed your message. The Category hierarchy was developed for this exact use case. Configuring the category’s EDD will allow all the products in the category to inherit the date range.

+1 for request of shortcode to work without the need of the product ID. I like to put extra information in a sidebar, so would need a generic shortcode to reference the product page it is currently on.

Hi GruberGozer,

Yeah in hindsight, I have no idea why I didn’t default to the current post ID. Will be rectified in the next release.

Hello, is it possible to have two Estimated Dispatch Dates for the same category, one being for In Stock, other for Backorder?

Hi Rafaschou,

The backorder system is in the roadmap to be developed. I can’t commit to when I will have it done, but it will happen. It’s top 3 of the list.

Thank you Cuzzy. Would it be complicated for me to add some rules on top of your existing plugin? I’m not a savvy dev

Currently there are not many hooks available that would allow for easy extending. This should be changing in the next few feature releases. You would have to look at the code yourself to see if you would be able to build on top of it.

HI there;

The plugin is good and works fine but there is an error, on every page I get a 404 trying to load cuzzy-edd.min.css?ver=2.4.2 (tried on a blank dev version with the same issue also, I’m running the latest version of the plugin, woo etc.)


That’s odd, I’ll need to investigate. If the file is missing in the plugin perhaps use the full download option. It could have been mistakenly removed.

Will reply once I have more information.

Found the issue. You’ll get notified of the update when it is approved. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


I’ve enabled the countdown but it doesn’t show up. I did setup the countdown limit. Are there any issues or additional settings?

Hi BobRoss1,

The countdown timer will only show if the current day is a workday. The timer will countdown to the shop cutoff time. Starting from the limit in hours.

Currently the countdown doesn’t work if the limit extends the timer to the previous day, which is as intended. But I’m looking to expand on it.

The documentation does explain it. If it’s unclear let me know if you think I should improve it.

Latest update is causing an issue with selecting variable products. There’s an error loading the cuzzy-edd.js file in the assets folder.

I’ll have a look. If your wp-config has debug set to false. It should be trying to load the cuzzy-edd.min.js. I’ll revert ASAP. Thanks


lin5da Purchased

Hello Cuzzy,

I wanna buy your plugin, but I’ve a question. If I set it like product xx will be delivered in 3 days, does your plugin count like: today + 3 days. Or will it count today as 1 + 2 days.

I tried a similar plugin, which count like the last option. So today someone ordered a product which was set on 2 days. And on de checkout page and in the emails there was: will be delivered on 6 januari. But that has to be 9 januari (excluding the weekend, which are no working days). I tried to set the time different, but it made no difference. So, if I buy your plugin, can I be sure it will count like today + estimated days?

Hi Lin5da,

Apologies for the late reply, I was off on holiday. Yes, you can set it to any configuration. If you set it to 0 days, it will calculate either today, or the next available dispatch date based on the cut off time, week days, public holidays.

To answer your question it doesn’t take for granted that today is a day to be included. You can configure it to be either.

Hi When trying to save Holidays, a message appears that Holidays can not be saved at this time. I have not seen a response to my Support requests

Thank you

Hi colormage,

I’ve just sent you a mail. Please let me know if that answers all your questions. Sorry again for the delayed responses, and thanks for your patience.

Hi, me again. Since the latest update, I am having a problem resetting dates for 2017 (they are still set on 2016 public holidays andits not allowing me to save at this time. Furthermore, since the latest update, I am experiencing issues when selecting variables.. please assist?

Thanks so much.. haven’t received anything yet?

Glad everything is fixed for you now :)

Thank you for the great plugin (which does everything i need it to), as well as the awesome support received thus far. All concerns raised were addressed quickly and efficiently.


I have a presale question:

I would like a plugin that lets me set a daily dispatch time (i.e. 4pm everyday) with the option to set individual dispatch times for some days (if necessary), with a timer that updates dynamically/in real time (i.e. without refreshing the page). When the timer reaches the cut off time, it should automatically start counting the time left to the next dispatch (i.e. 4pm tomorrow), and so on. Again, the timer should update dynamically/in real time, without any page refresh. Does this plugin work this way?

Also, I’d like to be able to insert the timer somewhere else on the website (i.e. in a global/sitewide notice). Is it possible? If it uses WooCommerce hooks, I guess it would be possible to create a shortcode based on it, is that right?


Hi Alexpierce88,

Currently the countdown timer is bound to the next available dispatch date. It only displays if the dispatch date is within the current day ( with a few configurations available ). Customising it for specific days is not available. Currently it does not update in real time, rather on each page load, although an enhancement can be made here.

There are advanced shortcodes available to allow you to place and configure as you please.

So as of the plugin’s state today, I don’t think it would deliver to what you are looking for.

My next update will focus on allowing the timer to extend past the current day. The real time update could be added in as well. However I don’t think extending it to behave differently on specific days is a priority right now.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or if I should alert you once the update is ready.


I understand. Do you have an email address where I can reach you at?

Thank you.

You can message me through my profile, it will email me directly and we can take it from there.


ales85 Purchased

Excellent support. Excellent plugin. I recommend

Thanks, glad we sorted it out :)


First of all, very nice plugin however I have a pre-sale question.

I work with a lot of products and sometimes it is hard to keep tracking of all the catalogue, specially to give the clients an ETA for their order. One feature I’m looking for it is the possibility to have to dispatch date for one product.

For example:

I have product X and I have 1pc in stock with the delivery date 1 working day. I have a client who bought the product X and the new stock is 0, however my supplier can supply me within 48 hours, and it would be perfect if I could have the text “Usually ships in 3 Days”. for example.

I believe your plugin can do it, it is enough having a condition for when the product is on stock and another for when we allow backorders.

Can you confirm if you intend to implement that feature? I will buy instantly your plugin.

Another question, does your plugin supports WPML?

Best Regards

I’ve installed and everything is working fine, except it does not show the countdown. Can you help me?

Hi Cuzzy, I cannot import the national holidays to.

Hi, Please send me a support email so we can take a look at whats wrong.

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.X and is it possible to set different delivery times for products that are in stock/out of stock and in backorder?


Cuzzy Author

Support for 3 should be done by the end of the week. Stock management is the next feature focus. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA.

Hi, I’m really interested in this plugin, and have a few of pre-sales questions if possible?

1. Does the plugin work with all Wordpress / Woocommerce themes, and do you have any experience with people using the Shopkeeper theme?

2. Is it compatible with Woocommerce 3.x?

3. Does the ‘Regular License’ allow usage for a localhost based test / dev platform as well as the production system?

Many thanks


Cuzzy Author

1. The plugin relies on hooks provided for within the theme’s template. SO as long as the theme supports all the standard WooCommerce hooks it should be fine. No idea about the shopkeeper theme.

2. Support will be done for 3 before the end of the week.

3. The Regular license is for one production environment. You are allowed to use it on your local.


a1icem Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to get the dispatch date to show per product in the cart? Thank you Alice


Cuzzy Author

Hi Alice, Unfortunately this is not possible, but a nice idea for a feature request.


a1icem Purchased

Hi – Sorry for the second question! My export doesn’t seem to be working? I have 450 products with 20+ variations each, so NEED a way to bulk edit – otherwise my brain will turn to mush! Thank you! Alice


Cuzzy Author

Hi Alice, Please drop me a support mail with your plugin versions so I can replicate on my side.


flipmode Purchased


got a problem with this plugin! After the cut-off time, it displays already the dispatch date & the counter doesn’t appear! Countdown-Limit doesn’t affect.


Cuzzy Author

Thanks for the comment, I’ve responded to your refund request.