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We are interesting to buy this plugin. Please can you confirm if will be run in Woocomeerce 3.2.0? Maybe that you will update the plugin early? Thanks on advance.


MoiMM Purchased

Hi Cuzzy,

I have a pre-purchase question !

It’s possible to have condition feature according to the product stock ?

Exemple :

A product is in stock > i have “48h delivery” A product is out of my stock > tthe delivery text changes (ex : “48h delivery” become “delivery between 6 and 10 days”)

Best regards,


Apologies for the delay. Stock control feature is busy in development. Probably wont be in for another month or two.


MoiMM Purchased

Ok ! Thx for your answer ! :)

Can we get this product update to latest wordpress version and latest woocommerce version?

Its not working in my update shop.

Sorry, it seems to work.

Hey Guys, is this work with WP3.9 and WC3.2.x?

Apologies for the late response. The plugin supports WP4.9 (not WP3.9) and WC3.2.x


Segun2 Purchased

Good Morning,

I have a problem to add CSS to the plugin, I have a code that until now worked for me but when updating the theme no longer works, can you tell me if I have to modify something?

I copy the text you had now:

.cuzzy-edd-countdown { color: green; } .cuzzy-edd-hook .cuzzy-edd-description { color: #000; font-size: 17px; border: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 5px 10px; background: #F5FFF5; }

You can see it for example in

Thank you very much for your help

Apologies for the late reply. Normally a theme would provide a place to add custom CSS. Additionally there would be standalone plugins that allow you to add custom CSS.


vhankim Purchased

Hi, Cuzzy I have activated the plug-in, but the Settings tab does not appear. WC is the latest version.

I’ve tested the current build against WP4.9.2 and WC3.2.6. It seems to work without issue. Have you tried disabling other plugins? If you find a buggy one I can take a look to see if there is an issue.


vhankim Purchased

I tried your way. But the problem remains. I also doubted the clash with the theme. But it was not a theme issue either. Help me…

Pre Purchase question!

Basically, all products will be dispatched at 2pm every day, is it possible to use a shortcode to have the countdown in my header?


Eelco9 Purchased

Hello Cuzzy, is it possible to set the time to 23.45 for dispatch? I can’t find this time in the list. Big thanks!

Will add this in the next update.


paszti Purchased

Hi, is there a way to add an icon (clock or transport van) before the text “Product Hook Title” and before “Range text” (’’‘icon here’’’Delivery Time: [range] working days.)? thanks


TJWW Purchased

Hello I have Pre-Purchase question.

We have a lot of products which are made to order. The standard dispatch/processing time is 5-10 working days. (this is for up to 5 products purchased in 1 order)

Is it possible to add additional dispatch days when they purchase multiple items? E.g … If they purchase 6 of our made to order items the dispatch time would be 10-15 working days instead of 5-10 working days. or If they purchase 10-19 of our made to order items the dispatch time would be 15-20 working days, instead of the 5-10 working days. or If they purchase 20+ of our made to order items the dispatch time would be 30-40 working days instead of 5-10 working days.

or if this is not possible. Is it possible to manually change the dispatch date once a customer has purchased but before a customer receives their order receipt via email, so we can change it if they have purchased multiple items.

Thank you

Hi Cuzzy,

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce 3.3?

Thanks in advance.

I want the plugin to state ‘Lead time 15 to 20 days’ (different for each one some will say next day despatch) on both the product page and under the product title on the catalogue page. Would this plugin do this?

Cuzzy, plugin isn’t showing correct estimated date. are you still supporting this plugin? i sent a support request to your email, but mailbox isn’t available anymore :S

Sorry been out of action for a few weeks. Will take a look over all the emails this weekend. Thanks for understanding. If you can’t wait I’ll be approving refunds for everyone that has valid claims from this period first.

I have just sent a support email via code canyon regarding the issue. Here is what it said if you didn’t receive;

“Hi Cuzzy,

I noticed a bug in the plugin.

It is currently Sunday 1st april 12:29pm local time. (GMT+10)

I have the plugin set up for cut off time 1pm with maximum day range of 10. Working days Mon/tues/wed/thurs/fri.

Unfortunately, the estimated date is showing 2nd April. When in fact it should be showing 16th April.

Please help fix this fatal bug.

Thanks, Nick”

Hi There,

I was just wondering if there was any way to vary the cut-off-time on a per-product basis, rather than globally? Because we offer same day print, the cut off time varies from other products on these.

Many Thanks

Hi Exit3, unfortunately as it stands its not possible. But will keep it in mind for an update.

Pre-purchase question – re: the comment above from nickyzee – does the plugin show the correct date now?

Also, is it possible to set the Delivery Date title per product?