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Hi there,

It seems that this plugins causes a conflict with woocommerce.

Since the recent update the variations tab on the product page keeps loading when I try to open it. When I deactivate this plugin it opens again.

Perhaps more people experienced this problem and you can work on a fix in the next update.

Have a nice day!

Hi marcosnoy,

This is most likely a conflict from another plugin. Would you mind sending through a private email, with temp Admin details so I can investigate?



Segun2 Purchased


In the variable products the delivery time message is not shown as you can see at

What can I look at?

Thank you

Hi Segun2,

I see the issue is coming from the Ajax Data feature. Can you make sure that your plugin is updated to the latest version as this issue should have been addressed recently.

Otherwise please send me temp Admin details via email, so I can investigate further.


Segun2 Purchased

Good morning

Already updated again and still the problem continues.

Hi Segun,

Apologies for the delay. Are you still experiencing issues? Please do send me a mail with a breakdown if you are.



We have a pre-purchase question. Is this plugin WC3.x compatible as opposed to the one in repository (which we couldn’t make play nice with WC3)? Even though we found some comments here, where you promise WC3 compatibility, we couldn’t find a changelog, nor is it marked in the plugin’s attributes “Compatible With” section here on the right.

Thank you in advance.

Just for info… List of problems we encountered on a WP 7.4.7 + twentyseventeen, WC 3.0.2, version of the plugin setup:
  • on single product page the main div element including the output is set to display:none inline
  • in the backend, when assigning the date range for a product variation, position of the range sliders cannot be saved (we tested only with variable product

Hi Webkinder,

Firstly the version on is not affiliated with my version. I can see that it was an attempt for the owner who took my v1 code and butchered it.

Secondly the current version of this plugin supports WC3, at the time of writing. Adding compatibility on CC was not available during the last update.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


frisser Purchased

Would also like to know if it’s WC3.x compatible, second quesion. If I have a product in 2 categories and attach a dispatched date to a 1 category, is the product in the second category (which is the primary category) also affected? I hope it is, but because you say ‘Category Hierarchy’ – I don’t thik is is?

Hi Frisser,

Thanks for the purchase. As you have probably found out, it is WC3 compatible.

Regarding the second question, each product is individually assessed, and will look at it’s immediate categories. It should take the first positive category that has an EDD.

Let me know how you are finding the plugin.

Hi, I am running a subscription business. All of my customers have the same estimated dispatch date no matter when they purchase. I was wondering if I could use this plugin to setup a specific date that is not calculated by any math of when the user makes their purchase?

In other words I do not need it to figure anything out. I just need a field to input a hard date.

Hi babobward,

Rules are in the road map for the next major release, which should allow you to setup global rules. However in the next plugin update (no immediate release date) will include addition of accessible hooks. Allowing you to add a small script to override any default behaviour.

If you would like me to let you know when this is done. Please let me know.

Hi, I am running a subscription business. All of my customers have the same estimated dispatch date no matter when they purchase. I was wondering if I could use this plugin to setup a specific date that is not calculated by any math of when the user makes their purchase?

In other words I do not need it to figure anything out. I just need a field to input a specific date.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing but waiting for WC 3.x compatibility. Could you please let me know when it’s available. Thanks

Hi ellanab,

The plugin does support WC3. CC just didn’t have the compatibility tag available at the time of update.


I use your plugin and it works really well, it does what it says. However, I miss some improvements that would make it much more effective and useful for more users. I do not know if you’re thinking of adding new features but maybe you’d like to know about this …


Hi Gerardo,

There is a feature Roadmap with some popular user suggested features. If you’d like to contribute please drop me a mail with suggestions.


Hi, I’ve send an email to support. Countdown timer not working. Kindly reply

I’ve replied to your ticket

I’m looking for a solution like this. I’ve tried a few that didn’t do what I needed, so trying to make sure I have it right this time. Will this work with Wordpress 4.8 WooCommerce 3.0.8? Thanks!

Hi PorterIND,

I see you have already purchased, Thanks!

I can confirm that the plugin supports WC3+ and the latest WP build. I always make good effort to keep up to date.

Let me know if you have any issues.


Hi Cuzzy,

The product works well as far as setting up in individual products, but isn’t setting the range when bulk editing. It activates, but is set to ship same day even if I put a range of 5-7. It’s also not downloading holidays. I’m not as concerned about that though.

Everything else seems to be working as advertised, which is great. I’d 100% recommend the product as is, it’s just more work without the ability to bulk edit.


edit: It (bulk changes) looks like it’s mostly working for both ranges and singe day changes, just not always taking. On some products it activated but didn’t update the expected dispatch date from 0. I’ll keep an eye on it and test it out a bit more. I’ve had some issues with the host service, so it may just not be uploading properly when I save the bulk changes.

Hi, I’ve send an email to support. Holiday settings not working. I only see an empty section. Kindly reply

The Holiday API seems to be up and running over the last week, with no issues. Would you be able to drop me a support mail with regards o your issue. As I might need temp Admin access to investigate your environment.



Just a quick one – I’m trying to utilise the countdown element of the plugin for a delivery date, rather than estimated dispatch date, however it’s not quite acting how I’d expect.

Monday-Thursday, our cut off time is 4pm, so after 4pm, I’d expect the counter to reset to 23hrs 59mins etc.

On Fridays after 4pm, it would show 2 days, 23hrs etc.

Is this possible? As for some reason straight after 4pm, it shows nothing until the next day later on in the day?


Hi, i use woo 2.6.14 and import holiday days is not working. Not editing list holidays day and not showing. I also need to add some image or icon of a transport car to the announcement. Thanks for the reply


ELAX39563 Purchased

No answer? support does not work here?

I upgrade site to woo 3.1.0. Import Country Holidays is not working

Can i set the dates based on shipping options?

If user add to the Cart 2 or more items with different dispatch dates, the Total Card shows him the latest dispatch date for completed list of his items, but I need to show user different dispatch dates for every item in his Card because he can get one item sooner than another one. Can I do it?


ELAX39563 Purchased

Hi, I found a bug

when editing the order, I must make a mandatory delivery date.

if I do not order the order you will save me, throw out a notice error notice emails not send not send.

I have to fill out the estimated delivery date and then send the woo email.

Thanks for adding a function where I can define myself or want to add a delivery day when ordering.


ELAX39563 Purchased

I want to add the logo to the delivery announcement .. What should I do?

hello, do you have a solution for the following error. Fatal error: Call to a member function get_type() on boolean in /home/ontwerp/domains/ on line 103

also i cant see the dispatch date on the cart or checkout