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Hi there,

Is it possible for site visitors to find out if we delivery in their postcode and if yes, would it also show the days we deliver in that particular postcode? So someone types their postcode say 3000. In return they would see something like “Yes we delivery to postcode 3000 on Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays”. Something like that.


no. it will just show Estimated delivery Date : {defined delivery date}

if you have chose 3 days for estimated delivery time in backend it will show that date 3 days ahead of current date.

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Is it possible to put just the country instead of the post/zip codes? Also, Once configured, it goes global on every product or we can add a shortcode to individual products considering we will have different delivery date for different products. Thanks.

no not possible.


It will show a estimated delivery date for every product separately?

no. it will be same for all product.



Can this plugin be used in combination with YITH MUL-VENDOR plugin ( https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-multi-vendor/ )???

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I haven’t tested both plugins together so i can’t say about the compatibility between too. but both are supposed to work separately for their purpose. Integration will not be possible.

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thank you very much, best regards!!!

Hi, Wondering if you were available for some custom work?

Bought the plugin and I simply want to display the delivery date without a zip code being required. Also, I cannot deliver on Sundays. How do I set that up?

More important question – how do I set up different delivery dates for different types of products? One of my products takes 3 days to deliver, but another product may deliver in 7 days.

sorry ,this feature is not available in the plugin.

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Hi, do you intend to update this plugin in the future? I just need the feature mentioned above. Or could you please provide some PHP code that I can insert into the WordPress functions.php file? Thanks!

thanks for your suggestion.

unfortunately this is not something that can be achieved with functions.php file code.

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Is it possible to automatically read a logged-in users zip code in their WooCommerce profile and automatically show the delivery time estimate, without having to add the zip code yourself? Any chance this can be an added feature in a future update?

This plugin is WORTHLESS. Reason? Most delivery services don’t deliver on the weekend. This plugin DOES NOT account for that. Until the author addresses this issue, it’s a worthless plugin IMO. I immediately regretted “donating” $19 to this author.

you should have made inquiry about your requirement before making purchase. anyway if you are not happy with the plugin you can ask for refund. for refund you need to submit request at http://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new.

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where does this dispay at ?

on product page before add to cart button.


Hi. Does this plugin work for multisite?

No. it does not work for multisite.


I want to know if I can just have this on my checkout only (not on product page) and also If there is way to map it based on the type of shipping they have selected. We have only 2 types of shipping both are free but one is faster if they purchase 2 or more products. The website is www.protalus.com

sorry it will not be possible to use the plugin that way.

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ok how do I get a refund?

First make sure you have purchased this plugin or any other plugin because i don’t see purchased badge here.

regarding refund, please read this


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Is this plugin still developed? I see the last update was in 2014. Is it possible to add the featyre (similar to amazon.com) that specify that if a product is ordered within xx:xx time it will be delivered the xx day?


Is anyone there?

how do I input range for postal codes in canada. for example range of postal code from a1a1a1-z9z9z9

this plugin is so old. will you update it soon or what is the reason for not updating it ?thanks

Help? “Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.”

download the installabed wordpress zip plugin.

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