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That’s an awesome idea! Good luck. :)

Thank you :)

Love this! Will purchase later today. GLWS.

Thanks, i hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Looks great, will probably buy this one. Smart concept.

Thank you, i hope it will be useful for you :)

Very smart idea, and simple to use which I really like! Easily lets you give unique links to your different traffic methods and see the sales from each one, which is a smart thing to do :)

This is a very useful plugin, I’ve installed it and the links are working but it’s creating an error when I try to view my WooCommerce > Orders page.

Here’s the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wc_enqueue_js() in /home/netplrc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-entry-links/includes/class-wc-entry_links.php on line 622

There are also now weird zeros in front of all my product names on the Products Page and the coupons on the Coupons page.

I have not yet upgraded to the latest version, is this why? I’m using 2.0.13

Yes, woocommerce upgrade should solve this problem, please let me know is it working after upgrade, thank you.

OK thanks for your fast response!

is it working on WP 3.9?

Hi, Yes it does.

thanks! Bought it.


I just purchased your plugin. Unfortunately when I've activated the plugin my orders disappear from the list  also I can't find the button to add a new link.Than you

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that, could you please tell me which version of woocommerce you are using ?

Hi, I’m using Version 2.0.17

Great plugin, just bought it!

How can I change /el/ in the link? Is there a way to completely get rid of it?

Hi thanks for purchase. Sorry you can’t do it at this version of plugin, ill make it configurable next version.

Hi Staskus,

First off; great plugin!

In die comment above, you awnserd to DrewH that you would make the /el/ in the link configurable in the next version.

This would be a massive improvemend, when can we except this update? We are really waiting for it.


Hi, apologies for late response, pushed new version, el now is configurable. Thank you.

Awesome idea :)

Would your plugin create conflict with an Affiliate Program?

Also, was the “el” situation updated?

Thanks Staskus!

Hey man I really want to purchase your plugin but the “el” is something that my users and promotion team is requesting to be edited . I apologize for sounding demanding but it would really help us all out : )

Hi, really sorry for late response, just pushed update, now it is configurable. Thank you for being interested in my plugin.

I was having a problem on my site with zeros ( 0 ) showing up on all pages that showed a list table and finally tracked it down to your plugin. I don’t know it was doing that but as example on WC orders page in front of each line item was a 0 … probably a bug somewhere causing this

Sorry could not reproduce this problem. What is web server you are running your site on ?

Or is there a way you can make it so that we can edit the “el” and customize it to our own liking? I understand you’d have to rewrite the plugin but if you can’t omit it then this substitute would be just as awesome : )

Pushed update, feature implemented now, thank you.

I did a test on all my plugins because my site was slow very slow. I tracked it down to this plugin. It is using a lot of memory! Please take a look into it.

Looking at this issue at the moment, thank you.

The plugin needs to be updated for compatibility for woocommerce Version 2.3.6, it is not working on my website (after disabling all other plugins to veriify.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing, just tested on 2.3.6 and it seem working fine.

Are you getting any error messages ? If not, maybe you can enable WP_DEBUG ?

Thank you.

We are using Woocommerce version 2.3.8(the latest) now, and the same error still applies, it’s in the javascript I think, take a look the this link

Error fixed. Thank you.


are there any known issues with WP 4.2.+ and WooCommerce 2.3.+? Will I risk something installing this plugin in my installation even if compatibility is not declared?

Is plugin unsupported?

Its tested and works fine. Versions compatability updated.

I would like to buy this plugin if confirmation it works with latest version. See that latest update is already from januari … A feature request is also to be able to be able to have a script executed before redirection. (eg. remarketing script)

Just posted updated version. It is tested and works fine.

Is it still working? I mean, without updates.

Hi, yes, just tested on latest versions of Wordpress and wooCommerce. Thank you.

Hi, is there a way to add the referral information to the new order email, rather than just the order page? Thanks!

Not at the moment.

This plugin looks very nice but it seems to be abandoned by its author.. Not support, replies once in a while.. it doesn’t feel like it will last for long. Too bad.