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PRE-SALE question!

Is this plugin compatible with the plugin Advanced Bulk Edit (sold here on codecanyon, and one of the most popular plugins here)

Or more specifically does the ADB show product cost fields?

Because we have more than 5k products in our store, and adding the product cost for all products will be extremely time consuming….

It should have no issue with the bulk edit system. It should be working alright.


I am able to view the purchase details under Enhanced Reports. But the same is not available under Sales, Order, Customer and Profit Reports.

My email id is Pls help.

Jayan, please explain in more detail what kind of issue you are facing, please send me screenshots of the issue via PM and also FTP and Admin details of your website so I may have a look at it. Thanks.

Hi, the plugin display wrong data on the tables. how can i fix it ?

Can you explain what sort of wrong data you are having issue with? Because data shouldn’t be wrong. If you can pm me some screenshots, then I might be able to tell whats wrong.

Another pre sale question, Is the invoice functionality of the plugin activated by default, because we already have invoice plugin integrated, and want to avoid potential conflicts?

Yes, By Default Invoice is activated. And I believe It will conflict with your existing invoice plugin.

Hi, great reports, but I’m having issues with the product report, specifically it won’t give me the downloads when I click on the links. The customer reports do however.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing it. Can you please send me your email address so I may send you latest version, which I haven’t released yet over here and will be doing in a day or 2. That version ensures maximum compatibility with all the versions of WooCommerce and templates.

Hi, I just installed your update plugin (17 March 2017). When I click on the view invoice section, everything works great. But when I click on the view invoice and packing slip section (admin order page), a window pops up and it goes over to my blog post section. Any idea what is going on?


It should be a conflict with other plugin. Make sure you haven’t installed any other invoice or packing slip plugin with it. If still don’t works, please PM me FTP and WP admin details of your website and I will look into it. Thanks!

It show variable products?

Thanks for your reply. It shows number of sales and profit of variable products with attributes?

Also, Can I filter orders status to show profit?

Yes, You can type in Order Status in Search Field and it will filter out orders.

PRE SALE QUESTION – Is it possible to run a report on product sales from a time and date? For example from midday yesterday to midday today?

No, Currently its not possible. You can only run report by date.

My purchase code: 56a30882-dbb0-4a9b-a98e-2be90f3d3d54

I have installed your plugin. Other functions are working great except : packing slip and print order. Could you recheck your plugin with woocommerce 2.6.14.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing it. Can you ensure you haven’t installed any outdated plugin or any other invoice or packing slip plugin? Otherwise please PM me your website temporary admin credentials along with FTP so I may run a check on it. Thanks!

Doesn’t work, doesn’t show graph, don’t have time to troubleshoot a reporting plugin, if this can’t work without troubleshooting, cancel/refund order

I have logged in and checked, all graphs are being shown, everything is there as it should be and it is working alright. I don’t get what other issues you are facing other than sorting. Thanks.

Without the sorting the plugin is useless, I bought this to be able to see customer lists and product lists with proper sorting, also I already showed you this screenshot – it’s not loading css properly

Well, Css is loading fine, I have verified that. But still if you want refund, please submit a refund request and I will approve it. Thanks!

Do you support variable products in your reporting?

Only limited support for variable products.

Hi, interested in Buying This, But i just have few questions before Proceeding.

1) Will it display the order breakdown?

Like if we are viewing the monthly report of august month and on a specific date for ex( 20/08/2016) if we have 20 sales , Does it display on 20th there are 20 sales by order id and among that if we have 3 refunds as well will it display the exact breakdown like there are 3 refunds and the gross sales is this. 2) Can i view the orders by day along with order status?

3) Does the refunded orders Will be Reported correctly and substracted from the gross sales?

4) Is it possible to modify the columns in exporting file?

1&2- Yes, it displays order break down by date and also shows the status of order. 3- Yes, it should show the refunded orders correctly as well. 4- Yes, you can select show or hide columns and then export the file.

Hello Can I add filter depend on order status ???

Hi, 1) I saw your video at “Profit report” there is no column showing “order cost” could it be enabled? 2) in your demo video shipping cost is empty, I wonder if that shipping cost can be edited by my customer service representative because we charge a flat shipping rate, but actually we have a very variable shipping cost, then we would like to input that shipping pricing manually hidden to the customer ?, is it possible

No its not possible at the moment.

We have this plugin installed on and chose it because we need to export the sales to a sheet for fulfillment of meal orders. The export feature does not seem to be working. We are running Elegant Themes Divi – latest version and latest version of word press. Help!!! Want to take this live very soon.

Thank you so much.

Hello, I apologize for inconvenience being caused. It is still under review and I will have an update for you by tomorrow. Thanks

thank you.

Hello, Issue has been fixed on your website. It was being caused by blocked jquery and in conflict with cache plugin. I have checked it and it is working fine. When you will open sales report, make sure there are orders in the data range against which you are going to check it. By default plugin has setting to show orders of only current week. If you run into any trouble, please lemme know and I will make sure it gets resolved. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for handling the download problem. We are still having an issue with the Customer Report showing anything. It would be nice to be able to sort this report by date as well.

What we need is the ability to sort sales by week and see the order with product variations shown. We have up to 4 variations. I see that we can add two additional columns but don’t see how to populate the information displayed there.

When I click on customer ID, I see what each customer has ordered along with the product variations.

so weekly this pick up restaurant needs to generate a kitchen cook/pick list based on the aggregate total of each type of meal with variation PLUS a break out for each customer.

Can you do this by cusomizing this plugin? If so, what would the cost be?

Thank you. OR

Hi, I can make modifications as per your requirement but I am unavailable till 15th July. I can work on it after 15th July. Thanks

Thank you. We will send you examples of what we need to have for reports. Please let us know how best to get this to you.

Hello – just checking in with you. Are you ready to do this project now?

I am working with the client that charges an additional insurance fee and a convenience fee with each transaction on WooCommerce. They would like to see these separated in their reports. Does your tool support this?

Hi, Right now it’s not supported to display those fields in it, but if you need, I can customize it for you. For customization details, you can PM me and we can discuss about it. Thank You!

A pre-sale question

I am looking for a INVOICE, RECEIPT & Packing SLIP woocommerce plugin, or RECEIPT & PACKING SLIP woocommerce plugin.

Most of my customers are from labs of Universities. The universities want to make sure that the money from their credit cards is paid for lab using products, but not be taken by lab themselves. So, the University purchase departments want to see is not an Invoice, but a Receipt which shows the the Balance Due is Zero ($0.00) which means the money paid to our company.

Basically, I want your INVOICE to be changed to RECEIPT. In addition to Order Total: $xxxx at the bottom, I want to add two more lines: Amount Paid: $xxxx, and Balance Due: $0.00 (If you can put a watermark PAID in the middle of the Receipt Sheet that will be great.)

Please let me know if you can transform your INVOICE to RECEIPT, so I can purchase your code.

Thank you,

hi, Do you have a demo address for review?

Hi there, pre-purchase enquiry: can I get a report for total products sold within a time period: -by product -by value -by user role (ability to select a few, as I have a few wholesale user roles and need to compare retail VS wholesale) -by repeat vs new customers - cost of goods