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Hi , Are this product has order status and can be change ? and define new order status ?

Hello, No, currently it is not possible to change order status in it at the moment.

Does this plugin have the capability to email a PDF invoice/receipt to the customer after his order is marked completed?

Yes, you can send PDF to customer via email.

Ok, thank you for answering.

Hi. I wrote you email, but not still received answers…

I use Woocommerce plugin… I tried all 3 ways like shown in documentation. About empty database not found info in documentation “There are three ways to install the WOOCOMMERCE ENHANCED REPORTS WP plugin. Installation via FTP Installation through cpanel Installation from inside wordpress”

There is a conflict between XML sitemap Feed plugin. Unfortunately we cannot resolve this issue as it is related to other plugin. Thanks

Thanks. )Now is ok. Working good.

Hi, any updates on the variations?

Hi, Currently we haven’t made any progress on it, But will update you once done. Thanks!


adimino Purchased

Hello I like the plugin so far but I have this question. I have 2 attributes – size and color.

On the Invoice, they are showing as:

pa_color: black, pa_size: 4xl

Is there a way to remove the “pa_” from the attributes on the invoice?


Hello, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to do it at the moment, but in future updates, I will take care of it. Thanks again!


Ary_35 Purchased

Hello, I have just installed the WooCommerce Enhanced reports plugin but it seems that I can’t make any exports (in any formats; .csv, .xls…). Even if I click on the export button, nothing’s coming. Do I need to do anything else, please? Thank you very much in advance for your help! Ary Ohayon

Hi, Thanks for purchasing it. Can you please send me temporary admin access to your website’s Admin panel as well as temporary FTP access via Personal Message? I would be more than happy to resolve it for you. Thanks again!


Ary_35 Purchased

Hello, I’m sorry but I can’t give you access to the private backoffice. However, do you think my trouble is coming because of the WordPress version i’m using? Thank you, Ary

Hi, Its ok, I cannot say anything about the issue. It could be due to some other plugin conflicting with it or may be some JS conflict. Thanks!

Hi Hassan, I just purchased your plugin at

How can I print invoices as packing slip? Thanks Lewis

just sent you the ftp and admin info, thanks.

Hi, I have fixed the issue. Please change your login access for both FTP and Admin. Thanks!

thanks. can you tell me what I did wrong or what was wrong so I can record on our web change log files for future reference. thanks.

Hello Mogul, I want to know if i can see/sort/export my sales by sellers? I would like to see their sales per day / week / month and have a total? Does your plugins does that?

No it doesn’t provide the results via your criteria.

Ok, thank you for your reply

hello I am interested in this plug in but i would like to know if there is a way for me have extra things factored in to like eBay, amazon, PayPal fees, shipping paid buy buyer and actual shipping cost paid by seller.

And is it updated


Hi, Plugin is updated but it won’t show you your desired results. Thanks!

I wonder if the OVER VIEW REPORT screen is the option to display the customer’s name and the product name . The sample video shows several options to display, but you can see if you have option to show the product name .

Hi, I may be interested in this plugin for a client.

1. Does it display product views stats? If so, for how many products? Can I filter by product category and date?

2. Does it display best selled products with number of sells? For how many products? Can I filter by category and date?

Thank you,

Purchase question , Does it work with wplms

Then it will work alright if everything is getting processed through WooCommerce. Don’t worry, just try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

OK Sure , but u have to help me in the same

How to export reports in PDF format

Presale question! :) Is it compatible with PHP 7.1?

Hello, No, Its not compatible with PHP 7.1 Yet.


I just purchased your plugin, however, when I installed it there was an error when trying to activate it:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare woocommerce_version_check() (previously declared in /home/expertnu/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/functions/function-global.php:29) in /home/expertnu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-enhanced-reporting/wer-includes-function.php on line 2

I am using the Flatsome Theme from Themeforrest

Can you help me with this? Thanks! Ray

Hello, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Please PM me your website’s URL, Temporary FTP and Admin details so I may look into it. Rest assured, nothing on your website will be disturbed as its just a conflict of function. Thanks!

Hello, I have fixed the issue and activated the plugin. Please have a look and if you run into any trouble, PM me, I will try to resolve ASAP. Thanks. :-)

Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to send a list of the orders made for the day via email.

Hi, Currently there isn’t any way to do so. But if you need I can program that feature in to the plugin so you may get the email list of orders on daily basis.

That sounds great!

I have gotten confirmation from my client ( of the fields they want displayed. They would like to receive an email each day at 3pm displaying a list of orders for that day. In the second section they would like to have displayed a list of all the future orders. The reason for this is that customers may select a delivery date in the future. Below is an example of the content they would like displayed in the email:


- Delivery Date
- Order Number
- Last Name
- (Order) Date


- Delivery Date
- Order Number
- Last Name
- (Order) Date

If this is something you can do, I would be happy to purchase the plugin.

Thank you for your time.


ccrowley Purchased

I am having problems. Most of the reports are not showing up. I can’t see any data for order profit, customer report, and product profit. Please help.

Hi, Can you please PM me your website credentials along with the FTP Information so I may take a look? Thanks!

Presale Question: Can you run a report on variations? Can you run a report on Custom Fields? Can you run a report on product sku?

No, There isn’t any option for it at the moment.