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Hello Monsart,

I just bought your plugin. Is there any way to translate it to Dutch?

Kind regards,

Maria James

Hello dear customer.. Our plugin does not support multilangual functionality for now, but send us texts in Dutch and we will translate it for you and send a special package to you! Send texts to with your purchase code, please..

Thank, MonsArt

Hi, the plugin works great, but… some days ago I had to deactivate all plugins and I realized that all customizations disappeared (text, logos, images). Is it a bug but this is the way your plugin works? I want to know the solution for this because our webshop is on test server now and if we migrate it to the final server in two week we will need to recreate all customizations again.

Hello dear customer.. You are right after deactivating an then activating it will be a problem with saved settings.. But will not be a problem when transferring site from one domain to another..

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi, I am using the option Order #3. The template looks great except for the “Bill to” and “Ship to”. The Bill To takes up 80% of the width so the Ship To has very little space and the ship to address is forced to wrap after 10 characters. In the demo they take up 50% each. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hello Dear customer, we are sorry for our late response.. It is because of our very big traffic of work..

Could you tell us on which email provider you are testing ? please send us an email to and forward the email if possible.. we will solve and send it back..


Hello, after installation its looks like this:

I cant active or costomized it. So what should i do?

Hello dear customer.. it seems our plugin gives an error because of another plugin.. Could you deactivate all other plugins and check if it gives the same error? please contact us with if have problems..


Do I have to buy one More time Support to have again your Help ?? Couse I did 2 time Support Ticket and no one aswerd me yet !!

Hello dear customer.. Could you tel us what question you have? We are sorry if we missed your previous request.. No need to buy another support! we are here to support you anytime.. Last 2 weeks our support team is very busy, but will get back to you very soon!

Please send us an email to with the subject URGENT WCEC-PRO


I have a pre sale questions if you can help us please

We want to add {customer_name} to the email body at the start so for example it will appear to the customer as Hi Danny. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thank you

Hello dear customer! Sure our templates support customer name option!

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi there,

how are you? I hope good.

I would like to work on my email system just like following request:

1) removing SKU, 2) including variables of product selection, 3) change the fixed sentence “your order is” in “your project is”, 4) change the fixed sentence “Here’s what you ordered” in “Here’s what you projected”, 5) change the fixed color “red” in ”#151B54”, 6) remove social icons.

ty in advance Stefano

hello dear customer! Thanks for contacting us.. We will do all your changes with love! Please send us an email with the same request to so we will open a support ticket and do your requests..

Best, MonsaArt

Dear Monsart,

It’s been 5 days since our last contact! Could you please send me back the correct files or at least inform me about how long it will take to resolve all issues.

Dear customer, we are sorry we didn’t answer to your email.. Please send us an email to besides of With your request, so our technical team will contact you at once not support team.. Support team is super busy with support tickets..

Best, MonsArt

Guys, really???

You asked me to contact you through FaceBook, no reply You asked me to contact you trough antother email …. and again NO REPLY


Dear customer, we just answered you on Facebook.. Sorry for letting you wait so long..


Dear Team,

i requested a refund but i didn’t receive any feedback from Envato. (no email, no money)

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance for you kind support!



Hello dear customer! we accepted your refund request.. please let us know if you don’t get any information during 24 hours..

Thanks, MonsArt Team

Hi sir/mdm,

I tried toupload your file through the upload new plugin panel. But it seems like it didn’t success. The screen display : 504 Gateway Time-out nginx Is it not compatible or what?

Hello dear customer! It seems problem is from the server time.. Please unzip the plugin and upload it to /plugins directory and then activate it.. It will work for sure..

Thanks, MonsArt


I notice you have this note on your Email Customizer PRO:

Please note: This plugin currently works only with all of types of WooCommerce default Order emails. All types of emails like Forgot Password, User Registration etc will be available until the end of January of 2017.

Since we past Jan 2017, Is it safe to assume that these other email types are now part of the offering for this plugin? I am hoping the answer is yes as I am very interested in your product.


Hello dear customer!

Honestly I can not answer “Yes” yet.. because of a very big support tickets amounts we couldn’t finish it..

You can subscribe to our newsletter on and we will let you know when new release done..


Thank you for the reply! Do you have a new target completion date for other mail types?

hello dear customer, don’t want to tell you a date for sure as can be wrong.. Please subscribe to our newsletter on and you will be informed at once when we release that version!


Hi there, this plugin looks like exactly what I need. Just a few questions before I purchase. Once installed does the plugin override the existing email templates already created in Woo commerce that I have already set up? Is there anything else (coding etc) that would need to be amended for the plugin to work? Basically is it as simple as install and ‘go’?

Many thanks in advance

Hi there! thanks for being interested in our product! we are happy to let you know that yes it is easy to use and no need to write any code.. We will code it for you if needed..

If you activate one of our templates it will overwrite woocommerce standard emails..

Thanks, MonsArt

For the 3 Time! Your Support don’t answer meeee !!

Hello dear customer! We are sorry to see this comment.. Could you write us to besides of, please? Because of our support high traffic we missing some emails sometimes.. :(

Thanks, MonsArt

Hello, where is the January Update? I want to Buy your Plugin… you wrote: All Templates in Version 1.3… but when?

Hello dear customer.. because of our busy support we couldn’t finish a new update yet, sorry! Please subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know at once when the new version is available..

Thanks, MonsArt

I have emailed their support twice without any response. Once in 12/23/2016 and again on 02/13/2017. I had high hopes for this plug-in which looks great but I soon figured has limited customization. Wasted the money and now resorted to a different plug-in. I post this as a warning to people looking for a plug-in like this, I suggest potential buyers read all of these comments and decide for themselves. Wait for Monsart to get their stuff together and respond to their customers emails who have paid for the product. Take note how many comments point out that Monsart is not responsive to their emails. It seems to be that they just have way too many support requests and they can’t keep up.

Hello dear customer! We are so sad to see your 1 star comment.. We didn’t answer you because of high traffic.. Please be patient and send us a refund request, we will refund your money with love and will let you know when we have an updated version of plugin..


Hi, will your plugin convert the email printable to 80mm thermal printer?

Thanks Khaavir

Hello dear customer, I think we don’t support what you are looking for, sorry..


4 Support Tickets Requests till now ! and now Answer ! Bad Support ! After I gave you 5 Stars no one answer me ! I will delet it, just waste Money !

could you provide us your email please? we will get back asap…


Hi, I am a little bit confused here after purchasing this plugin. You change log says that last update was UPDATE V1.3 -(03 Dec 2016). But main section Last Update 26 February 17. Your document talks all about custom CSS field which isn’t there. Finding too many areas here that dont match. I need to know when real update is out because as it is – this plugin will not work for me and I will be returning it.

Hello dear customer! thanks for contacting us.. We are working on a new update and will let you know at once it is ready!


Hi guys, I am unable to customise the plugin. I wrote to but no response so far. Can anyone help please?

Hello dear customer. it seems we didn’t receive your email.. Please send the same email to with the subject “URGENT”..



I have purchased the plugin. But when I activate it, it displays broken Settings Page. However, when I install it on my localhost, it works fine. Could you please help me with that?


hello dear customer.. could you send your site details to please? it seems you have installed some other plugins which gives a conflict with ours.. Please deactivate plugins one by one and check if it doesn’t work..