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Hi,I have been waiting for the new release of your plugin. When is it going to be able? I want to use your plugin instead of my actual woocommerce template plugin. Thanks!

Hi there.. It will be done the day after tomorrow :) We can send you directly via email or you can wait until CodeCanyon approve new version..


In regards to your statement: Please note: This plugin currently works only with all of types of WooCommerce default Order emails. All types of emails like Forgot Password, User Registration etc will be available until the end of January of 2017.

Are these now available and is the plugin universal for all e-mails now?

Kind Regards. Mr Azam

Hello Mr Azam! Thanks for contacting us again.. Honestly we are working on update yet and didn’t finish yet! please send us an email to so we can update you when have the new version for plugin..

Best, MonsArt Team

Good Night, I made the purchase of the product and when I click on WCEC-PRO and then choose any of the tampletes and customize and where it has Email Type is only as follows: {{}} and the other options below is everything Locked and not saved, the same way when I activate the template it does not work.

Hello dear customer, thanks for buying our plugin.. Could you send us some screenshots to so we can see why you having this kind of problems?

Thanks, MonsArt team

Hello, I am trying to install the plkugin but it doenst work. If i push the upload button and select the zip file and say install i am forwarded to a screen which says: “Bist du sicher, dass du das tun möchtest? Bitte nochmal versuchen.” In english it should be “Are you sure you want to do that? Please try again.” if i push the button i am forwaredr to the plugin section

My Setup: WooCommerce Version: 2.6.14 WordPress-Version: 4.7.2

thanks in advanced

Hello dear customer, thanks for buying our plugin!

It is interesting issue as never happened before.. But do not worry :) Please try to unzip plugin and copy the plugin folder into /plugins directory of your website.. Let us know if it is not working and we will help you.. Contact us to for any other issue..

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi! Thanks for your awesome looking plugin. Somehow we have small issue with ship to and bill to columns which show unbalanced. My purchase code is 97773c20-058d-4690-ab39-28c49fc7adc7. Thanks in advance.

Hello dear customer! Thanks for buying our product! We are happy to help.. Could you please send us a screenshot and order number you would like to use? We will solve the problem and resend you the plugin asap..

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi! Thanks, I sent email to

Hello dear customer we answered to your email..

Thanks a lot, MonsArt Team

I am using the first template (christmas) and the custom note doest work. Also I didnt recieve the refund email when I tested an order. No error logs Any ideas why? Thanks

Hello dear customer.. it will be done this week.. Because of some reasons we have delays in deadline. Sorry for that and hope you will understand..

Two more problems that I face is that the order number id is not clickable and it is not redirecting to the order as the original woocommerce template and there is a problem with variable products. The variation selected is not shown in the email.

Could you please fix them? Thanks

Hi dear customer, yes right our plugin does not support variations we mentioned about this before.. We are working on update which will have this option.. Also you are right order number is not clickable.. will add this to our support ticket so it will be included in future updates..

Thanks, MonsArt

I downloaded the plugin today, and my version is as 1.2.1 Where version 1.3 I did not understand that. Where are the templates # 6 …............ # 10?

I have identified the problem:

In installable wordpress files only (envato page downloads), the version that is available is 1-2-1

In all files n documentations is thats ok. Version 1-3

Thanks for changing your bad review.. would like to know why you gave us 3 stars? Thanks and appreciate you find it..


Hi, Can you add custom hooks for recommended products? Recommended products need to change based on the product a user purchases. If you add that woo commerce hook it will be great. Also, are you gonna add emails for woo commerce emails too?

Hi, Yeah sorry about the second question. I should have been more descriptive about it. Anyway, It was about woo commerce email templates.

Hi, Also Do I need to make some changes over here?

Hello dear customer, no worries! No need to do any changes there.. Contact us via if you need any other help, please..

Thanks, MonsArt

How can I add the Emails of my customers to the Emails “New Order” ? I mean when a customer buy a Product, I will receive a new Email about the new Order, every Info that I need are in this Email but without the customer Email ! Please very Important !!!

Hello dear customer! Thanks for clarification.. Yeah as you see in our email templates demo page we don’t show customer email address.. If you would like we can add this request to queue for our support team so they will handle this and send it to you when done!

Thanks, MonsArt

yes Please thats is Very Important for me …I will be happy if you make it so fast as Possible Thank you very much

We added it into our support ticket!

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi! Thanks for your awesome looking plugin.

I have a problem with ship to and bill to columns which show unbalanced. And if a filled is empty it appears with code. Can you help me please?

My purchase code is c5a39b43-8280-46cf-bd62-7b5a2bf2f428

Thank you!

Hello dear customer.. Could you send a screenshot with problem to, please?

Thanks, MonsArt Team

You can ADD and remove text? You can change the default email?

Hello there, yes right you can edit texts and change default email address by changing administrator email..


Dear, I have an issue with the {{order.total_tax}} tag. Whatever tax is calculated it always shows $1 in the email. Any suggestions how I can solve this Thanks in advance

Rgds, Patrick

Hello dear customer! Thanks for contacting us..

Could you email us and give your website url so we can see what is the problem?

Thanks, MonsArt

two questions

1 – How to disable a template?

After I click on the activate button, do not get disable;

2 – how to use the same template for differents orders: “new order, canceled order, failed … etc” It would be interesting in many cases to keep the same identity with the same template.

Hello dear customer, 1- Honestly in this version there is no way to disable template.. when activating another template the active one disabling automatically.. If you don’t want to use just deactivate plugin for now, until we have our new version done, please..

2 – If you activate one of our templates all type of emails will have the same view you activated..

Let us know if you have any other questions..

Thanks, MonsArt

Hi, presale questions here:

1. do you provide the templates shown on your website? 2. Can the order time be shown?

Hi dear, Thanks for being interested in our plugin.. Yes we provide templates shown on our website! Right now there is no option to show order time honestly.. If you want we will add this under our support ticket and do it in our next update..


Thanks, I will consider. I do not think I’m able to wait till the next update.

hello dear customer, sorry to hear you can not wait, but in our templates you can see that we don’t provide order time, honestly..

But as you getting email at once order done, I think you can track the time for order.. Let us know if you have any other question..

Thanks, MonsArt


Swop Purchased

We hoped this plugin would make it easier for us to build up notifcation emails. When using “Additional Fields” (Woocommerce custom checkout fields) the “addition fields doesn’t show up in emails (template).

Kind regards

Roy Claassen

Hello dear customer, what “Additional Fields” do you mean sorry?

Thanks, MonsArt

When is 1.4 online?

dear customer our update delays because of some issues with wordpress new version.. We will let you know at once it is done..

Best, MonsArt Team

Hi There,

I have just purchased your plugin, and have to say that I’m quite disappointed. I cannot customise enough of the colours in each template. A lot of the red colour remains in areas that cannot be customised.

If I don’t want to use a particular social media icon, I remove the URL, but the icon remains.

If I don’t want to use other images, I remove them, but the ALT text and a border remains.

Also, you have misspelled two of the “Ship To:”merge tags, so they don’t work. They are:

{{order.shiiping_postcode}} and {{order.shiiping_city}}

I believe this is because you have two “ii” and only one “p” in each case (i.e. shiiping, where it should be shipping.

Can you advise a fix for this? If it can’t be fixed very soon, I will need a refund please. Thank you.

Hello dear customer! thanks for contacting us with this questions..

Please send us an email with purchase code and just copy your above problems there.. we will see why is the problem and solve it for you!

Email us to


I can not save anything. BG images of the logo are not uploaded. I turned off pluguins, but still continued. I deactivated the pluguin and installed in localhost and the same problems continue. What can I be doing wrong?

Hello dear customer! What you mean with “I can not save anything” ? You can not save your changes done on templates?


Could you send us access to admin panel so we can see what is the problem there? It works fine for all other customers.. Seems the problem is one of the plugin you have installed with ours..


Hello, congratulations for the work. It comes a great tool for what I see!
I will be attentive to stability and new features.
Now I work with Yith Email Templates but it’s a bit limited. Good vibes for this project!

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I sent a question a whole day and I still have no answer. While I have another question.

How do I automatically acknowledge the payment made by deposit / transfer, paypal or pagseguro? I have no problem with this with the standard woocommerce emails.

How to solve this?

Hello dear customer! With our template there is no way to acknowledge the payment made yet.. we are working on updates and will integrate it in future..



Why did not you mention it in item details?

Why do that. Make wasting time and money. What is the interest in a pluguim that will make me lose features.

Say this is a joke.

dear customer we are ready to do a refund for you! just send us a refund request… We are working on our update and time by time everything will be solved and integrated..