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Hey, pre-sale question. I noticed that support is not offered for this plugin. Is that correct?

KingLovestrong we just answered to your email.. Thanks for your kind email! :)

Just receive it, thanks

Sure! Let us know if everything works well :)

Don’t work fine! - Can’t edit Body text because I have no scrollbar - Can’t activate a theme, white page - Edit function didn’t work 9/10 times! Editor don’t load

I can go on.

MichaelK1985, we are sorry for this.. in a day you will get working version!!

When is this update online?

Hi Michael,
Most things are already fixed but we’re still working on the update as from now it takes 1hour per template to update.
Please send us an email to: so we can send you the update as .zip file by mail and you don’t have to wait for Codecanyon review.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Team MonsArt

Hello, very nice templates! Cant wait to use this and make a great personal impression with customers!

Quick question. Does this customize all emails? New order Cancelled order Failed order Order on-hold Processing order Completed order Refunded order Customer invoice Customer note Reset password New account?

Hello beatmakinboric, We are happy you like our product! Right now everything is customizable except Reset password and New account.. they will be available in future updates..


Hello, I am having a problem. When I try to add the logo it places it on the BG. I am not sure how to go about this.

hello! could you please send us an issue screenshot to ?



is there an option to add my own email template, and send test on live email ?

Hello, thanks for your question.. Right now you can customize and use the templates that we added in package.

Update 1.1

-we changed plugin design
-added new fields for email customization
-did tests online and solved issues that appeared

Hi. Just wondering if the template applies to invoices / receipts when you print them out? Or just to email templates?


Hi, very good question! For now template applies to email templates only.. Will be happy to help with any question you have.. Our team working for the next updates..


I cant edit anything in this? Pictures dont work, updates dont work

Hi csmalem, could you tell us what version of woocommerce and wordpress you use? we will solve asap!


Hello, It seems Order #1 working great, could you let me know when all the rest templates will work as well as the first one?


Hello dear customer! we are happy it works fine for you.. Our team is working on the next update now and we will upload V1.2 with all templates working today.. If you need it today, we can send the plugin via email as CodeCanyon will review about 2-3 days to approve the update..


Oh thanks so much! I will wait for CodeCanyon to approve it.. will play with Order 1 until that..


Installed the update:

- Still difficulty to scroll in the option - Dropdown for Cancel order etc don’t work. What’s the function of this?

Dear customer it works for only order #1 on V1.1 .. If you would like we can send a new big update today.. We will upload to Code Canyon in about 8 hours. But as it will take 2 days to be approved, we will send you via email.. Just send us your email to, please.. In V1.2 everything will work..



I just installed the plug-in, but when I try to change an image in an e-mail via wordpress it breaks. When I click on the upload button a pop-up appears, showing the wordpress media upload window. I then upload, for example, a header image. It successfully uploads but when I click on the button to insert the image, the content of the pop-up disappears and only shows a white screen. When i click on the close button, my image is not inserted in the mails.

It would be very cool of you could help me fix this problem, otherwise I can’t customize the emails.

Many thanks,


My console also shows up with the same error from the plug-in all the time, maybe it wil help you:) :

lib.min.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined

Hi Karstentje, Thank you so much for updating about the issues you have! we are happy to help and let you know that V1.2 will be ready in 2 hours.. will send you directly via email.. please send us an email to so we can send updated version to you..

also for the template you having a problem with image upload.. could you tell us which order template are you editing? And also please try to do the same with order #1 and see if you get the same errors..


Dear Customer, just want to update you that we solve the issue you had.. You will find an updated version on CodeCanyon in couple of days..

Let us know if you want to receive it earlier so we can send you within next 24 hours..

Thank you!

Hi, I love the designs however i am finding it very buggy and hard to use.

The first thing i am trying to do is change the logo. When i attempt to upload the image and select “Insert into post” i receive a blank screen. I have tried across multiple web browsers and they are all doing the same.

I look forward to your reply

Hi dear customer! We are very happy you like the design and purchased our product! we happy to support you and let you know that a new version will be uploaded tomorrow V1.2 .. Our team is working on bugs, but the one you mentioned is an interesting one.. Could you tell us on which order template you getting this error please? Also please email us to so we can send you plugin update at once when it is ready tomorrow..


Dear joshodea95, We want to update you that we solve the issue with an image.. You will find an updated version on CodeCanyon in couple of days..

Let us know if you want to receive it earlier so we can send you within next 24 hours..

Thank you!

Looks like a pretty decent plugin, Will it show variation images & titles rather than main product thumb?

Hi JackV, We are happy you like our plugin!! in next plugin update V1.2 the feature you wrote will not be available, but we will go ahead with your comment and will add variations feature in our next update V1.3, we will make it priority if you would like!

Best, MonsArt

Awesome, I’ll wait :-)

ok awesome! Thank you JackV.. you can subscribe on our website, follow us on facebook or just email us so to we will update you when the feature integrated..


I just made a purchase of your Email Customizer Pro and downloaded the files.

In the downloaded zip file there are 2 items: PDF documentation Folder named: woocommerce-email-customizer-pro

There doesn’t seem to be a plugin in the zip file. The folder only contains index.php, HTMLs etc.

I tried zipping the woocommerce-email-customizer-pro folder but when trying to upload I get this error: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Also uploading the whole zip that I downloaded from envato did not work either.

Any ideas?

Hello! We just sent you an email with the updated version of plugin.. Please let us know if you have any problem with it and we will solve it at once :)

Awesome, the one you send did the trick! :) Have a great day!

Very good, Hope you will like it.. We will add some excited features in a new updates.. Please let us know if you have any question regarding plugin..

Best, MonsArt Team

Why its work just #1 template ? not another ?

Something like orders / contents doesnt changed (Still same content as demo)

Can you help me ASAP ? Thanks

Hi l2aelba,
Could you please send us a screenshot of the responsiveness issue to: so we can have a look and fix the issue?

Sent. Please check and fix asap, thanks

Already done John!


We have another big update and will be happy to answer your questions.

- Solved Image upload issue
- Added order and product variables
- Added ability to add images from external link
- Fixed console log errors
- Improved performance
- Integrated Woocommerce email types
- Fixed loading issue
- Properly handled plugin deactivate and activate hooks
- Fixed large config data issue

Hi guys, could you send me the newest version to fix the bugs?

Hi, please send it to :)

We just sent you an email with access :)


Can I please have access to a demo admin, this is now a prerequisite as I’m finding some plugins do not work as expected. Having full demo access prevents these preconceived notions. Thank you kindly and have a great day,

Hi dear Customer, we don’t have a demo site right now, but we can send you an access to our testing website where our developers do testing.. please give us your email or send an email with demo site request to


wcec-pro update

Please see our plugin page change log for knowing about updates in this version

Hi guys, I bought your plugin and very happy with it, just wandering about updated version.. I am using 1.2 version right now. Will 1.2.1 be available on CodeCanyon during next 24 hours? Or could you please just email me the newest version?


You are welcome! Let us know if you have any question or problems with the plugin.. p.s. we just sent you a plugin via email..

Thanks, MonsArt Team

awesome, I am downloading new version.. Thanks guys! a great job so far..

You are welcome! Enjoy the plugin :)

First of all, great job for doing this amazing plug-in. Very needed for WooCommerce.

Version 1.2.1 - Search don’t work with Base Font - Option to add more menu items - I get: Service Unavailable when I want to complete my order. The order is send but customers get this message above the address fields.

Hello dear customer.. Yes we have some issue with fonts yet, we are working on it and will update plugin during 24 hours! Also you can not add more menus right now then template design, but in our new update you will be able to add wordpress navigation menus as well …

With “service unavailable”, honestly we didn’t find any kind of issues like this one.. Do you have your site online so we can look through it, please? We will solve it ASAP..

P.S. Thank you for a good words and we happy you like our plugin!! We are updating our templates as well and will have Christmas template with V1.3 :)

Kind Regards, Monsart Team