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Is your plugin also allow create email from 3rd party plugin example this:

Thank you. Email you. I will wait for next year. Please update me know if you release. The idea add their own design is may not needed. because if they are developer, they can write some css and php added to your plugin already. Who is not developer like me, i have no idea to do that and which is heavier for code in case most user wordpress don’t know code.

I got this after email you:
Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].
The error that the other server returned was:
550 No Such User Here

Thanks for your advice! we will make attention on it!

Did you send email to I see we wrote a wrong email, sorry.. Was typing mistake.. the one in this comment is correct one! :)

Thanks, MonsArt

When is 1.4 coming?

Hi Michael,
We’re currently working on update 1.4 and hope to complete it today.
It took some more time as planned cause we updated a lot new stuff. Sorry for this.
Your email address is in our database and we will send you a message after it’s completed.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Team MonsArt


Does your plugin work for WooCommerce Subscriptions, new subscription order, subscription renewals, etc?

Thank you!


A great question, thanks.. We are working on that update right now which includes 10 more templates regarding user registration, subscriptions and forgot password.. It will be ready at the end of January..

If you would like to be informed about update, please subscribe on or just send your email address to with the subject “request update”..

Thanks, MonsArt Team

Hello, i’ve got a big issue, maybe cause i use the7 template with traduction in french, the layout works but the text isn’t changing (although it worked on the demo product). The standart paid version doesn’t change my custom text.

hello dear customer, could you let us know what version of plugin you use? and send the screenshot with problem to


Hi Guys. I’ve spoke to you before about customising the top text in every e-mail. When will this feature be possible? The plugin is kind of useless for me right now.

Hello dear customer! Because of holidays our deadline for releases changed! The latest update will be in store in couple of days where you can change all the texts..

Thanks and have a great holidays!


We are no longer getting any emails when we activate your plugin. We get these error messages when we try to do test emails from Woocommerce…

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-email-customizer-pro/includes/MaTemplateEngine.php on line 144

Warning: include(/home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-email-customizer-pro/emails/order-0/main.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-core-functions.php on line 199

Warning: include(/home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-email-customizer-pro/emails/order-0/main.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-core-functions.php on line 199

Warning: include(): Failed opening ’/home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-email-customizer-pro/emails/order-0/main.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php56/pear’) in /home/furchild/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-core-functions.php on line 199

Any ideas?



Hello dear customer! because of holidays we answered you a bit later..

it seems you have a plugin installed which giving conflict with ours.. Could you send us your website link and access to admin so we can check which plugin giving error? Or even the list of plugins you use..

Our support email is

Thanks, MonsArt Team

pre buy question: Does it work with woo commerce bookings?

Thanks for a great question! It is not working yet with bookings, only with order email types..


allright everything is working fine, it was my fault, cause a translate file was in my theme child and overided your plugin ! thx for everyrhing.

We are happy everything work now! Let us know if you have any question please!

Thanks, MonsArt Team..


lemag Purchased


I have just purchased this plugin but I can’t find the option to remove some of the social media icons. We are only using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so we don’t need other icons visible. How can we do this?

Also, Google+ is currently missing from your social media list and should definitely need to be added.

hello dear customer! Thanks for buying our plugin! Right now there is no way to disable social media icons from plugin.. you ca do it from plugin code.. In the next update there will be an option for it..

If you can not do that let us know what email template you want to use, what social icons you want to see there.. Send us an email to with your purchase code and we will remove them for you with pleasure!

Thanks, MonsArt team

Hi there. sent you very specific bugs from your last update that were not present before. You said you will get this fixed right away. You’ve been lying to me multiple times that you will send me the corrected version for the past 3 weeks. I still have not received anything! – I need you to send this right now or issue a refund. Thank you.

I didn’t receive any email from you. Stop lying! I already sent you an email reply for you to send file and nothing. This is the worst customer service for any plugin in Codecanyon. Do not buy from this seller!

I have email tracking on all my emails and can see that you are seeing all my emails but never reply with the updated version with the bugs fixed. Why don’t you send it?!

Dear Customer, we see you are writing a lot of bad things all the time.. We are working very hard and will answer to your email with completed version as soon as we have it! our team had some issues with wordpress new update, so it took a bit longer to solve! now it is solved and we are finishing our new features.. Be Sure we are not lying and will send you the plugin as soon as we finished!!

Best, MonsArt

Hi there,

just a pre-sales question: with your plugin, can I remove quantity and price from the table of product into email?

ty in advance Stefano

Hi Stefano! Thanks for being interested in our plugin! Right now you can remove it from plugin code, not admin panel.. If you would like we can remove it for you when you send us an email to and attach your purchase code :)


I have a problem, why in template it isn’t shown variable atributes? I mean, if i buy 1 pair of shoes, and i purchase nº34 & Green in show owner email it doesn’t appear and in customer email also….

It’s a big problem… Need help soon as possible.

Also the default note in checkout process doesn’t appear….. omg What is this? I WANT HELP WITH THAT ! or refund if don’t recieve it inmediatly

No response, so i want refund. I lose 2 much time / money with this, trying to fix it by myself.. and i must go back with default emails.. i want back my money.

Hello dear customer! I see you wrote a comment in 13 hours ago and don’t want to wait for answer.. You could email us besides spamming here with comments :) We will refund with love! If you have any other problems just email us for getting an ASAP answer..

Right we don’t have an option for showing variations in email, it will be in our next updates..

You can send us a refund request..

Thanks, Monsart Team

So…This is a little more basic that I was expecting. How can I change the colours of buttons? Some templates have text / sections there is no colour control of at all. What if I want a dark body – how can I hide the Border or change the border colour? Really basic! If none of that is available i’d say your product description is a little misleading.

Hi Dear Customer,

We just added custom css support,which will be available in the new release.For button colors and text colors we will add as well. At this moment we are working on UI/UX improvements as there will be lot of options to configure form admin panel. We appreciate your patient and we will send you all update details by email.

Hey! Great, can you please also add ability to customise border colours etc? When will this be released?

Yes sure, we will add it as a support ticket and will make borders customizable! We will have a new release in a day or max 2 days, and will send it to you by email.. Please send your email address with purchase code to

Thanks, MonsArt Team


I posted a comment here yesterday and it’s weird because I don’t see it here.

Basically I was asking when the next update release will be around? The one that includes product variation display, custom css and login and registration emails integration.

The plugin is great so far, and it will be much better with these new features.


Hi Dear customer, We are very happy you like our product!

Our next update will be in store very soon, but not with custom variations yet and other email types.. within 1.5 month everything you mentioned above will be there..

Thanks, MonsArt


mkb212 Purchased

Is there a way to have Instagram added or to take out for example Google + and put in Instagram instead? Also, I am having difficulty when changing images on the customization it doesn’t save the images…

Hi dear customer, Right now no way to do that, but we will release a new version very soon! please be patience and send us your email to so we can send an updated version asap when done!


Hello, Dear i purchased you plugin but it is not working it just show animated logo again & again, please help.

could you send us a purchase code to please? We can send it to you after checking the code, please..


email sent to you, Please check and revert back soon, because I still not got reply of last email I did


We just sent you an email :)


Hi there,

just a quick question, can the template for new customer account be customised? And when would your next release be that includes variable products?

Thanks! The plugin looks awesome!

Hi dear customer, Right now our plugin supports only order types.. We are going to release a new version today, but it will not include new types.. It will include new features, new UI/UX for plugin, More editable fields and custom css.. Other types of emails will be included during this month..

Thanks for kind words, MonsArt

Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry if you answered this question – but I’m not sure you did. Will the order emails display variable products correctly?

Not yet, Variations will be included during next month..

Thanks, MonsArt

When can we expert 1.4?

Hello dear customer, it will be available during this week!


Hi MonsArt Team,

I personally like the elegant design of all your templates and the flexibility of the frame. Thank you for developing such a good woocommerce email plugin.

One problem. I think the backend dashborad of customizer pro is a bit buggy. With the customizer mode on, I’m not able to scroll to the bottom to see part of the page. When editing some template, for example in Option 5, there are 9 editable parts listing vertically, I’m not able to see or touch the ‘Save’ and ‘Reset’ button at the very bottom of the page then. That means, I can’t use Option 5 as my store email template…

Please help to check. Not sure whether I missed any settings of the plugin?

Thank you!

Hello dear customer! Thanks for a such kind words! We are happy to help anytime..

Could you let us know what version of plugin you use, please?

By the way we are updating UI of the plugin and it will have a new view very soon!

Thanks, MonsArt Team