WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO

WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO

WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO

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# UPDATE V 1.1 - ( 18 Nov 2016 )
 -Solved issue with "Activate" and "Customize" options
 -Improved Plugin Design
 -Added CUstom Nav menu Option
 -Added Dynamic Values for WC for Order #1

# UPDATE V1.2 -(24 Nov 2016)
- Solved Image upload issue
- Added order and product variables
- Added ability to add images from external link
- Fixed console log errors
- Improved performance 
- Integrated Woocommerce email types
- Fixed loading issue
- Properly handled plugin deactivate and activate hooks
- Fixed large  config data issue

# UPDATE V1.2.1 -(27 Nov 2016)
- Solved IE visual issues
- Solved Mobile view issues
- Tested for email types.. (everything is working except cancel order in this version)
- Solved QTY dynamic variable issue
- Added dynamic Alt attributes for images
- Solved footer menu duplicate issues

# UPDATE V1.3 -(03 Dec 2016)
- Added and Activated 5 more email templates
- Changed Plugin UI/UX
-  Added Bonus Template for Christmas

Please note: This plugin currently works only with all of types of WooCommerce default Order emails. All types of emails like Forgot Password, User Registration etc will be available until the end of January of 2017.