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Is this plugin compatible with Woocommerce Booster shortcodes?

Hi. It is a great pity but I still bought the plugin.

Now i am missing “order statuses” in conditions. Why they are not there?

Thank you!

UPDATE: Event “satus change” enable order staus conditions.


Yes, that’s right – not all events allow all of the conditions.



Pre-sales question.

I’m looking at your plugin along with another to see which has the ability to add in custom macros.

I’m using WooEvents which adds in additional meta fields to a woocommerce product to turn it from a simple product to an event.

I’m wanting to dynamicall add in the event date to the emails.

Do your macros support custom fields, or is there a way to do this?


Hi Dave,

Yes, you can add custom macros, just need to implement some code for that – please read more here.


I haven’t really played around with your plugin long but it sure looks promising. The BLOCK option is something I really like. A question though… Is it possible to add a code in functions.php or something so you can use the CREATED BLOCKS also in post/pages? I really would like that option.

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our extension.

Technically that would be possible, however, we do not have a ready made solution for you to use and it would definitely require custom code to be written.


Think about this as a standard function for your extension. I think this would make it way more interesting ;)

Hi, I would like too insert the standard woocommerce email options like order details, order items, customer details, adress, etc… but there is no shortcode for it. I would like to shut off the standard templates and 100% work with your plugin, but i cannot get it working.

So it is about the standard blocks allready formatted by woocommerce, that are used in their standard emails. Like new order.


There’s actually macros available for that, like {order_items_table} for example. It is available on Email edit page under “Macros” dropdown.


Pre sales question

Does it support Woocommerce Subscription events? Like New Subscription, pending subscription, canceled susbcription?



Unfortunately it’s not yet supported in current version.