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Thank you

hi do you support rtl?

Yes. We do. We also have a custom css tab where you can add direction and manage the RTL.

[Presale] Do you supprot wpml ?

Yes. All the constants can be translated. The email content (header, body, footer) are saved as plain htmls (for Vue.JS). If you need these also to be supported with wpml, we can help you with it. After purchasing, please send us a request.

Hi there, does this plugin work for all transactional emails like memberships, subscriptions, dropshippers etc? Are there any it doesn’t do?

At the moment, all WooCommerce transactional emails are supported. Memberships and subscriptions support is under pipeline. You can request the integration after purchasing


I see that you plan to add support for WooCommerce Subscriptions ( related emails. When do you plan to rollout this functionality?

Thanks, rt.


Any update?


We have been improving the designer to be more user friendly. We might require some more time to bring in this improvement

Noted. Thanks for replying. rt.

Pre-Purchase Question:

Can i send the download link for downloadable products with this plugin?


Sorry. At the moment, we do not have a short code for it. However with a bit of customisation, yes.

Hi, good job. Considering buying… Can we place banners or any html code in the body? And what if the receiver’s client does not accept HTML email? Just plain text…

Yes. You can include html code in the body. By default, WooCommerce sends the email as HTML type. You can change it to plain text as well in your WooCommerce settings. But these days, most email clients could automatically handle the html emails by rendering text if html is not supported. The plugin changes the default email content to a beautiful one compiled by you. It does not take over the sending of the email because WooCommerce does a post-processing with several hooks.


lianz Purchased


I have bought this item into my website.

i have some issue with LOGO. Logo is no center. Please see this image

lianz Purchased

Hello, I can not give anyone the password to access my central email. can you use your mail for Send a Test?

Sure… We will use our email during the testing. No problem. We got your email

We have fixed it in your site and sent you an email. Please check

Will this support emails for custom order statuses or just the default WooCommerce emails?

It supports only the default woocommerce emails at the moment.

just a quick tip, update your link, when trying to log in to the demo wordpress website (currently going to localhost…)

Thank you for the tip. Sorted it out :-)

Hi there, quick pre-sales question, can this plugin pull variables from checkout addon fields?

I’m using the woocommerce-checkout-field-editor addon to add questions to the checkout page and need it to show in the emails.


If the checkout field editor addon is built using the default woocommerce hooks, then it will be supported. However, if it uses a different method for injecting the fields and showing them, then it might require a customisation.