WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer

WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer

Introducing WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer, a must-have plugin for an online store. Customize and send professionally-designed Woocommerce transactional emails, which helps you build your brand and gain trust from your customers

Change the default text, customize Header, footer, body of the emails, add logo, add links, change colours and more

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Why you need the Email Customizer

You may think it is sufficient to send the default templates. But when it comes to business, 90% of the communication takes place over email communication. A professionally designed email adds reputation to your e-Commerce business.

Customize WooCommerce transactional emails and make them look awesome. WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer helps you create beautiful email templates without any coding.

Your emails don’t have to look drab anymore. Make your WooCommerce transactional emails more stunning than ever!

  • No coding / technical skills required.
  • You don’t have to struggle with editing your php files anymore.
  • Customize WooCommerce emails to look just the way you want them to in a few really easy steps!
  • Preview your emails in real-time
  • Use short codes to render dynamic order data
  • Add a logo, footer to your emails
  • Change background colour, text colours easily with customizer
  • Need more control ? Add a few bits of custom CSS without editing any files.
  • Say good-bye to statically coded templates
  • Get priority support from us

WooCommerce Email Builder and Customizer Woo Email Builder is a goldmine of some great customization features and offers you the utmost flexibility you won’t find anywhere else. You can also add your own custom CSS as well.

Build your brand by sending well-designed transactional emails

  • Add your logo
  • Customize the email content
  • Display the order details, customer information, address and more.
  • Use short codes to add dynamic data (customer, order, products etc)
  • Live-preview of your changes
  • Powerful editor for Body content (Built with Vue.JS ) with real-time preview
  • Send a test email to validate your design
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Need to display order or customer data in your emails ? We got you covered

Use our extensive list of short codes. Add customer information. Products in order.

Shipping information or payment details. Anything is possible.


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Customise with color pickers

Want to change the colors of your WooCommerce Emails ? No problem.

Just pick the colours and apply. It is that simple.

You can change the Background color, text colour, body colour and more in all your WooCommerce emails.


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Custom CSS

Want to take more control over the design ? Well, you can add additional CSS and change the design. And that too without editing any files.

Just go to the CSS tab and start adding your own CSS.

Style your WooCommerce emails without the need to editing the PHP files.


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Real time Live Preview

Preview your WooCommerce Email template in real-time. No need to refresh your page.

WooCommerce Email Customizer has a powerful Vue.JS based editor to render your emails in real-time.

Say goodbye to old methods. Welcome to the modern world of designing.


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Support for all transactional emails


Customize all WooCommerce Transactional Emails. The plugin supports all the emails start from New order notification to order completion to forgot password.

You can customize all the emails sent by WooCommerce.


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What Woo Email Builder can do for you.

Customize the content of your emails: You can alter the default email content and replace it with customized content.

Lots of styling options available: Easily modify font, body and background colors. Your emails can easily support HTML tags as well.

Extensive List of Shortcodes:Woo Email Builder has several shortcodes that can be embedded your in emails easily.

Add your Logo to your Emails: Make your transactional emails more professional by incorporating your business logo in them.

Test Your Email: Once your done customizing, you can use our “Test Email” feature to view and modify your emails before they are sent.

Get an Instant Live Preview: Woo Email Builder allows you to instantly view the changes you’ve made to your email. All alteration are shown on the right side.

Developer-friendly customization: All changes made are auomatically saved to the email template files. This makes it easy for developers to customize it too.

Key Features:

  • * VueJS based modern email template editor
  • * Preview the changes on the fly (real-time preview)
  • * Add a logo to your order notification emails
  • * Customize all the order notification emails. You can add text, images, logo and more
  • * Extensive list of shortcode to display billing, shipping address elements, customer information
  • * Change colours, background of the emails
  • * Send test emails to check your email layout.

< Changelog /h3>
14 / 11/ 2016 

- Initial release

08 /02 / 2016
- Fixed an empty template in the designer
- Logo alignment issue is fixed