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On the cart page, I am getting a message saying: “There are no available shipping methods for your location”

The most common problem leading to the message that there are no available shipping methods for your location is that one or more products in your cart does not have a bundle rate configuration that can be applied to them. Double-check each product and make sure it is in a category/shipping class that has a configuration.

Also make sure that the location you are shipping to has a shipping rate defined for it.

When installing, I am getting an error saying no valid plugins are found.

You are probably trying to install the wrong zip file. The zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon contains the plugin inside it, in a zip file called You need to upload that zip file, not the main file from CodeCanyon.

How do I set a blank title for the Method Title?

WooCommerce does not permit a blank method title by default. In order to override this behaviour, you need to override a WooCommerce template.

The template to override is woocommerce/templates/cart/totals.php

If you are not familiar with how to override WooCommerce templates, view the quick guide at

How do I get my System Report?

To help us help you, it is often helpful for you to send us your System Report. This can be obtained by:

  • Go to Woocommerce > System Status
  • Click Get System Report
  • Copy and paste the report into an email to us

This report does not contain any sensitive data like passwords or email addresses, but provides us with a good idea of your situation so that we can quickly spot what the problem may be.

On the cart page, I’m getting this message: “Please continue to the checkout and enter your full address to see if there are any available shipping methods.”

You need to enable to shipping calculator on the cart.

  • Go to Woocommerce > Settings
  • Click Shipping
  • Tick the “Enable the shipping calculator on the cart page” option (towards the top of the page)
  • Click Save Changes

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