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Arthurl Purchased

Hi, Is your plugin fully compatible with Woocommerce 3.0.4 latest version? Thank you in advance

Yes, it works fine alongside the latest version.

Cheers, Eric

Client has a clothing shop. Some items can be folded and others must lie flat. When foldable items ship by themselves they can go in tyvek bags. When they are shipped with must-box items they can go in the box. Have you ever dealt with conditions like this, does your plugin address these cases?

The plugin doesn’t really care how you’re shipping the products. The most important thing to consider is whether you can define the shipping rate in terms of the quantity of products being purchased. So if you can define set rates for must-box items and foldable items, you should be able to use bundle rate shipping.

Cheers, Eric

could you posssibly provide an example? I’m really unsure of how this would be accomplished.


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Hello, i have sent a ticket support with no response, please check it out asap. Thanks.


Fisalq Purchased

any follow up ?

Hello Support,

Pre purchase question here.

This is the combination i want to achieve.

1. Shipping cost for Total order under $60 = $5

2. Shipping cost for Total order above $60 = 0

3. Only 1 product(product A) which cost $10 has shipping cost of 0

Can this plugin handle this combination?

Only 1 shipping rate has to appear in cart, does not matter what kind of combination visitor does, see examples below:

product A = $10

product B = $30

product C = $70

1. Only A in cart, shipping = 0

2. A+B, shipping = $5 (total order under $60)

3. A+B+C, shipping = $0 (total order above $60)

4. A+C, shipping =$0 (total order above $60)

5. B+C, shipping =$0 (total order above $60)

So basically ‘product A’ has no shipping at all

We are working with +300 products, only 1 product has no shipping.

Others will be based on cart subtotal


I’m considering this plugin for a client’s delivery service website. Can it be configured for weight and size of package, plus the distance between pickup and delivery locations?

Thank you.

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Does this ecommerce building site have good scope or not?

Presales question…

I have a product that is £19.99 for shipping per single product, an additional £19.99 for 2, and a further additional £19.99 for 3.

Then, it’s £60 shipping from 4-24 and 26, but free of charge for 25 and 27.

Is it possible to achieve this with this plugin?