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Hi, Is your plugin fully compatible with Woocommerce 3.0.4 latest version? Thank you in advance

Yes, it works fine alongside the latest version.

Cheers, Eric

Client has a clothing shop. Some items can be folded and others must lie flat. When foldable items ship by themselves they can go in tyvek bags. When they are shipped with must-box items they can go in the box. Have you ever dealt with conditions like this, does your plugin address these cases?

The plugin doesn’t really care how you’re shipping the products. The most important thing to consider is whether you can define the shipping rate in terms of the quantity of products being purchased. So if you can define set rates for must-box items and foldable items, you should be able to use bundle rate shipping.

Cheers, Eric

could you posssibly provide an example? I’m really unsure of how this would be accomplished.

Hello, i have sent a ticket support with no response, please check it out asap. Thanks.

any follow up ?

Hello Support,

Pre purchase question here.

This is the combination i want to achieve.

1. Shipping cost for Total order under $60 = $5

2. Shipping cost for Total order above $60 = 0

3. Only 1 product(product A) which cost $10 has shipping cost of 0

Can this plugin handle this combination?

Only 1 shipping rate has to appear in cart, does not matter what kind of combination visitor does, see examples below:

product A = $10

product B = $30

product C = $70

1. Only A in cart, shipping = 0

2. A+B, shipping = $5 (total order under $60)

3. A+B+C, shipping = $0 (total order above $60)

4. A+C, shipping =$0 (total order above $60)

5. B+C, shipping =$0 (total order above $60)

So basically ‘product A’ has no shipping at all

We are working with +300 products, only 1 product has no shipping.

Others will be based on cart subtotal


I’m considering this plugin for a client’s delivery service website. Can it be configured for weight and size of package, plus the distance between pickup and delivery locations?

Thank you.

Does this ecommerce building site have good scope or not?

Presales question…

I have a product that is £19.99 for shipping per single product, an additional £19.99 for 2, and a further additional £19.99 for 3.

Then, it’s £60 shipping from 4-24 and 26, but free of charge for 25 and 27.

Is it possible to achieve this with this plugin?


Yes. You would use the same approach as in example 5 on the product page, with staged increases and specific points where $0 is charged. i.e. items 5-24 would be $0.

Cheers, Eric


I have a pre-purchase question. I have just setup a Woocommerce store for a client. For existing products, my client wanted table based rates based on cart subtotal. This worked with another free plugin. However, the client asked me to add a set of products that were large and required a flat rate shipping by another courier service. When I added this new shipping method, both shipping classes are displayed on the basket/cart page and the user able to select either irrespective of products in the cart. Does your plugin allow me to only display one shipping method based on class as set in the product? i.e. either table rates for most products and flat rate for a set of very large items? I hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards

Thanks. Actually, my question relates to having multiple products in the cart with shipping classes that are different. At the moment, Woocommerce display both table rate shipping classes and my flat rate class displayed for all product types as radio buttons that the user can choose. It treats the entire cart in one go with respect to shipping. What I am asking you – is can your plugin separate the table rate products in the cart from the flat rate products and apply shipping costs to each and then shipping be totalled at the end? Sorry, not sure how to word my question better.

We may be a crossed purposes because I still don’t know if your plugin will do what I need? You have only said that Bundle rates won’t touch table rates. I need further clarification on what will show up in the cart when products of different classes are included?

Hi @IngentiThemes,

No, I’m afraid it won’t work that way. It would just appear as a separate shipping method in the checkout, alongside the others that are appearing.

Cheers, Eric


Arthurl Purchased

Hi, I just saw you released an new version. Can you update the change log ? Thank you very much! Arthur


Arthurl Purchased

Please !!! Any update ?


I have a question before buying:

Plugins that support Vietnamese language. I send goods through EMS.COM.VN service

Charges are calculated as follows:

- A: Volume of total orders (grams)

- B: Total order amount.

- C: Charge for collection: 15$

- D: Place of delivery: Road, Ward, District, City.

Total freight = (A x D) + C = E

Total amount to be paid = B + E

No, that won’t work with Bundle Rate Shipping. This plugin calculates the shipping price based on the quantity of items purchased, not weight.

Cheers, Eric

Plug in stopped working after this last Woo Commerce update. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several times and still no luck. Can you please help? My website is dead in the water without it!

@AlternativeAnimal Are you using the latest version of Bundle Rate Shipping?

I purchased ur plugin quite some time ago, now I want to add in free shipping over $100 code as in your example 4, can u let me know which file should I write the woocommerce_brs_shipping_total filter code? function.php of my theme file? or write into woocommerce-bundle-rate-shipping.php ?

Hi, I’m trying to implement a very complex shipping rate. Please let me know if your plugin can do it.

Shipping rules are based on District AND Weight.
1) District 1, 6 Ton for $XX
2) District 1, 10 Ton for $XY
3) District 1, 15 Ton for $XZ

4) District 2, 6 Ton for $YY
5) District 1, 10 Ton for $YX
4) District 1, 15 Ton for $YZ

You can have a look at the shipping quote that my shipping provider provided at here :

I would like to also know if you plugin could display map of customer’s shipping address when calculating shipping price?