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I have a pre-purchase question:

I have a variety of products on my website and was wondering if this plugin can do the following:

If a customers buys a Poster (shipping cost 5$ + 1$ for any additional poster), a Lamp (whose shipping cost is 14$) and a Wall Clock (shipping cost 5$) in the same order I want to be able to charge him shipping costs like this:

Lamp shipping cost 14$ + poster $2.5 for shipping (+1 for any additional posters) + wall clock $3.5 for shipping.

So basically I want to be able to change the fixed shipping rate of a product when bought together with another product whose shipping costs are higher. But when bought individually I want to keep the same fixed rates.

Can the plugin do that?


Hi Marius,

That won’t work with Bundle Rate Shipping I’m afraid.

Cheers, Eric

Is there any reason why Budle Rate is not listed as a shipping option in the latest update?

If you started using Bundle Rate Shipping after WooCommerce 2.6, you should see it listed as a shipping method when you set up a shipping zone and try to add a method to it.

If you were using Bundle Rate Shipping before WC 2.6, it will be listed along the row of links at the top of the Shipping settings page, underneath the main tabs.

Cheers, Eric

Hello, a pre-purchase question. I am looking to sell items to the U.K, can this plug in exclude certain postcodes?

I’m afraid not.

Hello! I have a question about your plugin. I have a shop that sells seat covers. Currently we are doing advertising and would like to offer a flat rate shipping cost for ONLY the products we show in our ad.

For example, if you purchase a full kit, you would get 19.99 flat rate shipping, 1 front OR one back seat cover (14.99 flat rate shipping), 2 fronts OR 1 front and one back (19.99 flat rate shipping).

The issue I’m having is that I’m having a hard time finding a plugin that can do this AND be able to show ONLY this shipping price at checkout (as I am currently using FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post shipping methods for the rest of my products)

can you plugin do this?

Bundle Rate Shipping might work for setting up the rates, but it won’t be able to remove all the other shipping prices listed at checkout. It’s not set up to do that.

Cheers, Eric

Hi ! I have a question, i purchase the licence for my website in .com and, now I changed it in .fr …. How I can do the transfer ? It’s exactly the same website !


leahh Purchased

HI – just installed this, but the Bundle Rate option is not showing under the Shipping tab. I have set up a shipping zone and shipping class. The plugin is activated. I have deactivated all other plugins. I have tried with Twenty Fourteen theme. Could you please advise where it may be?


Bphop Purchased

Ditto what leahh said: just installed this, but the Bundle Rate option is not showing under the Shipping tab. I have set up a shipping zone and shipping class. The plugin is activated. But it’s not there in the Shipping section. Help please.

Hi Bphop,

Unfortunately this changed a little in WooCommerce 2.6. You should now find the Bundle Rate option listed when you go to add a new shipping method to a shipping zone. Bundle Rate should be one of the options listed.

Cheers, Eric


I have a pre-purchased question, do your plugins have the capability to work with Google Calander? E.g. when a customer/client make a booking, it will be reflected on to my personal google calendar.

Regards, Joel

No. Our plugin does not integrate in any way with Google Calendar or any other calendar.

Pre Purchase Question….

We have something similar to your “Staged Shipping Rate” example on the Bundle Rate Shipping page here. This is compounded by the fact that we offer Overnight, 3rd Day, 2nd Day, and Ground. So it’s more of an array of prices with Quantity Stages as the rows and Speed of Delivery as the columns.

I found similar questions on here, but they seem to have different answers that vary over time. One of the solutions suggested the “secondary” plugin, but now that one says it’s not needed anymore so…

Will this plugin work on it’s own in the above scenario? And if not, what combination of plugins would I need to accomplish this?

Thank you!

Hi Grumpus,

You don’t need the secondary plugin anymore since WooCommerce 2.6+ allows you to define multiple bundle rate methods. This means that you could create an Overnight method, a 3rd Day method, 2nd Day method and Ground method, all with Bundle Rate shipping as the method for calculating rates.

Cheers, Eric


Favshop Purchased

Good job! Thanks guys!

Can you set it per product?

No, though you can set it up per category and per shipping class, so theoretically you could create a unique shipping class per product.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question:

We have three shipping classes: Vibrato Bridge All Others

Shipping Cost (Initial) for each Vibrato – $12 Bridge – $10 All Others – $4

Shipping Cost – Each Additional (what we are trying to do) Vibrato – $3 Bridge – $2 All Others – FREE

So if you purchase the following shipping should cost: 1 Bridge = $10 2 Bridges = $12 ($10 for the first + $2 for the second) 1 Bridge, 1 Vibrato = $14 ($12 + $2) 2 Vibrato, 1 Bridge = $17 ($12 + $3 + 2)

Also, Ideally, whatever product has the highest shipping cost would be the product without any discounted shipping. So if you brought a bridge and a vibrato you would be charged the entire vibrato shipping cost, and the bridge would be treated as the bundled item.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes, what you described can be done with bundle rate shipping. It should work perfectly for your needs.

Cheers, Eric


morganw Purchased

In your documentation you use this as an example:

2. Free shipping after 4 products

Bill’s shop sells books. He charges $4 for shipping if the customer purchases 1-3 books, and offers free shipping when the customer purchases 4 or more books. Here’s how he configured his shipping rates:

1st item: $4 2nd – 3rd item: $0 4th item: $-4 Subsequent books: $0

That will leave just the label in your cart when you are ordering 4 items or more. So if your label is shipping it will say: Subtotal $15 Shipping Shipping: Total $15

Some customers might think that shipping will be applied later and that the total is not the actual total they will have to pay.

You should have it display 0 for shipping or free shipping or something.

I understand. Unfortunately, that’s something that is controlled more by WooCommerce, and it’s not specific to Bundle Rate Shipping. Other shipping methods work the same way.

Cheers, Eric

I am talking about what comes after the colon. Your plugin is inserting the label of the shipping method, a colon and a numeric value after the colon. Your plugin also removes this value completely, leaving only the label for the shipping method. When I disable your plugin and only use the default woocommerce method it only displays a numeric value.

You probably have an if/else or something that removes the value if it is free shipping. Instead of setting it to nothing try setting it to display the numeric value 0.

Pre-sales question. Could you please let me know if it is possible to set :

*Local pickup *Free shipping depending on cart subtotal *Standard (Mail) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€ )for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option) *Express (Courier) shipping based : a) on zones or zip codes and b) on cart weight and c) extra charge (e.g 3€) for cash on delivery (if buyer selects this option)

Thanks a lot.

No, that won’t really work. Bundle Rate Shipping bases rates on the number of items purchased, not the cart subtotal. It also doesn’t handle zip codes.

Cheers, Eric


Is something like this possible?

Shipping for product 1 is $20 and shipping for product 2 is also $20 when purchased separately. Is it possible for shipping for product 2 to be $5 when purchased together with product 1?

So total shipping cost would be $25, not $40.


Yes, that’s possible. You can define a secondary rate for the subsequent products, and then that would be applied when one of each product is purchased (or two of a single product).

Cheers, Eric

Hello, i would like to ask if the following scenario is possible (it’s a variation of staged shipping, example 5):

1st DVD: 3$, 2nd DVD: 4$, 2-3 DVDs: 0$, 4th DVD: 4$, 5-6 DVDs: 0$, 7th DVD: $4, 8-9 DVDs: $0 and so on…

i.e. 1st product has its own shipping cost, then apply staged shipping of 4$ for two items and each group of 3 items.


Yes, that should work just fine.

Cheers, Eric

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. I have a product in pre-order in my shop. If someone buy something in regular sale and my pre-order product, is it possible to charge my Canada post fees twice?

Hmm no, I don’t think that would work.

Cheers, Eric

presales – does the additional layer only work for categories ? How about different shipping classes ?