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If I add a datepicker using your plugin, does the date selected by the buyer display on the purchase email notification to admin? Thanks

yes. it is possible.

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add files in checkout?

no plugin does not have this feature.


I want to change the Label “Street Address” on woocommerce checkout for “street Address (This is your CC billing Address)” I do not see a field name on your plugin for this field, can you help?

Hi, I’ve currently got a phone number field, but I’m using a regular text field for it. Some folks are putting parentheses in the phone number and it’s messing with FedEx imports. Is there any way to (a) strip out parentheses as they’re entered or (b) validate against parentheses?

you can strip out parentheses using javascript like this

$('#input_id').text(function(_, text) {
    return text.replace(/\(|\)/g, '');
replace input_id with id of that input field. you can put this javascript code into frontend2.js before

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I submitted a ticket 3 days ago and have not heard a response. Here was the original ticket:

URL in question: abolitionist5k.com

My goal here is to add in additional fields: Runner 1 First Name, Runner 1 Last Name, Runner 1 Email Address, Runner 1 Gender, Runner 1 Date of Birth, Runner 1 T-Shirt Size, Option for them to click “Yes” to agreeing to the waiver

I want to have Runner 1, Runner 2, Runner 3, Runner 4. Trying to do it in a way that’s not super overwhelming. Thoughts on this?

Also – you’ll see in the attached file that the Order notes box and another random box above that is showing. I don’t see the fields though to delete them. I don’t want either of them there.


1) this plugin is supported shamsi calendar / persian calendar?

2) I want to use conditional logic to determine that if the amount of customer orders is less than the specified amount “for example 50$” a fixed amount of “for example 3$” will be added to the cost of sending its invoice, and if the amount of customer orders It was $ 50 higher, no shipping costs were received from the customer. Is this possible?

3) I want to use conditional logic to determine different delivery Conditions for different cities. Is this possible?

4) I want to set Several time intervals in any days, that customers could Determine in which interval time of which day, orders will send

5) I want to be able to deactivate each time interval every day after passing a specified clock. for example: if now saturday at 10am, only interval 2pm to 6pm and 6 to 10 pm of saturday are active. but all interval of other days are active. and if arrived to saturday at 1pm, only interval 6 to 10 pm of saturday is active and interval 2 to 6pm is deactive Is this possible?