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Hello Team,

I have checked this plugin, Is there any option like if option is ticked it’ll also add some extras in checkout.

i.e. If I am providing Airport Transfer as a checkbox and user has ticked that option then it’ll add airport transfer $10 additional in checkout field, Logic applied same for other items as well If I am providing dropdown with different price logic it’ll add price accordingly as per the value provided for that select option.

Waiting for your favorable reply. It’s pre purchase question.

Thanks, Prince

Plugin does not have this feature yet. It is in our todo list. as of now ,we don’t have any ETA for this .

best regards

Hello, is it possible that in a product with a value of $ 0 or free, the billing fields are NOT required (address, postal code, etc.)? Thanks

Sorry currently plugin does not have this feature.

best regards


in Date Picker I need user to pick a date instead of write it. Is it possibile to disable the possibility to write the date?

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Currently users can pick a date as well write it. Its not possible to disable the write part as of now.

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I am using these custom fields on reports and when I look for a field, it looks something like “additional_field_373”. Is there anyway I can change the name of the field so it looks better on reports?

You can change the field label field.

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Hi, Where can I find documentation on the set rules / conditional fields? If I have a select dropdown with options 1,2,3,4 can I set extra fields to show if the drop down = either 2 or 3 or 4?

So if they choose: 1 no extra fields display / If they choose 2 or 3 or 4 extra fields display


This feature isn’t that advanced yet. we will consider adding multiple conditions for future update. but as of now it works this way.

best regards

Ok, thanks for replying. Cheers

There is another workaround which should work.

Add extra classes to conditional field like.

where replace billing_field_95 with parent field key and 2 ,3 ,4 is a value of dropdown.

try this. it should work.

best regards


I have woocommerce shop and sell hotels/accomodation…

Can your plugin support these extra fields:

Select Nr. of Adults:..................(if user selects 2 adults then price should be 2xprice)

Select Nr of Children:...............(if user selects 1 child then price should be 0.6xprice)

Pick a date: ..........................each date option (1 week range) has different fix price…

Then ADD to CART button…

Then in the checkout page:

I need the following for each person:

Name1…..... Last name1…..... Date Of Birth1…...... Passport Nr1…... Name2…..... Last name2…..... Date Of Birth2…...... Passport Nr2…... Name3…..... Last name3…..... Date Of Birth3…...... Passport Nr3…... Child1…..... ChildLast name1…..... Date Of Birth4…...... Passport Nr4…...

Can your plugin add these extras? any idea how to best do it?

Hello siker007 ,

Sorry our plugin will not fulfill your needs. You should look into some hotel booking plugin for woocommerce.

best regards

Pre sale question, Ca I upload file during checkout as well? Thanks!

No plugin does not have this feature at this moment.

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Hello; I tested your demo but seems that is not possible to show a field conditionally to the Country value. In Italy is required to ask to the client their tax code. Should be visible only for Italy and required Is it possible? Thank you Mauro

yes. as of now conditional field visibility does not support core address fields like contry ,state etc.

best regards

Hello, I just bought this plugin and I have a problem. I set the width of first half and second half it still remains full width. I use Avada theme, How can you help?

hello again,

ok, let say that half width is not a big problem but this plugin simply doesn’t work. I setup all the fields (I use also conditional ones) and it works for few hours After couple of hours for unknown for me reason it doesn’t allow to proceed with a checkout. It gives various information: either it tells me that I haven’t filled in the fields that are required (they are required indeed but in conditional mode and these fields are not visible) or it tell me that the fields haven’t been filled in correctly with no specifics.

I have restored fields few times and after setting up it anew – it worked but after some time – it stopped so I am not eager to restore fields continuously…

I can give you a link to the site – but in a private message.

I can’t win with that so I would like to refund please

For refund please submit refund request here.


We will approve your request as soon as we get it. Please remember that refund on envato marketplace is issued only by envato support with author’s consent. It could take upto 2-3 days to get amount in your account.

thank you

plugin not working error: his page isn’t working www.arvandkala.ir didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

One quick question before i buy this plugin. I need a few condition fields to work in 2 languages so my question is: Will condition logic work when i translate fields and options with WPML?

yes it will work.

best regards


diegonu Purchased

Hi, i want to show just the placeholder, so i erase de label; but suddenly appears just a ”-” . What i can do?

Pre-sale question: will new fields be visible in exports? We are using Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce from AlgolPlus . All data must be exported to excel.

Thank you!

Plugin stores fields data as order custom fields. so if you use plugin that imports orders with its custom fields then it will work.

best regards