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baxterd Purchased

Hello, I opened a ticket several days ago but haven’t had a response, can someone get in touch please?

Almost two weeks and no response!


The checkbox fields do not appear correctly. They are always displayed at the beginning of the form.

I also want to delete the additional field “Comments”, but it does not appear in the field list (admin). Instead it appears on the form.



Can you give an answer? Buy the plugin with support.

Thank you.

1. The checkbox fields do not appear correctly. They are always displayed at the beginning of the form.

try this extra css. it should fix it.

label.checkbox { padding: 11px !important; }

2. also want to delete the additional field “Comments”

put below given code at the bottom of your theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields' , 'alter_woocommerce_checkout_fields' );
function alter_woocommerce_checkout_fields( $fields ) {
     return $fields;

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I have prepurchase question. Is this plugin capable also to add custom checkout fields that show up only with one exact payment gateway?

BR, Kaspar

No it doesn’t

best regards

hi, is there a way to edit the fields that users input? There are various times when they fill out the incorrect information so I want to go in and correct it for them for accounting purposes…. but that option is locked when I click Edit Address on the admin side. How do I edit the custom fields for a user in their order? Thanks,

yes. you can. open order edit page , from screen options enable custom fields checkbox.

then you will be able to edit the custom field at the bottom of page.

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I sent several tickets through the support portal… can someone take a look at that? it’s been almost 2 months for some of them… thanks….

Hello sage3 ,

please check your previous tickets. i have responded.

best regards

Hello, i have a ticket opened since 20 days, can you review the ticket #1611 please

Hi guy, listen, but in admin area, when i click up to user profile (back end) the new field are showing in profile or only in front end? Thank you so much..

Only in frontend.

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Hello, I want to show certain checkout fields only when CHECKBOX field is checked. However, I do not know how to achieve this.

For example: I have created CHECKBOX field “Show company fields?” and added “yes” option to it. I want to show “Company name” field only when “Show company fields?” is checked. How should I do this?

I tried these settings, but this does not work: “Company name” field visibility is set to “Conditional – Field Specific”. Set Rule > Show > If value of > Show additional fields > is equal to: > yes.

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Hello, no support on this? I am everyday coming back to see if there is any answer here. I am just loosing my time? I purchased this plugin specifically to do this one task. To show company fields in checkout only after CHECKBOX field is selected. Now I found out that I cannot do it…

If you will implement this to work properly, just let me know. I will buy the plugin again. Thank you.

Dear sir, I have opened ticket on your support system before 6 days. And nobody still replyed. Can you check please?


Bro, your plugin not working. I have paid for valid plugin. Please fix my issue or refund my money.


Hello mzivkov,

please check your ticket. http://support.woomatrix.com/helpdesk/tickets/1762

best regards.


Would it be possible to establish a condition based on the subtotal of the cart?


Hello gerardo_GM,

As of now plugin does not have this feature.

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Is this plugin compatible with Woocommerce 3.1?

yes. it is.

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mpogo819 Purchased

How many fields can be added?


I’d like to buy the plugin if 30+ fields can be added

Yes it can be added.

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