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The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts with AI is a highly functional comprehensive pricing and discount plugin for WooCommerce stores. This all-purpose plugin is easy to install, understand, and use on your online shopping website. This plugin comes with elaborate pricing and discount toolkit that helps to implement different types of discount-based prices, and add coupons to any product or category.

It is quite simple to use this Discounts and Pricing toolkit. Just create the conditions and rules for applying different discounts from the settings. Once you are done, enable or disable any of the rules for the discount and the same will apply to the pricing of the chosen product or category that meets these preset rules and conditions.

This plugin comes with an elaborate pricing and discount toolkit that helps to implement different types of discount-based prices and add coupons to any product or category. You can customize pricing structure on your Woocommerce store using this platform to introduce a range of discounts including:

  • Product Discounts
  • Category Discounts
  • BOGO Offers
  • Cart-based discount
  • Tier Discounts for the product as well as category
  • Product Attribute-based Discounts
  • Product Tag-based Discounts
  • Discounts for Specific Customer
  • Shipping Method-based Discounts
  • Payment Method-based Discounts
  • Creating Upcoming Sale
  • Least Amount Product Free

How this plugin works on your Woocommerce Store?

It is quite simple to use this Discounts and Pricing toolkit. Just create the conditions and rules for applying different discounts from the settings. Once you are done, enable or disable any of the rules for the discount and the same will apply to the pricing of the chosen product or category that meets these preset rules and conditions.

Benefits of Using this Plugin

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts with A.I. with a range of exciting features help to add different discounts to attract customers to your online store for maximizing purchases. This automated pricing system saves your time in skipping the strenuous manual processes.

Maximize Sales

Boost sales on your store with attractive festive and seasonal offers for returning customers based on their purchases history. You can take advantage of Black Fridays, set up end of the season clearance sales and much more. Customers are likely to return for more for saving more with this bonanza offers.

Save Time

Once you set the rules and conditions on this plugin, it is easy to implement any discount of choice for any customer, end of the season sale or launch any festive offer. You can enable or disable any offer at any point of time and allow the automated system to do the rest.

Establish Long-Term Customer Loyalty for Your Store

Our integrated A.I. system-powered plugin allows the Wocommerce store admin to instigate sales strategies to influence the purchase decisions of the customers and persuade them to return in search of more offers for long-term.

New Features

Select Multiple Products

Now select multiple products in the “Single Product Rule” on which you want to give same discount and make “And” & “Or” conditions according to your requirement.

Make Duplicate Rule

Now admin does not have to make more rules just copy a rule and make the changes you want in that rule.

Show discounted price

Now admin can show the discounted price on the product as well as on the shop page of his site (on customers demand).

Exclude Users based on their Email ID

Now admin can exclude users from getting discount by selecting user email id in the restriction (available in Product, Category, Cart and BOGO Rules)

Show Offer Messages to Logged Out Users

On our Customer’s demand we have given a setting to show custom messages to the unregistered or logged-out users about various offers created by the admin for their customers according to the user’s roles.

Give Discount on Nth Order

Now admin can give discounts on the basis of customers order count. He can choose the number of the order on which he wants to give a discount.

Next Buy Bonus

Now admin can give discounts on the next order of the customer on the basis of current order details (like Purchased Amount Total, Purchased Product Quantity, etc).

Show Up-Coming Sales Offer

Now admin can show coming sale offers on the offer page.

Change Browser Title

Now admin can Change the page title of the pages he wants. Admin can enter text whatever he likes to show on the browser.

Key Features

Offer Plus Memberships to Long-Term Customers

Based on the purchase history, choose to add the customers to the Plus membership. You may also set rules on the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts with A.I. plugin to measure the customers matching the criteria to be added to the membership.

Set Special Discounts Rules for Plus Members

On our automated system, you can set special discounted prices for plus members so that they get the discount offer when they buy anything in the future. This rule applies to the buyers you add to the Plus membership club.

Announce Upcoming Sales/Offers

On this plugin, you can make announcements on the upcoming special offers well in advance allowing the customers to check their eligibility to get these offers. You can create offers on products as well as product categories.

Create Rules for Any Specific Customer

Apart from extending discounts to the plus members, you may also include a section of other buyers to qualify for special discounts after attaining a minimum purchase margin/ completing minimum orders/number of purchases in a month etc.

Add Conditions and Restrictions

When setting rules for the discounts, you may impose conditions for the buyers to qualify for these discounts. Our plugin allows the admin to define the conditions on multiple parameters including:

  • Specific Product
  • Specific Category
  • Specific Product Tag
  • Specific Product Attribute
  • Specific Customer
  • Specific User Role
  • Product Quantity in Cart
  • Product Weight in Cart
  • Maximum Discounts
  • Exclude Sale Item
  • Cart Item Quantity
  • Purchase Quantity History
  • Purchased Value History
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Method

Add Coupon Suggestions

Apart from implementing discounts directly to the prices, you can additionally set coupon suggestions on the shopping cart page. You can choose to show/hide the coupons on this page, select the number of coupons to display on the page etc.

Other Features

Pricing and Discount Rules

Our plugin supports a range of discount rules you can choose to enable or disable to implement a suitable pricing structure on your store as per requirement.

Tier Discounts for Product

Give discounts to the customers upon reaching a tier on the cart. Set discount range for units, amount, etc. Increase the discount with increasing purchases as set in the rule.

Tier Discounts for Category

Set rules to give discount when the customer reaches a minimum threshold buying products within a category. Mention a rule to increase the discount with increasing orders.

Buy One Get One (BOGO) Rule for Product

This is the most popular offer for the customers. Receiving a free product is always a welcome bonanza for everyone. On our plugin, you can set BOGO discount rule on specific products, during seasonal sale, festivities etc.

BOGO Rule for Category

To widen the ambit of purchases with more choices, you can add the BOGO discount rule for any category of products.

Product Attribute-Based Discounts

You can set the rules for the discount based on the product attributes (size, colour etc).

Product Tag-Based Discounts

You may choose to set a separate discount on products with specific tags on the gallery.

Product Variation-Based Discounts

You can apply this discount rule on any product based on its variation at the “Edit Product” page at your Woocommerce store.

Product-Based Discounts

Choosing any particular product, you may set conditions-based rules to apply discounts for regular price adjustments.

Product Combination-Based Discounts

Set a discount rule on a combination of products. This means a customer has to purchase all the products listed in combination to get the discount.

Category-Based Discounts

Add a discount rule to any product category. When the item from this category is added to the cart, the discount is automatically applied to the price and will be deducted from the total payable amount.

Category Combination-Based Discounts

The seller may create a discount rule on a combination of categories. The buyer has to purchase all products in the category combination to get a discount on the total payable amount on the cart.

Cart-Based Discounts

This is another choice for the seller to add a discount to the cart without adding a coupon. The admin can add the cart discount based on various parameters such as purchase history of the customer, subtotal, items, and others.

Payment Method Based Discounts

In order to encourage the buyers to use partner payment gateways, the store owners can introduce a discount rule applicable to the concerned payment method. For instance, you can set an additional 10% discount when a buyer pays with a credit card or any other digital wallet.

Shipping Method Based Discounts

Create discount rules for one or more chosen shipping methods.

Coupon Module AddOn Features (Get just @$9)

Adding a coupon to the cart is definitely an advantage to attract customers towards making more purchases. Today, most buyers search for coupons when placing an order. If the customers do not find a coupon code in the cart, they may cancel the order and try to place a new one in the hope to get a code for this order. To ensure that the customers do not cancel the order, you can place a coupon for them in the cart using the Woocommerce Order Coupon Pro plugin. This prevents the customer from cancelling the order besides an array of other benefits:

  • Win the trust of the customers
  • Attract more customer attention to your online store
  • Boost sales
  • Get the chance to start ahead of the competitors

Custom Coupon Type

You can customize your coupons based on various parameters including:

  • Up to fixed cart discount
  • Up to fixed product discount
  • Up to percentage discount

Coupons Reporting

You can collect reports and insights on coupon use for preparing future sales strategies. View the coupon reports based on:

  • Most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most popular coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted customers
  • Discountsed coupon type with amount
  • Most discounted states
  • Most discounted country
  • Used coupons details in respect of order & customers

Display Coupon Offer Popup

  • Customize the offer using the template as you want the coupon to appear on the popup
  • Select the page where you want to display the offer
  • Choose who can see the coupon offer banners on your site

Apply Coupon on Placed Order Feature for Customers

This feature allows the store owners to place coupons on the cart for attracting the customer based on one or more conditions. Some of the most popularly set conditions include:

  • Set maximum days for the coupon validity
  • Select the order status on which the customer is eligible for applying the coupon code
  • Set the minimum number of orders to allow the coupon redemption
  • Set a minimum order amount for redeeming the coupon
  • Set an option for the customers to remove a certain coupon from their order Refund Coupons Amount to the Customers who already paid for the order
  • Select the order status for paying the refund amount
  • Set dedicated wallet gateways and systems for transferring the refund amount
  • Use a dedicated mailing system for sending notifications on each step
    • Send notifications via fully customizable email templates
    • Compatible with different email customizer plugins
  • The admin can allow the customers to request the apply coupon if they forgot to apply one previously
    • The seller can accept/reject the coupon request
    • Customer will get an email notification when his request is approved or rejected

Minimum Requirement

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce 3.5.0 or greater
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Translation Ready

.pot file included, for easy translation

Thank You

Thank you for showing your interest in WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts with AI, RedefiningTheWeb

You may also try our lite & free version plugin.


            01.05.2023 - ver 2.6.0
            - Added : Made compatible with PHP 8.2.
            - Added : Made compatible with WordPress 6.2.
            - Added : Made compatible with WooCommerce 7.6.
            - Added : Option to give discount Based on the Day In Bogo Rule.
            - Added : Bogo Tag Rule.
            - Fixed : Some Other Minor Bugs.

            13.03.2023 - ver 2.5.1
            - Fixed: Bugs in cart page (regarding shipping rule)
            - Fixed: Total save amount issue on the cart page
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            02.02.2023 - ver 2.5.0
            - Added: Show Offer Message in the least Amount Product Free Rule For Category and Product
            - Fixed: Least Amount Product Free Rule form was not showing the selected category when editing the Form
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            22.12.2022 - ver 2.4.0
            - Added: Cart Subtotal Based Discount in Cart Rule
            - Added: Cart Item Count Based Discount in Cart Rule
            - Added: Based on the Day discount in Product Rule
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            19.11.2022 - ver 2.3.0
            - Added: Compatible with Woo-commerce Product Bundles Plugin
            - Fixed: Bug in Category Rule (Regarding Discount not applied correctly on variation products)
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            31.10.2022 - ver 2.2.4
            - Added: Show offer message in nth order rule
            - Fixed: Bugs in Tiered Rule (regarding discount not applied correctly on cart)
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            26.09.2022 - ver 2.2.3
            - Added: Option in Attribute rule for checking minimum and maximum quantity, price and weight
            - Fixed: Bug In Category Rule
            - Fixed: Bug In Category rule related product price on the shop page
            - Fixed: Bug In Nth order rule
            - Fixed: Minor bugs

            25.08.2022 - ver 2.2.2
            - Added: New feature, a color picker for tiered rule in the offer message
            - Fixed: select box design issue in BOGO product rule and BOGO category rule
            - Fixed: Bugs in BOGO category rule related discount value
            - Added: Option for select emails in rules for specific customer
            - Fixed: Minor bug

            26.07.2022 - ver 2.2.1
            - Fixed: Bugs related price on Product and shop page
            - Fixed: Bugs in the Attribute Rule
            - Fixed: Bugs in Specific Customer Rule
            - Fixed: Bugs in Category Rule
            - Fixed: Minor bugs

            25.06.2022 - ver 2.2.0
            - Added: User Email in the Specific Customer rule

            13.06.2022 - ver 2.1.0
            - Added: New feature Percentage Discount Option on Free Product in BOGO Rule
            - Fixed: Minor bugs

            29.03.2022 - ver 2.0.0
            - Added: New feature to show a timer for Sale Start or Sale End on your shop page
            - Fixed: Bugs in the cart page
            - Fixed: Bugs product rule
            - Fixed: Minor bug

            01.02.2022 - ver 1.9.0
            - Added: New feature in Category Rule ( Rule Applied on multiple categories in Single Category Rule )
            - Added: A hook and filter ( to apply a discount percentage price to the free product ) have been added to the BOGO rule
            - Added: A feature in BOGO rule ( Automatically add free products to cart option if selected NO then if free product added in the cart then the discount will be applied else product not added into the cart )
            - Fixed: Bugs in Tiered Rule
            - Fixed: Bugs in the least Amount Product Free Rule
            - Fixed: Minor bug

            17.12.2021 - ver 1.8.0
            - Added: New feature in BOGO Rule (Add free product on cart subtotal)
            - Added: Provided shortcode on the Setting page
            - Fixed: HTML on the shortcode page
            - Fixed: Minor bug

            18.10.2021 - ver 1.7.1
            - Fixed: BOGO Category Rule excludes product option

            15.09.2021 - ver 1.7.0
            - Added: Filters in Product Based Discount Rule
            - Added: Tiered Rule For Product Table with Product Name
            - Fixed: Variation issue in Tiered Rule for Product
            - Fixed: Tiered Rule table issue for Variation Product on the cart page
            - Fixed: BOGO Category Rule issue with First Match Rule
            - Fixed: Cart Rule offer message issue with Different User Role

            05.08.2021 - ver 1.6.7
            - Fixed: Major bug fix of a variable product in the product rule section

            11.06.2021 - ver 1.6.6
            - Fixed: Minor bug of Category Rule in First Match Rule section

            21.04.2021 - ver 1.6.5
            - Fixed: Minor bug of the discounted price shown on the product page and shop page section

            04.03.2021 - ver 1.6.4
            - New: A feature to add multiple orders discount in Nth Order Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Minor bug of Nth Order Discount Section

            28.01.2021 - ver 1.6.3
            - Fixed: Minor bug of Price including with taxes issue

            29.12.2020 - ver 1.6.2
            - Fixed: Minor Bug of BOGO Product Rule
            - Fixed: Minor Bug of BOGO Category Rule

            24.10.2020 - ver 1.6.1
            - Added: A feature in the Product rule to select multiple products in a single rule and implements 'And' or 'Or' conditions on it
            - Fixed: Deprecated WooCommerce function issue
            - Fixed: Minor Bug in the Cart section

            26.09.2020 - ver 1.6.0
            - Added: Now Admin can make a duplicate rule in just one click
            - Fixed: Plus Member rule issue

            05.09.2020 - ver 1.5.3
            - Added: An extra shortcode in the product rule message section
            - Fixed: Multisite Issue
            - Fixed: Minor Bug in BOGO & Product Rule section

            31.07.2020 - ver 1.5.2
            - New: Now admin can select the shipping zone in the shipping discount rule
            - Fixed: Minor bug of Plus Member Rule & Least Amount Product free rule

            06.07.2020 - ver 1.5.1
            - Fixed: Minor bug of the Previous Update

            25.06.2020 - ver 1.5.0
            - New: Now show the discounted price on the product page as well as on the shop page
            - Fixed: Minor Bug

            28.04.2020 - ver 1.4.3
            - New: Added extra shortcodes to replace the value in the offer message for Product & Category Rule
            - New: Previously only one Variation Rule can be selected for one product, now the admin can apply as many rules as he wants
            - Fixed: Minor Bug in Variation Section

            04.04.2020 - ver 1.4.2
            - New: Now admin can exclude users from getting discounts based on their email id
            - Fixed: Minor Bug Fixed

            03.01.2020 - ver 1.4.1
            - Fixed: Cart Discount Rule Issue
            - Fixed: BOGO Category Rule Issue
            - New: Add Extra Restriction in Cart Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Minor bug in the admin orders section

            12.12.2019 - ver 1.4.0
            - New: Add discount on the cheapest item in the cart
            - Fixed: Bug of BOGO product rule

            10.11.2019 - ver 1.3.2
            - New: Show Tier Offer in Table format on Product & Shop Page

            18.11.2019 - ver 1.3.1
            - New: Show Offer Messages to unregistered or logged-out users
            - Fixed: Bug of the previous version update
            - Fixed: Bug of Category Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Bug of Tier Category Discount Rule

            06.11.2019 - ver 1.3.0
            - New: Show discounted price on cart and checkout page
            - New: Purchase code verification feature
            - Fixed: Bugs from the BOGO discount rule

            12.10.2019 - ver 1.2.2
            - Fixed: Conflict with Lite Version

            12.09.2019 - ver 1.2.1
            - Enhance: Few Improvements

            10.09.2019 - ver 1.2.0
            - New: Nth Order Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            20.08.2019 - ver 1.1.3
            - Fixed: Cart-based Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Minor Bugs

            09.08.2019 - ver 1.1.2
            - Fixed: Required field validation
            - Fixed: BOGO Rules
            - Fixed: Tier Rule
            - Fixed: Tier Category Rule

            07.08.2019 - ver 1.1.1
            - Fixed: BOGO Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Category Combination Rule

            30.07.2019 - ver 1.1.0
            - New: Next Buy Bonus Rule
            - New: Coming Sale Banner on Offer Page
            - New: Change Browser Title Feature
            - New: Exclude Products having specific tags from Category Rule
            - Fixed: Bugs from Category Discount Rule
            - Fixed: Cart-based Discount Rule

            17.06.2019 - ver 1.0.0
            - Initial Release

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