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Hi , we have a scenario where the company will have multiple branches in 10 countries. How can the shipping charges be calculated based on where the product will be shipped from , multi origin support. is this something your plugin will be able to do or i need another plugin for that , any recommendations ?

Hello malkhouly,

at the moment that is not possible. We only support a fixed shipping rate for each dropshipper (an international and a national flat fee, both calculated from the dropshipper’s country and the buyer’s country.)

If you require different shipping options we do not have any recommendation at the moment, but we are working on it :)


Would this work with importing products from Doba?

Hello ulmerkt,

no, this plugin does not have an integration for that.


is it possible to send billing and delifery address to the dropshipper ?

Hello rene80,

the delivery address is the one of the client, the billing address is set by the admin in the dashboard as it is usually the address of the shop itself.


We are interested in purchasing this pair of plugins (WooCommerce Dropshippers and the MultiDrop AddOn). However, a major requirement for us is that the tool provides functionality to assist in administration. Specifically, can you tell us whether the plugins would allow a dropshipper to
  • get an overview of items assigned to him or her
  • filter the overview on criteria such as ‘ordered within a specific period’ or ‘not yet shipped’
  • get a subtotal of the prices for the order-items in the filtered list
? And would the plugins allow the site-administrator to get the same overviews for a selected dropshipper?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello greenlight_nl,

1) no the dropshippers do not have a full overview with all the items assigned to them. But they can see an overview of the sold products in their dashboard. 2) we do not have an items overview but we have the list of orders with their status and the items included 3) dropshippers do receive a subtotal when the order is placed by the customer. They cannot see that before. 4) no that view is not available.


A small misunderstanding: by ‘items’ I actually meant ‘order items’, i.e. ‘sold products’, rather than ‘products available for purchase for which the dropshipper is one of the dropshippers’. Based on your answer, the backend functionality for the dropshipper will suffice for our purposes. Are there any plans to implement (4), i.e. a backend-page where the site-administrator can view order-items (i.e. sold-products) that were shipped or not-shipped (with subtotals for the items shown) for a selected dropshipper?

Hello greenlight_nl,

we have plans to integrate with the current WooCommerce sales charts and make it filterable by dropshipper. We have other things in the pipeline at the moment but it will be released sooner or later :)


Problem here how do i add dropshipers

Hello vonny123, please contact us with the account that made the purchase, thanks!


hmosko1 Purchased

I bought the drop shipper and multi drop. I have 100,000 items, and thousands of categories. What I want to do is set-up 5 drop shippers, all assigned to all items and categories. When the order comes in, I want to manually select the appropriate drop shipper. Where I am stuck now: I cant figure out a way to add ALL the products to one drop shipper. I see an option under bulk add, but this is still very time consuming as I have thousands of categories. Is there any way to assign all products either through CSV or MYSQL statement? Or is there a built in option to do this?

Hello hmosko1,

What you need is probably a custom script. Please contact us from our profile (not here) so that we might be able to help you.



hmosko1 Purchased

I emailed you through your website, but have not gotten a response. Where do you want me to contact you from?

We got your mail from the profile, replied there, thanks!

is there a way to allow the shopper to choose a dropshipper at checkout? or automatically assign a dropshipper based on another field? we are trying to use this for pickup location – prefer the user to specify where they want to pick up since this can change from week to week.

On the pdf the only way would be to modify the code. There is no drag n drop way to modify that.


can you specify which php file I should be editing to accomplish this?

Hello mrbrooks,

woocommerce-dropshippers-multidrop.php the pdf starts at line 485


Hello ,

I have some pre sales questions :

what if dropshippers have different prices for one specific products ? which one will be shown in products page ? is it possible to show the lowest ??

if dropshippers have different location so how the shipping cost will calculated ? does this plugin compatible with “table rate shipping” ?


Hello m0h4mm4d,

if dropshippers have different prices it is irrelevant for the product page as only the real price of the item (the one chosen by the admin) will be shown. The dropshipper prices are only visible to the admin. Technically all of them should be lower than the resale price so that the admin can make a profit.

As for the table shipping it is not compatible. We will release a new plugin before the end of the year that will have that feature though.


Hi, if one order contains more than one dropshipper (eg 2 different dropshippers), will there be 2 processing/complete symbols in the woo orders table? Currently we only see a symbol if there is one dropshipper, not 2. Is this part of your settings or a bug?

ignore this. Looks like a bug in the processing button

Please ignore my above query. However please check this:

If setting ‘Send tracking information to customers when dropship mark their orders as complete’ is turned on, and the customer order has 2 items (each with 2 different dropshippers), the system will still send the customer a notification update saying ‘The Following products were shipped’ with the 2 items displayed, when only ONE dropshipper has shipped.

This may be confusing to customers. Can you review?

Hello colourst,

we will try to reproduce the issue. Thanks

this software was bought without my authorization and i would like to get a refund.

Hello RKD509,

to ask for a refund, please follow the envato procedures. Then it will be evaluated.