WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop AddOn

WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop AddOn

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WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop is an Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshippers. It will NOT work unless you also have WooCommerce Dropshippers installed.

This plugin will add multiple Dropshipper functionality in the existing WooCommerce Dropshippers installation.

What this plugin will do:

- Each product (variable or single) can now have one OR MORE dropshipper assigned
- Each assigned dropshipper will have his own Dropshipper Price for that product
- After an order has been placed (On Hold status) the Admin/Shop Manager will be able to select which Dropshipper will ship the order for the products that have more than one Dropshipper assigned
- Once the order goes to Processing every Dropshipper will receive the notification as usual


- When WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop is active the Dropshipper Shipping Fee functionality of WooCommerce Dropshippers will be disabled.
- When WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop is active the CSV Stock Update functionality of WooCommerce Dropshippers will be disabled.


v3.0.8 – 17/11/2017
- Bug fixing: Correct order number in PDF packing slip

v3.0.7 – 11/11/2017
- Bug fixing: Correct order number in packing slip web

v3.0.2 – 28/04/2017
- Bug fixing: Fixed Order date in dropshipper email
- Added: Full compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0

v3.0.1 – 13/03/2017
- Bug fixing: Multidrop bulk price assign now works correctly
- Bug fixing: Custom FROM field in the email sent to Dropshippers were read wrong from some email client
- Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 (not yet released)

v3.0 – 30/01/2017
- Added: Admin can edit dropshipper’s information
- Added: 2-Way Bulk Price assign. Now you can set Dropshipper price from normal prices and vice-versa
- Added: Support for any decimal separator set in WooCommerce
- Added: Option to change the FROM field in the email sent to Dropshippers
- Added: Option to automatically send tracking information to customers when they are entered by the dropshipper
- Added: An empty index.php in every folder created to prevent directory listing on some hosting providers
- Bug fixing: Various minor bugs fixed

v1.4 – 27/08/2016
- Added: Images in web-based Packing Slip
- Added: Filter to hide shipped orders in Dropshippers orders page
- Added: Dropshippers can now mark their orders as shipped from the Email, without logging in
- Added: All the Emails to Dropshippers can be sent in BCC to a custom Email address
- Added: All the notifications to the shop owner can be sent in CC to a custom Email address

v1.3 – 06/06/2016
- Bug fixing: Fixed information in Dropshipper dashboard widget
- Added: Order number in pdf packing slip

v1.2 – 17/05/2016
- Bug fixing: Dropshipper earnings are now correctly removed when changing order status from Processing to any of the following: Cancelled, On Hold, Refunded, Pending Payment
- Bug fixing: Issue with dropshipper price in variable products
- Added: PDF packing slip is now sent as email attachment to Dropshippers

v1.1 – 18/02/2016
- Bug fixing: In some occasions the Multidrop plugin was not activated on multisite installations
- Tweak: Mail to dropshippers are now sent with the WooCommerce class WC_Email

v1.0 – 05/12/2015
- First stable release