Discussion on WooCommerce Drop Uploader - Drag&Drop File Uploader Addon

Discussion on WooCommerce Drop Uploader - Drag&Drop File Uploader Addon

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fapnet Purchased

Is it possible to add the Upload box for some products only, or it’s a global option, all or none?

Hi! Yes, you can add uploader only for some products.


fapnet Purchased


Hi, II’m trying to access your support system but I get an error loading the page

Hi! I fixed it. Now you can access this site

Perfect. Thank you very much!!

its possible to add the upload box after payment, means in thank you page or custom page with shortcode?

Hi! Unfortunately not.

Good morning, the files that are uploaded on the purchase page then appear in the “orders” section of wocommerce?

Hi! Yes, files, that was added on checkout page will be available in orders.

Thanks and where are they stored? dropbox or wordpress?

Sorry, I saw it thanks again!

hello , the file upload is showing up twice i had placed it before short description but it also still shows up before add to cart.

Hi! Please tell me what theme do you use and version of WooCommerce


can we get the full path of the file in the email received from the new order? And we can make the option to upload to appear in the checkout page?

Thank you

Hi! Do you need path for the file on hosting, not URL? Yes, you can add uploader to checkout page.

Hi will you add a option to calculate a price based on the number of files upload ? I run a photo lab and would like to enable my clients to select the 10×15cm option for example and the say charge $1 per item in the cart ?

Hi! I will try to add this feature in a while

Hello, just a quick question. Does this plugin show previews of uploaded images in shopping cart / during checktou? Thx.

Hi! Unfortunately not.


rosyna Purchased

I have problems with the plugin, it adds to the cart even if set as a requirement, if customers order 100 photos, 100 sub folders are created on the server, and it is impossible to order 300 photos by downloading them one at a time. I want a group photo order, you create only one folder, can it be done?

Hi! Can you please open support request on and give me access to your site

robscan Purchased

Hi! im trying to connect my drop box API to your plug in, but I don’t know what value I should use on the “OAuth 2” field. Can you help me? :D

Hi! You can try to use your site URL, if this field is required

can I set a price per upload, so if it’s $5 and someone uploads 5 images, they are charged $25 and the quantity is set to 5? Also can I set separate upload fields per product and set the upload to accept all file types? Thanks

Hi! You can set uploader filelds with different options for different products (or enable/disable it for some products). But for now there is no option to modify quantity/price depends on amount of added photos. I’m going to add this option in future, but now I can’t say, when exactly it will be available

Hi, Can the upload file be shown only for one specific payment gateway?

Hi! Unfortunately, there in no such option in my plugin.

Hi, just wanted to ask if the plugin will work fine with the Variable Products?

Hi! Yes, it’s compatible with variable products