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I Just bought this plugin and worked out how to set the necessary corn job on Centos 7 with a minimal install . I hope this helps someone.

This is how i did it:

- go to directory /etc/cron.d

- make a new file and call it “drop-price-every-min”

- add this info below to the file:


/1 * * * * root curl http://yourwebsite.com/?drop-price-cron

- save and close the file

- you should get an email every minute if it worked

- if you got the email change the file and add the silent flag like this ( silent means it will not email you)


/1 * * * * root curl—silent http://yourwebsite.com/?drop-price-cron

- if it did not email you, there is something wrong.

Good Luck.

Note there is a * character at the start of the code as in */1 * * * * root curl—silent http://yourwebsite.com/?drop-price-cron if i put this on one line the * is bring cut off, annoying.

Just to let you guys know i had to add this line of code in the init function to make the date time pickers work on my correct time here New Zealand: date_default_timezone_set(‘NZ’); Otherwise setting the start and end times get screwed up. this took me 5 hours to work out.

If you set properly timezone in your WordPress settings it works just fine.

Thanks, might be helpful to add that information to the help document. will try, BTW whats the best way to get the new price to be updated without having to reload the whole web page ?

You would have to do that with JS.

Hi, I just got changed from my CC card for this and you have billed me twice for support: WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices (6 months extended support) Invoice: IVIP14188363 . Please put $5.63 back onto my CC card.

Envato handles all payments so you will have to contact their support.


Is it possible to add price history & price drop notification feature similar to this:



No, that’s not possible.


axodeal Purchased

Hello, customer had an idea, if after dropping to the lowest price it automatically would start all over again. It’s possible to create this or it’s not in your project

thanks you

I’ve just checked this issue and I cannot find where do you see untranslated drop/raise strings. Everything looks translated to me. Also noticed on one product that you did not set end date for price raise / drop, this has to be set.


axodeal Purchased

Yes I know. Ok for me too I don’t understand why it’s not correctly display

Where exactly do you have that problem? What is not correctly displayed?

Can this plugin change prices during a certain time period each day and repeat for certain days during the week. For instance say a product is 20$ normally but on Tuesday and Thursday you want the price to lower to 12$ from 5pm to 9pm. Is that possible.

Scheduled sale does exactly what you described above. If you need something else please explain what do you need.

if a product is normally 20$ and you need that products’s price to reduce to say 12$ mon and wed from 5-9pm those days without having to go in and set it each time. the normal scheduled sale function in woocommerce would only set prices for the day/days you want then expire. It wouldn’t repeat.

Aha, well this plugin is not for that. See if you can find something like repeat scheduled sale.

can i set Raise Prices by category? let say valentines certain category price up for 10%

No, drop / raise price can be set only per product.