Reviews for WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update E-mails

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for Design Quality

This plugin is a MUST for Woocommerce. I can send my customers emails to let them know when my digital products are updated. It's super easy to use with a simple toggle switch and customizable email templates. It's well-worth every penny. :-)

for Feature Availability

This is really great plugin. Thank you for your work!

for Bugs

description immediately sent, contact the author said in front of deleted, the back of the recovery, said after two days have not updated, can only send simple products, the same can not be used immediately to send simple products, the use of immediately sent into a queue, will this immediately What is the point of sending?


Author response

Hello, there is clear miscommunication here and I understand because English is not your first language.

#1 - I explained to you that the reason your emails aren't leaving the queue is because your WP Cron is not working.

I provided instructions on how to get it working but you didn't follow them.

#2 - You are using outdated versions of WordPress and WooCommerce

#3 - I said that the plugin does not support sending immediately for variable products, only simple products. The picture used on the plugin description is from a simple product.

Again your issue here is that your WP Cron is not firing, this is not an issue with the plugin but instead your website. I provided instructions on how to fix the WP Cron not firing issue.

for Customer Support

Greate feature and, on top of that, light fast and greate customer support.