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The plugin is working well so far. Are there any built-in analytics to show the open rate for the emails that go out through the plugin? If not, is there another plugin that would connect to this one to show that kind of thing?

Hi there, not that I know of

Is there any plans to update this amazing plugin? I cant understand how there’s no other solution for this problem, but your plugin is amazing, I hope you keep maintaining it, im not confident to buy it right now, because I’m not sure it will be compatible with the latest versions of woocommerce.

Hi there, i do have an update pending for the plugin which i haven’t released because of some bugs(it’s a major update).

I’ll be sure to reply here again when the update is released so you’re notified

The current plugin works fine with the latest woocoomerce. An update is also in review


luxdlb Purchased

Hey, thanks for the useful plugin. I have to say that there is a typo in it, though. In the emails I send, the {account_url} tag (as well as {product_url}, didn’t try the other ones) are linked as http//site.local/my-account/ so they are not reachable. Possible to change that ? Where should I look ? Thanks by advance. Best regards. Luc

can you please send a ticket here:

what is the plugin table names in phpmyadmin ?

Hi the two custom tables the plugin uses are wcdpue_log and wcdpue_scheduled

Hey, I’m trying to find a shortcake to allow the end recipient to unsubscribe from future emails, I see that the plugin is GDPR compliant but don’t see this as an option?

Is there documentation online?

Cheers D

Hey there, this is actually in the pipeline. I’m working on an update for the plugin which takes precedence but I’ll be sure to add this in the update after

I would love to use this PlugIn, but I am afraid it could not work with the current WooCommerce Version. I also have around 2000 buyers for the product I want to update do you have any suggestions in how to handle it, without killing the server?

1- Contact your webhost to increase your PHP max-execution-time, ask them to set it to something like 2 minutes, that will give the plugin enough time to pull all the rows for the verified buyers from your Database:

2- On the plugin settings screen set the “burst count” which is the amount of emails that get sent out when the schedule hits to something like “3”...

3- Set the schedule for sending to something like every 5 minutes(meaning 3 buyers will get their email about the update every 5 minutes)

4- On the product edit screen…make sure the sending option is set to SCHEDULE and go ahead and send.

You’ll be able to see the number of emails left to be sent on the plugin settings screen. There is also a Log to see the those that were sent and to what email.

So now I went ahead and the PlugIn installation failed with the following error message:

“Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.”

That was exactly what I feared!! 25$ for nothing and I won´t even trust that this plugIn sends only emails to verified buyers.

Why do you need to zip the plugIn twice? Put it in the top directory and add the instructions seperately through code canyon as everybody else does. This would avoids such a nonsense. I still won´t use this plugIn. My trust is broken.

Hello, the plugin folder is zipped so it can be uploaded to WordPress, so it’s zipped as wcdpue-pro

Then I zip the plugin with the documentation so It can be uploaded to Codecanyon.

Codecanyon does their own zipping which is the reason for this and the way I zipped the plugin is how most themes and plugins are actually distributed on codecanyon/themeforest.

The way you mentioned is grounds for rejection:

Apologies you had a hard time figuring out the process.

That´s why I said provide the other stuff as a separate file, as a lot of other vendors on here do it. This way I get a zip I can directly drop into Wordpress and if I want I download the documentation etc or not. It´s just a suggestion. You can try it or not.


Why is not your plugin on this list?

Those authors have a large number of sales, they might have been approached by Envato directly to take part.

Hi there,

Just downloaded and installed, however I get a fatal error when attempting to activate the product.

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 22

What is the solution? If no solution I will need a refund.

Many thanks, Babs

Hi there, please try updating your PHP version to at least PHP 5.6, If you’re not sure how to do this please contact your web host and they will assist


K-W Purchased

I love this plugin … thank you for your work.

I have question … there is any way to send a test email?
I wont to customize email template.

Regards, Krzysiek

Hi, thank you, I’ll add this feature request. Right now you’d have to create a downloadable test product and test by purchasing it

Would this work with the “Multi Vendor Marketplace” plugin? I have many vendors and it would be great if when they updated their product their customers got an email.

Hello, unfortunately not

Hello I am thinking to buy this plugin and I have two questions.

1 – If i change file of my products does any one who bought that products will receive email?

2 – Can I have list of customers who bought that product?

Thank you in advance.

1 – Yes thats the purpose of this plugin. You’d need to select the file you updated and customers who have purchased the product will get that email letting them know one of the files have updated.

2 – No, at this time the plugin doesn’t show the name of the customers to the admin, it just shows the quantity who bought a particular product.

Hi, I just tried to update a product but the emails are not sent. I get the following error in the error log: [15-Apr-2019 06:50:21 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /2018/wp-content/plugins/wcdpue-pro/tld-wc-dl-product-update-emails.php on line 940

I tried this again with a test product, It is working only by sending immediately and in some emails the product link is missing. “Using {download_url} or {download_name} magic tag” is checked.

Hello, are you selecting the files updated from the plugin metabox?

Hi. Yes I selected the file in the metabox. As stated above the link is not shown in some emails

Hi, please send a ticket here: so i can have a closer look into this

Hi, will this plugin work for multivendor stores (dokan, wcvendors, etc?)

Hi, unfortunately not at this point. I am rewriting the plugin currently so such functionality might be possible in the future assuming those plugins don’t change too much of WooCommerce’s functionality.

Hello! Is there anyway to implement a way to check what a custom post meta value is set to in order to determine if an email should be sent or not to the customer? For example, I have created a checkbox that allows customers on checkout to choose if they want to receive product updates or not and then I save that value to the post meta for that order. Is there a code I can implement to make an email only send if its set to “yes”? Would be a great thing to add to the plugin so that customers can have control over that. Thanks.

Just wanted to update and say I edited the plugin code to include that functionality by editing the sql query available, so it works now.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, all this is going to be added to the upcoming versions of the plugin. I’m currently rewriting it in OOP to also make it more extendable

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Hello, when can we expect the next version of this plugin?

Hi, the new version of the plugin will be released soon. The current version still works


Is your Downloadable Product Update E-mails plugin WooCommerce version 3.7 compatible? I’m keen to buy it but need to make sure it’s going work with our site.

Many thanks!


Hi, yes the plugin works fine with WC 3.7