Discussion on WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update E-mails

Discussion on WooCommerce Downloadable Product Update E-mails

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Hello, am using plugin with Dokan Pro and does it work with WP Mail SMTP? ?

The plugin uses the default wp_mail() function to send out emails. It should work regardless of which SMTP plugin you’re using

Does this plugin works with mailpoet sending feature? What mailpoet does is replacing the wordpress system that sends emails and using their sending servers instead

The plugin uses wp_mail() to send it’s email, so any plugin which takes control over that built-in function will control the sending of the plugin. So if Mailpoet has an SMTP feature then it will work just fine with the plugin and the plugin will make use of that when emails are being sent.

When I use the whats changed variable, its not showing on live emails which go out on products which were created before the latest update.

New products created since the update appear to work

That’s strange, I tested this on products I’ve had set up since the early days of the plugin way before this feature was introduced. Can you try saving the variable inside the email template again?

Also make sure you’re entering a whats changed message when testing with the products.

What the plugin does is take your currently saved email body in settings, finds the “whats changed” variable, and replace it with the content you entered in the metabox on the product edit page.

Try clearing your cache if you have any caching plugin installed as well

After further testing, I have found that I Cannot get it to work with Variable products.

Single products appear to work fine just not variable products unless I am doing something wrong

This was fixed in the latest version of the plugin, thank you for reporting it.

Hello, I get a fatal error when trying to activate the PlugIn.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_environment_type() in /www/soulmatepresets_287/public/wp-content/plugins/wcdpue-pro/wcdpue.php:75 Stack trace: #0 /www/soulmatepresets_287/public/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(2223): include() #1 /www/soulmatepresets_287/public/wp-admin/plugins.php(175): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘wcdpue-pro/wcdp…’) #2 {main} thrown in /www/soulmatepresets_287/public/wp-content/plugins/wcdpue-pro/wcdpue.php on line 75

What version of WordPress are you using? Can you please try updating both WordPress and WooCommerce to their latest versions? Of course take a backup of your site first and ensure your other WooCommerce plugins work with the latest WooCommerce version. But be aware that there was an exploit in versions of WooCommerce lower than 5.6 so you really should have updated already.

Regarding sending of emails limit; the plugin doesn’t really set any limit on you, its up to you to decide, but obviously if you’re sending 1000 emails per minute it might trigger some security checks in sendgrid, so you’d have to contact them to find out what number they recommend capping it at


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Hi, both are updated to the latest version and I still get a blank product page in the backend once I activate the PlugIN.

Please send me a support message using the form here:

I’ll have a closer look at what’s happening

ASK: I love this plug in – seriously, it’s one I recommend all the time. There is one thing I would love to ask, though. Maybe I’m missing it but I’d love a way to clear the send log with one button. I don’t know why I would need to keep this information?

You can change the screen options to show as many email logs as you’d like, then you can click the checkbox next to “Customer” and it will check all the entries.

Then click the Drop down that says “Bulk actions” and then select “Delete”, see here:

That will delete all the emails from the sent log. This Log is used just as a way to track what emails are sent by the plugin. There will be a feature in the future to disable it.

Hello reporting this as it’s causing issues with some other plugins i’m using as well as our theme. Screenshot of the error linked below.

Please try disabling all your plugins except WCDPUE and then enabling them one by one to find out which plugin is causing the conflict

It’s the woocommerce plugin that is the interfering factor. Additionally if it helps the theme we’re using is themeforest

Can you update to the latest WC 5.7? I tested the plugin on the lastest WC and it works fine, I do see in the WC changelog that they reverted some select2 changes in 5.7

Yes, WCDPUE uses the default wp_mail() function which is overridden by plugins like the one you linked above to improve email deliverability


Is there a way to change the email address the update emails come from? Right now it coming from “wordpress” (@ “my domain” .com) but I’d like to have it be my regular shop email address.

Thanks! Becca

You need to set up SMTP on your website so that emails being sent from it don’t end up in spam and are from your correct email address, you can do so with the help of a plugin like this one:

Contact your webhost for the “SMTP” details for your mail so you can set up the plugin

Hello but does this plugin also work with easy digital downloads? If your answer is no, are you not planning to create compatibility with EDD or another plugin like this but for EDD?

No it doesn’t currently but I do plan on adding it in the future. I will rename this plugin and simply but give it support for both