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Hello! I’m glad to see the new update is out!

I have installed it and made a backup of the earlier version which I modified to work for my needs. I thought I’d give you some feedback straight away that I noticed.

You implemented the check for if a customer wants to receive updates or not, however, you’ve implemented an opt-out instead of an opt-in. I would suggest you re-do that part so that it’s opt-in instead due to GDPR regulations, as well as to make it less confusing as you usually tick what you want, not what you do not want.

I’m not so sure you need to check if they opt-in for every product but instead just check if a customer wants product updates in general. So instead there would be a checkbox that says something like: “I want to receive product update notifications whenever any product I purchased updates” but that the user can customize to their likes.


Hi, thank you for the recommendation, ill look to changing the way it works in the next release so that it’s an optin rather than opt out to comply with GDPR.

Can you tell me what you modified about the last version which made it fit your needs? If it’s something that can help other users then I can possibly implement it in the main plugin.

Sure. :)

What I did in order to make it work without having to fiddle with the database tables that your plugin made, was that I used another newsletter plugin where I created a subscription list “Product Update Notifications” that people could subscribe to via the Woocommerce checkout form.

Then I would re-write the db query in your plugin (tld-wc-dl-product-update-emails.php, function: tld_wcdpue_post_saved()) to only send out emails to the ones who had ticked to subscribe to that list. So I had to get data from both your plugin and the newsletter plugin in the query to make it work.

The newsletter plugin held the newsletter list, the user id of who subscribed to that list as well as if the subscriber had confirmed the subscription which can be seen in the pseudo-coded query below.

So in a simplified pseudo-code (I only made it work for simple products as I only sell those):

Select product_id, order_id, order_key, user_email, user_id From WCDPUE And newsletter_list1, newsletter_userid, newsletter_status From NEWSLETTER WHERE product_id = post_id AND user_id = newsletter_userid AND newsletter_list1 = “product_update_notifications” AND newsletter_status = “confirmed” AND access_expires > NOW OR access_expires IS NULL

That way it only sent emails to those who had a confirmed subscription to product update notifications.

So I had added a checkbox field underneath the checkout form but above the “place order” button that the customer could check if they wanted to subscribe to product updates. However, I did a check conditionally to see if the user had already subscribed. If they had, then the field wouldn’t show at all.

I set up my Woocommerce shop to register unregistered users when making an order, so that the conditional check would be possible in the first place. A user would therefore sign in if they want to make another purchase at another time and the code would check if that registered user had subscribed or not.

Additionally, I had added into the Woocommerce customer account section an endpoint were they can subscribe or unsubscribe to product updates in case they would change their mind afterwards. This was of course made possible because of the features of the newsletter plugin.

Hope this was helpful! :)

I bought your complement thought it is good and is with virus that makes requests to how is that possible? Is my website going super slow now for that?

The only place I sell my plugin currently is on CodeCanyon. Any other website you see selling my plugin(at this time) is not authorized by me nor codecanyon.

These other websites can go in and change my code for malicious purposes which seems to be the case for you.

This is one of the disadvantages of Opensource, I recommend running WordFence to help clean up your website.

I can see you have purchased the plugin here, so go to your downloads area and you can download an untampered version of the plugin.

Hi There,

Since the update to 2.0.0 I get a 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to send out update emails.

The plugin is installed and I can change and save all settings.

Hi there, I’d be happy to take a closer look at this for you. Please send me a message here:

Hi, I just bought the pro version, but a product I know has been bought 43 times, is Bladet garn 10/2019 – Digital has 0 buyers. I need this to work, preferably yesterday :/

Hi, the “Buyers” being shown are actually persons who bought the product, and still have download permissions for them, it’s not how many people have bought the product in it’s life time.

So if someone buys a product which you limit to 1 download, or expires 1 month after purchase

If those conditions are met and the customer has used up their one download or the purchase has expired. Then they wouldn’t be eligible for an update email.

If you’re certain this should not be the case, then send me a support ticket here:

I’ll have a closer look at the product and the buyer permissions for that product


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Hello. I had a problem with my emails going to users Junk folder and I solved it almost completely, but emails generated by WCDPUE still have some small issues. This service tells me that WCDPUE emails are “Message only has text/html MIME parts”. Other woocommerce emails are okay in this term. Please try to fix this in next update. Thanks

NiK684 Purchased

“Since the update to 2.0.0 I get a 502 Bad Gateway error when trying to send out update emails.” BTW, me too, but only if emails count are big enough (200-300). Burst by 4 is enabled. I just close this tab with error 502, emails are sending correctly after that.

Hi, if this issue happens again then please contact me here:

There might be a hint of what exactly the error was in your server’s error_log

Where do i find the 2.0 download? I just redownloaded and its still 1.3.0

Hi there, 2.0 is inside the zip file you get when you download “all files”

Also, trying to use {download_url}, and on my test emails the return is, “Log into your account to download:"

Is there a way to have it where it’s the actual link? and does digital delivery choice make a difference? (forced download vs X-Accel-Redirect/X-sendfile)

In v2.0 It outputs the actual download link, make sure you’re actually using v2.0, you can download v2.0 by clicking the “Download all files & documentation” from your Codecanyon downloads area.

Be sure to completely uninstall the current version of the plugin you have by clicking the “delete plugin settings” option and then deactivating and deleting it before installing v2.0

v2.0 is a complete re-write of the plugin


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Hello. I have a current paid license. I have set the schedule to be every 5 minutes and Send e-mails in bursts of 20. Only the first 20 emails have sent and it’s been over an hour. Can you please help?


prnyc Purchased

Hi again. It seems to be working now.


prnyc Purchased

Well it seems to have stopped again. It was running OK at 5 minute intervals for a while but then it stopped. I can’t figure out why it starts and stops.

The plugin relies on the WordPress Cron working. The WordPress cron works off visits to your website, so if visitors are not coming to your website as often as you set the interval, then the emails would not actually share.

A fix for a more reliable operation is creating a “True” cron job in your Cpanel or on

I have seen your ticket you sent via my Envato profile so we’ll continue the conversation there, thank you for purchasing!

Just setting up v2.0 on my website, it looks like when I enable it I am unable to access my product variants (variable products).

That’s strange, please send me a message via Codecanyon here: so that I can have a closer look into your website and the issue, thank you

Hi there i would love to buy this plugin, i just have a question. I am using download monitor plugin, and woocommerce membership and subscription, so when i am adding pdf every week, it appears on user dashboard. Can i use your plugin to notify a user that pdf is added?


I have addressed your question via the email you sent, as long as you’re editing a WooCommerce product you’ll see the metabox to select the updated downloads and send the email to buyers

Thank you! I will buy it and test it, can i get refund if it doesnt work for me though?

Code canyon doesn’t issue refunds, please ask as many questions and send me screenshots via the email so I can answer all the questions you have

Hi, yesterday, I bought and installed the plugin. Just a question. If I go into the product page I do not see the the window on the right with the possibility to switch on/off (activate/deactivate) to send the email? I only see a Check to “send email”.

Hi there, inside the metabox you should see a text area called “Downloads updated” use that input area to select your updated download files, then check the “Send email” option so the plugin knows to fire after you click the update button. See this screenshot:


Does this plugin have the ability to remove users before sending an email?

Hi, unfortunately not. It will send to all the users with active download permissions for the respective product.

Admins have the option to allow users to either

Opt-in to emails: Where when they get on the checkout screen, they click a checkbox next to the products they want to receive notification emails for.

Opt-out of emails: With this option, customers would have to click the checkbox next to the products they Don’t want to receive update notifications for.

At this time there’s no way to manually remove users from the sending of emails. If you give me your use-case I can look into possibly adding this functionality in a future release.

Hello. Is it possible to add e-mails manually or the plug-in only sends to Woocommerce customers?

Hi, the plugin only sends emails to active WooCommerce customers who have purchased your product


I am using the free version right now, and I have done tests to see if I could download the new product update, if I had purchased a product earlier, that was updated with a new product, and I do receive an email about the update, but I can’t find the new update among my purchased files. Is this not supposed to work, or does it work with the paid version?

Regards, Marika

Ok, so you mean that only if I edit one download that was there when they first purchased, they will be able to download that new updated file? And if yes, what would happen if I changed the name of that download?

Why is that limited? I only want to add a new file format, it is still the same product.. :/

And thank you for your quick reply!

Hi, changing the name of the download shouldn’t matter, it would still have the same download id, yes when a customer logs into their account and tries to download that product again, it would have the new file which you updated (because you changed the file link)

That’s just how WooCommerce works. If you have a downloadable product with 100K customers with active download ability, and you add one new downloadable file to this product. WooCommerce would have to go back and update the orders of all 100K customers, which can be a performance hit, so they only give that new download to new purchases thereafter.

My email are not going out. And does it have to be set manually every-time a vendor updates a subscription?

I am not getting any emails. Let me know how it’s going or if you need me to test anything out. Thanks!

Having issues with the images not being able to be uploaded after installing latest update in the Dokan vendor dashboard.

Hi again, lets continue the conversation via email

For some reason on the email template {download_url} is not working. Regardless of whether magic tag is checked or not

Hi, please submit a ticket here: I just tested this with latest WooCommerce and it works fine.

Ensure that you’re on the latest version of the plugin (v2.0.1) you can confirm by checking the plugins area on your website

Hi! I’ve just sent out my first batch of update emails to my customers. One customer says the email tells her to login to her customer account, but she doesn’t have an account. How can customers without accounts receive the new downloads? Thanks!

Thank you! Yes I managed to figure out the HTML emails so it looks nice, but it didn’t send the text I put in manually. I’ll have another go!

I think it worked! It didn’t dawn on me that I needed to ‘save changes’ before clicking send. Thank you for your help!

Hi, I wanted information before buying. Does your plugin work by sending an available update email to the customer who has already purchased a specific digital product? That is, for example, if a customer of mine purchases a version 1.0 product, I then upgrade to version 1.1 tomorrow by uploading the new file and updating the product, the notification email will then arrive to all customers who have purchased that specific product or to all customers in general?

Hi there, it will go to only customers who have bought that specific product and have download access available.

Can you use another email to contact me? I have replied twice but no response yet. Please send another message here: