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Hi! Is this also working for downloadable products in Variable Subscriptions, with the plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Hello, unfortunately not, the plugin only works for downloadable products created by the WooCommerce core plugin

Ok, thanks for the fast reply!

You’re welcome

Do you have documentation so I can see how the plugin actually works?


Hi there, the documentation can be found here:

I must admit that the plugin has changed slightly but I am working on version 1.4.0 which has a few more features and will be updating that documentation with it as well.

Basic plugin process:

-Install the plugin -Go to a downloadable product -Edit the download files -Turn the switch to the activated position -Click “Update” to update the product -The plugin will send out the emails

Thanks for the link and the info.

I’m wondering how this works with grouped products or subscriptions.

Or products that expire after 30 days… then the product is updated. Do emails still get sent?


The plugin only works with downloadable products unfortunately

Hi, having an issue with the Plugin. When I try to send, the messages just go to the queue and sit there without being sent. This is for both immediately and schedule. I’m trying this using one product with 5 sales.

Any general troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!

Hello, sending immediately never actually hits the queue, you can install a mail log plugin to see if the emails actually leave after using the send immediately option, example this plugin:

For schedule mail if it sits in the queue then there might be a problem with your WP Cron, the schedule option sends the emails each time the cron job runs, you can check out this guide on how to create a true cron, you can consult your webhost on how to perform the steps:

Got it, I installed a mail logger. I went to the product, and activated the switch, picked ‘immediately’, and clicked the post’s ‘update’. The page refreshed with the message “5 email(s) scheduled!”. I went to WCDPUE Pro in settings and the queue was now at 5. This was after choosing ‘immediately’. No activity in the mail logger. Any ideas?

If they’re not leaving the queue then it’s because cron isn’t firing, can you try creating a true cron? You can contact your web host for assistance in creating it, the details are listed in the link I provided above

HI, Thanks for the update. How to use the -New: Product image magic tag? Nevermind. Already see it


Thanks for making this sweet plugin! I am trying to schedule a variable product email, and everytime i hit the update button, the activation switch turns to deactivated, wondering what that could mean?



The switch goes back to deactivated mode automatically after clicking update.

When you’ve updated your variable downloadable product files, go to the metabox of the plugin and check the box/boxes of the variable products which you updated. Then, click the update button.

After that when the page refreshes it should show how many emails were scheduled. You can check the number of scheduled emails to be sent in the settings of the plugin.

The emails are sent according to the send schedule you set on the settings page as well.

Hope this helps.


S4racen Purchased

Hi There, I extended the support for this item as it appears i had 1.3.0 installed on my ewebsite and 1.4.0 is said to be available.

When i’ve downloaded the files and installed it’s still 1.3.0 that’s showing however.

I’m tryin to update as the plugin has simply stopped working for me.

Hi, please try deleting the plugin fully and installing the new version. When downloading from codecanyon choose the “All Files & Documentation” option, I upload the plugin inside a zip called “”, in there it has the documentation and the plugin folder.

If you’re still having issues getting the update then please send me a ticket here:

Can this plugin automatically send out emails to purchased buyers whenever their products are updated?

yes but you need to turn the switch to “Activated” position so when you click update on the product edit screen the emails are queued to be sent.

Thanks for your response. 2 last questions: 1. Can I bulk activate/deactivate the notification with all the products (I have thousands of them). 2. And can product’s custom fields change trigger the notification emails? Thanks a lot.

unfortunately the plugin still requires you manually going to the product edit screen and activating it. At some point in the future I might include some type of bulk email sending

Plugin is just what I need and seems to work great. One question though… I had an instance that came to my attention today where the plugin sent a second email (identical to the first one that went out) one day after product was updated… Almost exactly 24 hours after. Have you experienced that behavior?

Not sure if this matters, but I meant to click the send immediately option when updating the product but think I had it set to schedule.. Looked in my schedule settings today and it’s set to once per day. Is that what would be causing the second email? Like it’s going to send the same email once per day?

It’s set to scheduled by default, when you clicked update it scheduled the email at that moment so even though you sent another using the “immediately” option it would still be scheduled.

You can check the number of emails that are queued to be sent on your set scheduled time on the plugin settings page under “Maintenance”.

It won’t send another unless you scheduled it, once the scheduled email is sent then the details for the email are deleted from the database, so there won’t be anything to send if all scheduled emails have already been sent.