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What’s the difference from the free version?

Please install this plugin: and try testing the variable products again. If after you activate the plugin to send the email and it says “xxx sent” and you also go into WP Mail Log and see the email there also, then that means the delay is on your server’s end.

Also make sure you check junk etc, Postman SMTP also has a built in mail log.

I use Postman SMTP,i send emails with smtp.

I changed “Send e-mails in bursts of ” to 9 and now works well,i get email in 20 sec.

Sorry for bothering you again :)

I have 1 more question and am done. I use the template nr 1 with the “Hello!” on the top.

How i can add the background of the bottom on the top where is logo and menu?

I tried getting the footer code but not works

I have added the feature to show amount of sales next to each variation ID. It will be in the next update. Regarding customizing the template please consider hiring a freelancer to aid with this.

good work, awesome ! :) all the best for your sales ;)

thanks, same to you

Great work! :-)

Thank you!

do you support rtl?

Hello, sorry the plugin currently does not have multilingual, I am surely looking to make it multilingual so if you would like to help translate when I do then please send me an email at

Ill email you when the plugin is translatable, for now it’s only english.

Hi there – thanks for the plugin, I’m finding it almost very useful. The one major issue I’m having is that I don’t require accounts for my sales, so notifying people is kind of pointless as I can’t give them a download url.

Or, at least, I can’t see how to do that. So, to be perfectly clear: I want to send out product updates to customers, and in those emails I need to send a link for downloading the product directly. Is this possible?

Just found this today while searching around for other things. Maybe it will help?

Hey, I’ve already found the solution, I will be adding this in a future release, I’m just out of town for a while. Thank you.

This has been added, will be in the next release of the plugin. Which should be within the next two weeks.


Thank you for the nice plugin! I bought it a few days ago and it works well. The only thing I was missing is that it did not use the standard woocommerce templates. And as I use a Woocommerce e-mail customiser the e-mails normally all look the same.

So I have tweaked the plugin to use the standard Woocommerce e-mail mechanism. I think it would be nice for other users as well to add this as a standard functionality.

As it only a couple of lines of code that you have to change.

Also I have made sure that the email variables also work in the subject.

Here are the lines of code that you need: For the woocommerce email mechanism, Change: global $wpdb; to: global $wpdb, $woocommerce; add: $mailer = $woocommerce->mailer(); and where the e-mail is send: $message = $mailer->wrap_message( $tld_wcdpue_email_subject, $tld_wcdpue_email_body ); $mailer->send($tld_wcdpue_email_address, $tld_wcdpue_email_subject, $message);

It also returns a bool, so that can also be used in the if statement to update the count.

And for the subject variables, just add this: $tld_wcdpue_email_subject = str_replace( $tld_wcdpue_email_variables, $tld_wcdpue_email_variables_replace, $tld_wcdpue_email_subject ); :grin:

Best regards,

Steven van Dalen Control Living

Thank you! The variables in subject was something I added to the TODO list because I realized I missed it, so sure I will include it.

Thank you for the WooCommerce tip I will look into the best way for incorporating it.

This has been added, will be in new version

Nice bro =)

thank you :)

Hello, When i update product and i Activate the email options but i leave in Schedule on the wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wcdpue-pro is still 0 Emails in Queue. Any suggestion?

Update: The strange thing is that now i just updated another product and for this product the scheduled worked,and it shows on plugin settings the Emails in Queue.

The same type of product

Hello, please submit a ticket here: so I could assist better:

I will see if the problem satys to other product updates and then i’ll open the ticket.To not bother you :)

Bcz for the second product i updated yesterday the scheduled worked,i’ll if works on other products.

Hello,could you add please as option to send email with smtp? I can’t use other smtp plugins because for some reasons i get many bugs on the site,i have tried many smtp plugins but nothing works for mee.

I can donate if you add this option.


Hello, this isn’t really a feature which would be needed since there are so many SMTP plugins out there, have you tried any of these?

If you are having issues then contact the plugin developer of said plugin with the bugs you are getting and they should be able to help

Yes i have tried both,when i install 1 of them many functions on the site doesn’t work

I will consider adding this in the upcoming versions of the theme however at the moment I would recommend to keep trying other SMTP plugins. You could reach out to the developers of those plugins with your issues and they might be able to help with your issue.

Hi, i install this plugin but the number of Buyers with download access doesn’t correspond with the number of purchase, how I can fix it? Thank you

Hello, please submit a ticket here so I could have a closer look at this, please provide some screenshots and mention the type of product in the ticket:

Fixed this in the latest update, it was because adding a new file to a downloadable product which already has sales duplicates the download permissions for all other oders, this no longer happens in WC 3.0 but happens in previous versions of WC, regardless the plugin will account for either. The number shown should not be used as a count of how many buys the product has.

It’s a count of unique buyers, so if someone buys the same product twice without one instance being expired then they will only be counted as 1.

The plugin will also not send emails to a buyer of the updating product if it already has. So if someone bought the same product with different billing names but same email address, the plugin will only send 1 update email to them rather than sending multiple of the same.


I have questions/suggestions for enhancement: 1) is there a way to purge queued emails? I did a mistake and clic on update before adding the new file. My customer receive emails twice. If I had an option to purge I would be able to limit this. 2) why queued number is not updated on the plugin option page. I now my emails are sent (my customer start downloading) but this number don’t decrease.

Thank you.

Hello, I am aware of the first issue, I will look into #2, the latest WooCommerce updates have been messing with the plugin’s functionality a bit working on fixing it, sorry for the inconvenience.

An update has been pushed to address this, it also has the clear queue button on the settings page


Did the guest purchase get working? I used this yesterday on a site and those that checkout with as a guest. It just sent them the my account url but they cannot login.

If you’re selling downloads you know that you will be updating then allowing guest checkout nulls this plugin a bit.

One thing you could do is in your email add a line stating guests should contact you to receive the updated file.

I looked into this a bit more and thought of a better way, people who checked out as a guest can create an account using the same email they checked out with and have their previously purchased downloads in their accounts.

The thing is you’d need some extra bit of code to make those downloads show up in their account. Please submit a ticket here: and I will provide you with an addon plugin which will do this for you.