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Hello. Trying to use this on a checkout page and the CSS looks like it is messed up quite a bit? I pressed to add the tip, and it does show correctly in totals, but look at how it is displayed on cart page:

Any ideas?


the blank button is remove button. you can hide it from admin setting page.

Getting this error on the thank you for ordering page. I’m using the Woocommerce paypal adaptive payments plugin and the one-page checkout plugin. This is the error:

Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function WC_Session::set(), 1 passed in /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ on line 40 and exactly 2 expected in /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ WC_Session->set(‘rp_donation_ses…’) #1 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ rp_donation->woocommerce_thankyou(1643) #2 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #3 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ do_action(‘woocommerce_tha…’, 1643) #5 /home2/roblicsw/public_html/leather in /home2/roblicsw/public_html/ on line 87

okay will check and solve issue.



Can you please send your email on so we can send you latest plugin with solve error

I am getting an error with version 4 – woocommerce 3.0x – Is this an issue with the plugin?


brian Warning: Missing argument 2 for WC_Session::set(), called in /home/pomperdalenydeli/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/rp-woo-donation/lib/main.php on line 40 and defined in /home/pomperdalenydeli/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-session.php on line 87

Hello. For Tip, is that possible to setup % of Tip instead of entering an amount?
e.g. Let customers to choose: 10% 15% or 20%?
Thank you.

no curewntly plugin do not have that option. only fix amount supported

Good morning!

I am contacting you because I continue to receive the following error code after I perform a checkout on my webpage:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for WC_Session::set(), called in /home/empire54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rp-woo-donation/lib/main.php on line 40 and defined in /home/empire54/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-session.php on line 87

Is there any fix for this? Have you been made aware of it? Please let me know. Thank you.


can you please send your email address so we can provide you updated plugin that solve above error

Of course. My e-mail is

Thank you.

Email sent

Once the donation has been added to the total, I would like it to say “donation” with the amount instead of “fee”. How do I change that?


tiguru Purchased

Hello, we bought this plugin thinking that it could add a percentage tip and it cannot. Can you please email us at to sort out a refund. It also does not work with our theme. Thanks!


please send refund request from envanto. we will accept it

Hi, I have a presales questions. I was looking at the screenshots but I didn’t see a way to find out total donations for the…day, week, month, year. How do I find out the total donations?

hi, you can not get total donation using this plugin. you can get donation per order

Can this be added? It’s kind of useless without it. We make a check out each month. It’s too cumbersome to go in and tally every order.

Hi, We’ve been using your plugin for a while and my restaurant client is very happy with the extra tips she gets. However I just noticed that after customers enter a tip some of the fields on the checkout page are erased (order notes and pick-up time) and the data has to be entered again. Can you help me with this? The site is

Hi, yes beacuase page is refreshed once user apply donation. we will update plugin so page will not refreshed

Thank you!

Hello, My website requirement is that the end user will allow to enter the tip amount and the text for what they are paying us tip for, will this be achieved through this plugin?

no, they only able to add add donation/tip amount. not text for what they pay

Hello- I am just inquiring into rachel54’s question from 11 days ago. Do you have any timeline for updating the plug-in? We are experiencing the same issues, since customers normally enter tip on the checkout page and they lose all their information upon page refresh. Thank you!

How do you change it from saying “fee” in the cart charge to saying Tip instead?

There is option on donation setting page for change it

i see thank you!

Is the plugin still up to date? Is it compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.3 ?

yes it is compatible with latest woocommerce version

Hi I really need the meta key to add the donation value to a report plugin. I’m trying to use donation-amount but it is not working.

I’m using the donation at the checkout.

Any response to this please?


it’s stored as fee in wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta table as per your admin “Title” field setting.

Below is code for get donation for order

$the_order = wc_get_order( $order_id );

foreach( $the_order->get_items(‘fee’) as $item_id => $item_fee ){

// The fee name
 $fee_name = $item_fee->get_name();


echo $donationFee;

Note: “Donation” is title field setting that you set on donation plugin setting page in admin

Let us know if you need any help


Hi there,

I added the plug-in and activiated it on my checkout page.

While it is visible, the donation amount that is entered is not added to the cart or the checkout page. Nor is the customer being charged the additional amount.

Also the field entry is alphanumeric and not numeric, so the customer can enter text.

How do I fix this please?



can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it


hello- when a customer adds a tip, it refreshes the entire page and loses the customers billing/shipping info. is there any way to resolve this?

Hi, you can disable refersh using coding. we are working on it. we will update plugin soon.

For the donation field in the cart, if the free input box is being used, is there a way to set it so the customer can’t go below a minimum donation? For example, setting the minimum at $1 so they can’t donate 50 cents.

We are using the plugin Modern Event Calendar for one of our clients, they want the option to allow users to leave a tip for their event when checking out using WooCommerce. We purchased your plugin hoping it would be the solution we need, however it does not display on the checkout page. I am assuming it is because it redirects to the checkout pay-order page instead of the actual checkout url. Is there anyway we can get it to display on the pay order page as well?