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We’ve set the price at 5€ in the settings. We added the shortcode to the woocommerce product page and also tried adding the code by itself on a regular page. All results are the same. It doesn’t display the correct amount. We have no clue where the wrong amount is coming from. We’re even ok with commenting the amount out completely.


Sorry about the issue with the plugin. It happened as a result of the update done to WooCommerce and I have fixed the issue and uploaded the updated version on Codecanyon which will be available for download soon.


is this script still alive ? and when is it woocommerce 3.x supported ?

Hi,yes the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.x. Thanks

I love this plugin!! Thank you again, what would be cool if there was a Transfer to Us type of addon? like in WHMCS

Support ticket responded to. Thanks

my plugin gives a string attribute and a huge white space when either looking up a registered domain or one that is free

Support ticket responded to. Thanks

Hi there,

Having a problem where the domain name search tool is just opening a gravity form (we have woo commerce gravity forms addon) so the domain name shows as available, but then it shows a completely random form below?

I’ve tried adding a specific form to the product page, and have tried setting it as none but it also shows a random form?

Any ideas?


is the plugin still supported ?

Hi, yes it is.


webvila Purchased

Hi, nice plugin.

Can you point me to what could be wrong here?

Kindly download latest update. It has been fixed.

Hi. We just bought your plugin. Three questions:

1. This question might be quite silly – but we even don’t find the setting panels to enter the domain prices. It seems that the plugin creates automatically a product “Domain name”? Neither here nor in the Wordpress-Admin we find the setting panels (also after we read your 1-page-documentation).

2. Does your plugin supports the plugin Subscriptio? (according to aplikasiniaga one year ago it does not, but the comment was not replied, that’s why we ask.)

3. It seems there is no language file for translation?


Hi. The plugin settings is domain seller tab in WooCommerce settings and yes it creates a product upon activation.

The plugin has never been tested with subscripto but it however works with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Language file can be generated using poedit.


Will this use the Whois to see if a domain is available for sale ?

Or do we already have to have the domain on-hand ?

Hi, yes it uses whois to check if a domain name is available. Thanks


cxgiugn1 Purchased

can i have the correct code to display correct prices in chart? cxgiugn [at]

When customer ‘buys’ a domain, how am I supposed to KNOW what domain they wanted. Just did a test buy and nowhere in the order did the domain name the customer put in get added to the product order. What am I missing?

Hi. The domain name bought is attached to the order.

Where? I have the order and nowhere I have found is the name anywhere I can find. All it says is “Domain Name”.