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I installed the plugin and put the shortcode on one of my pages. But it doesnt matter what domain name i put in, it always says: “domain name” is registerd.

How can i fix this?

Please comment with the username you bought the plugin with.

This is a Pre-Sale question. Does domain reseller compatible with the eNom API. If not what APIs is it compatible with.


No,it’s not compatible with any API.

Alright. But then I am slightly confused here. Does it mean I will be selling domain as my own service which doesn’t require me set up an account with any domain registrar?

Please kindly elaborate further on how the plugin works? I am interested in buying this.

Moreover, is there an option to order domain for more than 1 year?

Is this plugin still working because info page has many images that do not work. To be sure…. This plugin does noet register the domain direct with any provider. Just makes an order in woocommerce???

Can you please email me a temporary login to your website?

info send to your scop…...(a)

Afther 3 days still no answer.

I installed the plugin and put the shortcode on one of my pages. But it doesnt matter what domain name i put in, it always says: “domain name” is registerd.

How can i fix this?

plugin is full of bugs and does NOT work 100%

Tryed money back but doesnot reply afther 1 week

What are the issues you are having with the plugin?

do you support

Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Would this be a good to use to sell domains that I own? I want to show a list of domains and be able to filter search for price, TLD, length of domain name, etc.

You’ll need to customize the plugin a bit further to get that done. I offer such customizations for an additional fee.

Hi,Does this work with enom?

Haven’t been tested.

Please let me know if it worked with enom.. I dont want to use whmcs.. I like to use wordpress and just set a membership and members can register there domain via checkout… please let me know..

Thank you

Hi, does this plugin offer a subscription based service or a time interval option with different pricing?

No,it currently doesn’t.

Okay thanks for clarifying, is it something that you would look at implementing in the future at all?

Definitely! But I can not guarantee how soon that’ll be. Thanks

Hello, i’m trying to install the plugin for a friend of mine, who bought it some weeks ago. I deleted the plugin on my wordpress installation and reinstalled it. But when i try to lookup a domain, everytime i see “ is registered.”. Can you please help me?

Hi, please comment with the username you bought the plugin with for support.

The username was “simonfieberDE”, it’s a friend of mine.

Hello, Pre-Buy Question, I need only the avality of check the domain, in the woocommerce product, and the domain selected set on final order, so, it’s possible to check domains .es (Spain) Some other plugins need a IP registered and stuff like that. Thank you so much, regards.

I think someone is missing…. what a pitty

Hi, yes the plugin checks .es domain names. Thanks

This plugin doesnt support

Please assist me on how to integrate.

Just bought this plugin and getting it set up now. Thought I would give a few pointers for others that buy it too.

I found the instructions a little confusing but got it sussed in the end. When it says configure the prices of the domains from the settings panel, it means use the new tab that is now on the far right of the woocommerce settings page. I was looking all over for a settings panel, found it eventually.

I think it’s amusing that the default search box text reads “Enter damin name” – not sure what language damin comes from but it’s certainly not English. Amazing that 56 people have purchased this plugin and no-one has pointed out the error to the developer. It’s even showing like this in the screen grabs on envato.

My only real struggle at the moment is that the shortcode seems to put the search box at the top of the page no matter where I add it amongst other content. I will contact the developer and see how this can be addressed.

These 2 issues have been addressed in the latest version of the plugin.

We have bought the plugin and we realised that when you don’t put anything in the input field and press submit, theres a huge error message that appears. Need to fix that!


sicay Purchased

I will repeat. What about the refund? The plugin IS NOT WORKING! If we don’t put any domain name and press seach.. we receive a bunch of error message on the front end! That is what you mean by working properly??



Please provide me with a temporary admin login to review and fix the issue. I am unable to process refunds.


sicay Purchased

can you write me at ?

My purchase code is: 26bf9b99-63ec-4b36-8dac-a310cb0b21f4

I request the money back because the product is full of errors, no more to see the code to realize that “is a love and I can not”, in the end I myself have had to develop functionality to not serve the plugin .

Errors detected:

- If you add two domains with the same tld the second does not match the price of the domain. Error currency format and decimal separator.

- Use the concept and price of the last product inserted in WooCommerce and not the product inserted for this purpose.

- No checks the decimal point in the pricing domain, you can insert anything.

- It does not check the TLD inserted into the domain price list, you can add whatever you want.

- If you do not insert a TLD in the search fails when, according to the code, you should look for the TLD

- The ”.es” seeker fails even put on the list that the TLD is supported.

- No .po and .mo implements the standardized system for translations. We must translate the source code.

Again, just look at the code to realize that the product is not finished.

can i use this plugin in my woocommerce check-out page?

Yes, you can add it to your checkout page.


can u make it Auction system ? and does it support membership and they can add them domains to sell it


You’ll need a lot of custom work to be done to achieve that.

BAD, BAD bad

Not working correct with WP 4.6.1 (outdated scripting/commands)

This does not work. Who takes over and returns my money?