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Hi, could you please check the demo as none of the products have any documentation links.

Is it possible to add doc links directly from the product edit page or do they have to be added through the media library first?


Edit…Just seen the documentation links in the sidebar of the products – they are really not easy to see there and seem disjointed from the actual products – perhaps you’d consider a new product tab being added with the doc links in there?

Hi, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. You have several options to place the documentation links, where exactly really depends on your choice, it can be a combination of widget in a sidebar, shortcode or rendering function used in the product template – see where you will find more details on that.

I think the additional product tab is a good idea, I’ve taken note to include it at least as an option.


Looking good :)

it would be cool if one could add icons to it.. for filetype’s n stuff

Thanks :)

Oh the icon thing sounds like a good idea, also thanks for the suggestion, it could be interesting to have that both in the UI and also by allowing to add classes to the containers so it’s easy to handle with CSS rules.

mos def :) also.. what’s kinda unclear to me now.. can you upload it there or can you only paste link?

Both actually, not really upload but what you do is relate one or more documents from the Documentation plugin or specific URLs.

hey there! Just wondering if the documentation could be a tab in the product page?

Also, do change your item thumbnail, if you have something consistent and eye catching on all your plugins, it’ll generate more sales :)

Hi, I finally had a chance to add this (Documentation tab). Thanks again for the suggestion, you’ll see the updated release available shortly. Cheers

Awesome :) Perhaps you could tell the first person as well :)

Thanks also for the kind review, I very much appreciate it :)

I purchased and installed this and it screwed up my shop page with its own styles. Can you PLEASE help?

That shouldn’t happen, if you have a test site please send us an email to support at itthinx dot com indicating admin access and link to the site with the plugin activated there so we can have a look.

Hi, i have pre-sale question. I have a woocommerce with >40000 products and i’m managing them with csv import plugin. Is there a way to import document file (pdf,excel,doc) and attach them to procutcts using you plugin? Thank you Maurizio

Hi, thanks for asking but this extension is not intended to do that. Please see for details on how the Documentation plugin works and on this extension.

Hi there,

Do you have a live demo?

Thanks, Igor

Hi Igor,

For this extension not, sorry, but maybe the documentation helps?


OK, no problem. I think you’re missing some sales. Live demo is very important!

Many thanks for the suggestion!

nice work man…Good Luck for sale

Hi many thanks for your kind wishes :) All the best to you!

I ask again as “moforiborere” about possibility to use import from csv. I use “WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On” plugin from Soflyy. It allows import images just by enter file name occuring in “Media Library”. Will be great if your plugin will allow additionaly indicated directly file name registered in “Documents” and not only by “Search” options. This feature will allow use import from csv by “WP All Import”.


Many thanks for your suggestion, we’ll have a look at the plugin you have mentioned and will see if there’s something that we could add or improve which is in line with the intention of this product.

Also many thanks for using our system!