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I need your help ASAP.

I have WPML installed on my website and yours plugin only works in the site main language. The plugin does not validate the zip codes in English and Spanish, it is now working only in Portuguese..

Really need your help to solve this situation.

I was abble to translate the strings, thanks to WPML.

Thank you for your help.

Can you please reply?! For the last 14th days that I’m waiting for a reply!

When will you update the plugin to be compatible with WPML?

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. We have WPML compatibility scheduled for next update, hopefully by end of this month. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, can you please give me a date for WPML compatibility? I’m waiting for it for the last 2 months. Thanks

hi, does this plugin support wordpress version 4.4.5 and woo commerce 2.6?? please reply at the earliest

yes i purchased your plugin. I have found few bugs as listed below: when i enter pin code which does provide service at their area it shows the message what i have written under “Message when code not found”. But it does not disable the place order button. Please help asap to resolve this

could you please update on the above issue at the earliest

Hi Birju, this can be fixed with plugin setting. Please write to us on and we’ll be happy to look into this for you.

Hi there. That’s a great plugin, congrats!

I found it to be really interesting, however, I run a WooCommerce store modded for a food business, so instead of having an estimated delivery date option, it’d be great if I could set an estimated delivery time.

The estimated delivery time could be set globally or on a per product basis.

This would also work for other types of business that offer services instead of products.

Can you please let me know if is this a feature you’d consider adding to the plugin in a future update?


Regarding the new WooCommerce Shipping Zones settings, I’ve had a really bad experience on manually capturing and then setting up all the zip codes that my business deliver for.

I see that your plugin has options for submitting a single zip code or making it a wildcard, but my shipping zones are broad and carefully restricted, so I could not use the wildcard as long as it’d match a specific zone my business don’t deliver at.

Do you think is it possible in a future update to integrate your plugin with WooCommerce Shipping Zones so it automatically grabs all the zip codes already set up within WooCommerce Shipping Zones settings?



Any news regarding the update to allow the compatibility with WPML?

Any update?

Hello, It’s a pre-sale issue. Your plugin interests me but I have to use an address list instead of postal codes, do you think it will work? If not, do you custom development? If so, here is my email: Thank you in advance.

Hi, is it possible to use your plugin to offer a dinner menu to customers, based on the zip code? E.g filter products based on zip code?

Hi there,

I would like to make a website similar to this: Can I achieve this with your plugin? Thanks


Carm3n Purchased

Thank you for this plugin! I have a few questions, 1) How does the No. of Days work? We have different delivery schedules depending on a zip, some are done once a week some are once every 4 weeks. Not sure how to have that show correctly.

2) if is not possible to show correctly, is there a way to hide this?

3) can this link to a customized Google delivery map (My Maps)? Here is our map

Thank you!

Good morning,

Is it also possible to use this plugin for Dutch postal codes (e.g. 3554 RZ).

Thanks in advance!


Yes, it’s possible :)

This looks great. To confirm: I can show this in any widget area and choose not to show it on the product and checkout pages, if I do that, correct?

Awesome. Sounds great. And even though it hasn’t been updated since Sept, does it still work with the latest versions of Woocommerce and Wordpress?

Sure! Yes, it works with latest Wordpress and Woocommerce. Didn’t require updating as the functions the plugin uses did not change in recent updates. However, we’re coming up with an update to this plugin to support Wooocmmerce 3.0 in coming weeks :)

Fantastic. Thanks!

Hello, Does this plugin work with UK postcodes? Would we be able to change ‘Zip’ for Postcode? Thanks


nobsany Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Still waiting for the WC3.0 update?

It’s compatible! :)


We are having a issue like that some of the product on our website donot need a zip code for delivery so we had remove/hide some fields and zip code field from checkout page,

your plugin is working fine when we donot have select any validate option or set the validation to none but whenever we had validate to the billing address from your plugin we are unable to process the payment only for the product which dont needs the zip code,

Can you please check where is the issue and help us to resolve this issue asap,

Regards Affan

Any chance to have a reply from you by today.

Hi Affan, unfortunately, there is no way at the moment to exclude the validation for some products, but certainly would love to explore this for upcoming update :)

Oh man reply after 9 days validation is not working fine

Hi, does this plugin work with postcodes for the United Kingdom?

Awesome! Thanks!

So I purchased it and overall it seems to be working great! I just have one question: how do I style the disabled place order button with CSS? I can’t seem to target it. When it’s disabled, I need it to be at opacity: .5 …

The plugin uses the “disabled”=”disabled” attribute on place order button. The CSS for this attribute is mostly set up on the theme’s end and the customization may vary from theme to theme. The best would be to check with your theme’s developer on best approach to modify this. Feel free to create a ticket on if they’re unable to help and we can give it a shot!