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Hows it going I just purchased the distance calculator and realized that its for a word press site. Im building my site with Adobe Muse, Is there any way this can work with a adobe muse, if so i will also purchase the install.

Thanks for your time

This plugin only works with WooCommerce and WordPress.

Hi. I’ve got a problem, this plugin does no work with my site. Now choose any address can be delivered, we need to limit the scope of delivery in 3KM, but the shipping rules not work. Is there any setting I need to set in woocommerce?

You just need to enable the shipping rate, enter your store address and create the shipping rules.

Please send wp-admin details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email if you need more help.

What a lovely plugin mate.. I just wished to watch a video about setup ( Example , i want to deliver only in 1 city, that city has 5 post codes (5 little towns). Each town has different rule like

1.town ( post code : 9000 ) – You have to buy min. 15 euro

2.town ( post code : 9001 ) – You have to buy min. 16 euro etc.. I do not know how to set it up like this. Can you help maybe sir?

I do feel like stupid. I set it up but You can still buy from other cities. Can you help maybe sir? This is my last step to finish it.

Sure – please send wp-admin details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email :-).

Done! :) waiting for answer.. Till that time i will not log in.

I tried uploading your plugin but keep getting this error code “The package could not be installed’‘

Maybe you uploaded the wrong file. The file you should upload is called woocommerce-distance-rate-shipping.zip and you can get it by going to https://codecanyon.net/downloads and downloading the installable WordPress file.

I am having a few problems with this plugin.

- Distance Rate Delivery – The calculating rate is not functioning correctly (we have a number of stores and delivery should be calculated from the nearest store to the postcode delivery is going to) - Takeout/collection – is it possible for customers to chose which store they would like to collect products from (drop-down menu)


Yes – and include your codecanyon username in the email.

I’ve got the email – do you have ftp details as well?

Thank you for your email today. The plugin has been updated on codecanyon with the feature that you need (https://codecanyon.net/downloads). It was explained by email that you need to enter a street address for the plugin to be able to correctly calculate shipping.

Please i just purchased this plugin few days back but it’s not making me happy ,i am really having issues adding it to my shipping methods,I have tried all i can. ,But it’s still not showing up atall on the checkout page .Even the plugin map has just being static ,it’s not showing my location ,the map has just been static even when i tried adding a google api .Please i will really appreciate if you can help me sort these issues

Please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

I am currently working on a Wordpress website for a tech startup on which I will be offering a multi-sided service. In the settings on my backend under “woocommerce>settings>Shipping>Special Delivery”, for the map to work so it shows on my front-end/website and inficates the route between two addreses, I need to have a store address. But since this is a multisided service, there is no static store and the addresses change all the time as different customers/segments of the market keep linking up with each other. Is there anyway I can go about doing this?

Let me explain a little bit better. I have no physical store thus, filling out a store address does not count in my situation. I am on online tech startup which links business which want to move with people who own trucks. So for each transaction people do, logically, a new address origin will alway by entered. How can I get around this issue? That is my main bone of contention and question which is vexing my mind right now. Please, I would like the most detailed answers possible when you reply. Please take me through every single step, assume nothing, assume I know nothing, put everything in words.


To get a better idea of my predicament, my startups address is www.goitruck.com

You’ve set the customer to enter a delivery from address. Does the map not show the route between the delivery from address and the shipping address?

By the way, the plugin says it needs you to add a Google API key (instructions are in the documentation).

Hi there,

pre-sales question, the site i am working on has a flat rate for the first 10km, then after that charges at a per km rate. Can the plugin support the function for a flat rate for the first x amount of kms then charge after that?

Also I am interested in how it calculates the distance, is it google API and will it work in Australia


This plugin can do that. It uses Google API so it works with addresses that Google Maps works with.

Hi, I’m trying to use your plugin but I am receiving “Sorry, it seems that there is no shipping available to your location. If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements, please contact us.” on checkout.

Can you help?

Please send wp-admin details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

Thank you for this awesome plug-in Distance Rate Shipping ! It really helps me deliver my goods at the right shipping cost per distance. However, i have a problem with this plug-in in the shopping basket. The shipping cost are not calculated here not until the customer has entered his delivery-adress on the next page, the check-out site. But it should work in the shopping basket by just entering the adress on this site or changing the adress on this site. Can you please check this Bug? Thanks for your time

I have checked that the Shipping Calculator works on the Cart page. Have you tried updating to the latest version?

It is really sad that it does not work with product bundle items. Thanks for the support you did for me I do suggest this plugin to everybody.

You are the first person to ask for this feature. If other customers ask for it and if it seems popular feature, then I will add it.

Actually it works with product bundle too :) Just you have to choose NON BUNDLED SHIPPING . Otherwise this plugin thinks that that product cost 0 Euro :) If you choose what i ve said, it calculates all. Weird but it works :)

After weeks i ve found this solution.

Glad that it’s working :-).

Hi! Yesterday I installed the plugin and everything ok, but I have a problem. I have configured 3 rules: -The first that from 0 to 150 km, the shipment is free. -Second: 151km to 250km, add 1.50 € per km. -Third: +251 km, 2 € per km.

The problem I have is that the second rule does not work, and I do not know why. The first and third work correctly.

What can happen?

Thank you.

Please send wp-admin details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

Hi, can we add a minimum amount order to a shipping zone?

For example if it’s on Zone 3 the minimum amount should be 10€ or so.

Or something like that? Thanks

You can add shipping zones to the rules and add a fixed cost of 10€ to the rules (so that the minimum charged for Zone 3 would be 10€).

Hi, but I’m talking about minimum order not minimum shipping price. Are we talking the same?

You can add a minimum order total and a shipping zone to the rules to prevent shipping to a zone if the order total is less than 10€ :-).

Hello Again. Having another couple issues with rules while translating with WPML.

The larger issue is that shipping rules do not apply the same as they do in the english version. It should just switch to Spanish with the same shipping rule but instead gives the message “Sorry, it seems that there is no shipping available to your location. If you require assistance or wish to make alternative arrangements, please contact us.” It seems like the rules are disregarded when switching languages?

Also, the translation strings are not showing. I added the .po file to WPML and translated through string translation. but when I switch to Spanish version of site, it remains in english. Am I doing it wrong?

I’ll update the plugin to use the translated WooCommerce message.

Your entire site appears in English when I switch to the Spanish version however the rules work great. It’s not my job to find or fix why the rest of your website is not translating.

Please try again.. I had a redirect that pushed the user to the english version because the rules did not work in spanish.

Also, to be clear I am not asking you to fix any translations on the rest of my website. I am asking why shipping rules would not apply in multiple languages when your plugin clearly says it supports multiple languages.

The bigger issue is that the shipping rules don’t work in when switching languages.


cristin Purchased

Hello! I just bought your plug-in and I have a problem. I create a new rule for shipping/km. It appears and calculates correctly just when I chose the shipping type. At the end of the form, it disappears from the shipping form and also doesn’t show the total price. Another issue that I have is that if I unchecked “showing map”, it works perfect but a javascript conflict. What can I do in this case?

Please could you explain these issues in better English?


ninjafire Purchased

Hello WP Showcase, I have installed an configured the Distance Rate woo commerce plugin, and on checkout it doesn’t seem to work. Where can I send screenshots to help troubleshoot the issues? I already have the Google Maps API key and checkout page shows the map and route, but does not execute the rule I setup up for the only product in the cart that is also assigned via the Advanced Settings of the same rule. Thanks!

You can send screenshots to info@wpshowcase.net. Please include your codecanyon username in the email.

hello. i have installed your plugin and tried to get it to work. i’ve hit a brick wall so asking you for help to resolve the issues. i have set up a new login account for you. pls be careful with backend. i will take backup of site now but please do not rely on that.

dev site: http://bloompeach.mybrowsertest.com/ wordpress login url: http://bloompeach.mybrowsertest.com/wp-admin user: distancedelivery pass: ScshG*NJ%k#KFWeZoK4Wr$7#

issues at hand: A. when i create my first delivery rule, it removes the delivery option from checkout. in order for me to show delivery option on checkout i have to remove my delivery rule and then it shows.

B. the map is not showing on checkout

C. it does not seem to be calculating based on address/distance compared to my rules. for example i have a person who lives 100 miles away that should trigger a rule, compared to someone purchasing 1 mile.

D. how would i set up a delivery rule to not allow orders when the store is closed?

E. how would i set up a delivery rule to not deliver if the order is 5 miles or greater from store location?

F. this is the structure we need for our delivery rules:: within 2 miles, no delivery fee

2-3 miles $1.99

3-4 miles $2.99

4-5 miles $3.99

over 5 miles = no delivery

G. Seems when i enter any rule in, it removes the ability to select delivery as an option at checkout. that is why at this point i have removed all rules just to get the radio button to show.

A, B, C, G: These are due to your theme. You can pay me as a freelancer if you’d like me to help you build your theme.

D: Not possible (though if this was a popular feature I would add it to this plugin or as a new plugin).

E, F: Get a theme that’s compatible with WooCommerce and then use the documentation for this plugin.

respond to my email i sent to you about freelancer rates if you are truly interested.

I’ve sent you an email :-).

Hi, this looks like it might be what I need. I hope :) I have a Woocommerce site which has some products that are sold with an Installation service. I would like to use the distance plugin to have an installation cost calculated if the buyer is greater than 10km away from any of the installation engineers locations. E.g Installation cost would be a fixed cost within 10km from any of the installation engineers, but if over 10km the cost would calculate per km on top of the fixed cost fee.

I would like this plugin to be on the cart, checkout and have a calculator on the product details page also. I hope the plugin can tick all of these boxes. It would be great if you could let me know? Many thanks

The plugin can calculate the cost you want and be displayed on the cart and checkout. Maybe I could write another plugin to display the shipping calculator on the product details page.


strahd1970 Purchased

I’ve installed the plugin but it won’t let me set any rules. When I click on the button it doesn’t do anything. Am I missing something?

Please try a different browser and/or send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

WooHoo! That worked! Thanks for the help!!