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Integration with Time Slots (another plugin) – Customization or edits needed from your end.

Hi, I’ve being in touch with Iconic team (author of Timeslot plugin)

It seems there’s a bit of a compatibility problem integrating with Distance Rate. If ever this may need paid modification, please let me know.

“The distance rate plugin uses the same value for the selected method, which means I can’t map it to any conditionals in the delivery slots plugin.” Unless you modify the plugin.

Screenshot 1: http://imgur.com/a/LMMXK Screenshot 2: http://imgur.com/hIhvpO7

Please help us making the integration possible.

Please write to plugins@wpshowcase.net with your budget for this modification.

The “Delivery Rate Distance” method is not available for insertion in “Add Delivery Method”.

I have already enabled and configured it on the configuration page.

How to make?

You could use the links on the plugins page to find the settings for this plugin.

I Understand and this is working.. tks

12d3d400-27eb-4f1e-b289-e436137892df *PLEASE ISSUE REFUND ASAP* This plugin does NOT WORK!!!! I have now seen the back end of the real Woocommerce version that cost $79. When you go to shipping zones>add shipping method>>> It let’s you select Distance Rate there. Your plugin has that missing and I have seen several people asking about this in the comments. Your answer is just create a rule! Thats inaccurate. It MUST give you the option under the shipping method for it to work flawlessly on the back and front end. I have wasted a week trying to make this work. I sent 2 emails and posted here last week without a reply. Please just refund and I’ll use the premium woocommerce one and spend the $79 so it works. I hope going forward you fix that glitch in your plugin because that’s the correct function for the way it works.

I’ll keep this plugin if you make it work. I’m in the US and it’s 10:00 AM here and i don’t want to wait another day to get this working so can you fix it now? If not then I need to know there will be a refund and I can move on.

NEVERMIND**PLEASE REFUND++++MUST MOVE ON!!! Sorry, I am busy and I have not heard back. Please issue the refund. Thank you and good luck if you guys can make the plugin truly work going forward. I need it within 24 hours and contacting ENVATO

This plugin works like it says in the item description. I don’t see any reason to give you a refund.

Hi, I bought this plugin from you and Im having problems to configure it. I want to make two shipping option, Take away and delivery. And the delivery would be only to places that are 0.5kms away from a shop. What is happening some times is that when i try to buy something that can be delivered and its inside the area the delivery option doesn’t appear, its having problem to make the delivery appear and doesn’t give the option of choosing address.

Thanks for the help, Joaquin

Hi Joaquin, Have you tried using point-to-point distance or using a Google API Key? Thanks, WPShowCase

Ive manage to make it almost work. The only problem is that sometimes the map on the checkout page appear (and the option is disabled), specially when a new users registers and goes to the checkout. Also is there any way to assign products to a specific store? because not all the product are delivered from all the stores so the have to manually select it.

The map appears when you use distance in your rules.

You can assign shipping classes to products and assign shipping classes and stores to shipping rules.


lamason Purchased

Select by default the shipping method?

When a user calculates the shipment, it is selected by default shipping zone and no distance rate shipping…

You do not have support and you should make support requests in proper English.

How do I put a freight simulator on the product page?

That’s not possible with this plugin.

Hi, I’m having trouble with your plugin. For some addresses it works great and for others it has issues. It seems like if only postcode is entered it works fine but when people add to the other fields in the shipping (eg Apartment, suite, unit etc.) it throws it out and says ‘Please fill in your details to see available shipping methods.’ It can be the slightest change in how this is spelt that knocks it off.

Can you help

Support requests should be made from the account that purchased the plugin.


turbotec Purchased

Boss, We have a android apps. And we want to use this plugin there also. So how it will be please guide us. Any solutions like API or anything.

Revert First.

Please make support requests in proper English if you would like help.

Hi, I’m having trouble with your plugin. Since some days, the plugin does not calculate the distance anymore. It just shows in the checkout the error message when no shipping method is available. But there must be available shipping methods. i have checked the shop, the rules, Version 5.59 is up to date. So i don`t know what let it not calculate the distance. Can you please check this? Thanks for the help, Markus

Hi. i sent you all the details via email. thanx for your help. Markus

It seems that you have too many stores.

Hi! I did not know that the number of stores is limited. There is no limit of stores written on your item details site. I don`t understand why my number of stores work with point to point measure but not with road distance measure. Both measures uses the address of the customer and the store address. Can you please solve this problem and make the number of stores limitles? Thank you. Markus

hi there, i would like setting ‘Shipping Rules’ like

≤3 km Minimum order 20 (no shipping cost)

3-5km Minimum order 30 (no shipping cost)

>5km no shipping

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vynndjb9sorchtb/Rule%201.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ybkl35m52s143d/Rule%202.png?dl=0

but it does’t work, could you help me?

You have put 4km instead of 5km in Rule 2.

hi there, for the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin, I would like setting ‘Shipping Rules’ like

≤3 km Minimum order 20 (no shipping cost)

3-5km Minimum order 30 (no shipping cost)

>5km no shipping

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vynndjb9sorchtb/Rule%201.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ybkl35m52s143d/Rule%202.png?dl=0

but it does’t work, could you help me?

I have answered your other comment.


jmshap Purchased

Hello there. I have tried contacting you multiple times per your request and you have not responded. I even paid for extended support to get my issue resolved. Please respond to my emails I sent you per your request or reply here. I sent you wp admin and ftp credentials a while ago. Thank you.,

I replied to some of your emails. You are using road distance on your checkout page without using a Google Maps API Key which is preventing the plugin from working properly.


jmshap Purchased

Thank you. I did not receive any of your emails. That being said, I do not see anywhere in the plugin settings for a Google Maps API. Please advise.

The Google Maps API Key is just below the dropdown where you select Road Distance.

it could be show [distance] in error messsage?

Please make support requests in proper English so that I can understand you.

I mean Changing Error Message When No Shipping Available, how to also make the [distance] calculation, thanks.


This might not be possible with this plugin.


pridoab Purchased


Im trying to get the rules to work with my products, im trying to get a start cost from my base and when the weight is over the minimum then the price will be start fee + cost per kg. Now its says: If Distance is between 1 km and 49 km and Weight is between 200 kg and 600 kg then charge kr900 plus kr1 per kg starting from 200 kg for shipping.

I want: If Distance is between 1 km and 49 km then charge kr 900 plus Weight is between 200 kg and 600 kg kr 1 per kg. Is that possible ?

Regards Nicholas

I do not understand your support request. Please explain fully what you would like to plugin to do in proper English.

Hi, i want a rule that has a starting fee to a location plus when the product reach a minimum weight but if the product dident reach minium wieght the price will only be the starting fee is that possible ?

I still do not understand.


dmitrybax Purchased


Hi, I found one issue and I don’t know what to do. It works fine but before user put the addres plugin calculate very strange amount ( http://prntscr.com/fbo3bd ). It is 3799 km from our location (Moscow).


dmitrybax Purchased

Try like this http://prntscr.com/fbye3c (1st click on the round image to select category then click on the square image to select subcat and after it you will see products list)

Perhaps your delivery slot plugin is causing a problem with this plugin.

If you find this plugin to be the cause of the problem, you might be interested to know that a fantastic codecanyon delivery slot plugin (https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-delivery-slots/7323634) might be being updated to be compatible with this plugin.

Please let me know how to configure the plugin to automatically select the nearest store from the customer’s delivery address instead of making the customer to select the suitable store.

You should just uncheck the box which says “Customer chooses which store?”