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My visitors are receiving error message and no distance rate can be calculated. Do you know what might be causing this?

My website is www.breaking-bread.nl

Thank you and best regards, Ashraf Khan

Please read the plugin’s documentation and check the settings. Please email info@wpshowcase.net if you need more support including your codecanyon username, wp-admin and ftp details in the email.


joecanti Purchased

Hi, I’m using your distance calculator for wordpress, and so far it worked great – but running into an issue now: it says it requires more details and doesn’t let the user continue when calculating the shipping price at the checkout, wnd also the basket.

I was just wondering if there are any problems with recent woocommerce updates and the plugin?

A quick reply would be appreciated – my client is keen to get the site back working.

Many thanks, Joe Canti

Thank you for letting me know that this problem was resolved.

my web not show the shipping method for distance rate,, maybe you can help me

my website is babieskingdom.id

Please read the documentation and check your settings.

Please send a message using the contact form on my profile page if you need more support. You need to be able to write in good English.

Hello. This looks like a plugin that fit our needs. I just have some presale questions:

1. We have two options, one is flat rate within 10km and for people 10km outside a point, they pay 10 % of the amount + x multiply with every km. Is this easy to configure?

2. With Delivery Times, is it possible to get a delivery and a pickup time? We rent out products, and pick them up again when desired from the customers.

Thank you in ansvance. I bet you have a new customer pretty soon.

1. This plugin is not designed to allow you to increase the order total by a percentage and this is the first time that this feature has been requested.

2. It’s not possible to add more than one time slot with this plugin. However this is possible with this plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/product-options-for-woocommerce-wp-plugin/7973927.

Would this work for:

1. If customer address is within 12 miles from shop address, then both “Local Delivery ($10)” and “Local Pickup (Free)” are options.

2. If customer address is more than 12 miles away from a shop address, then the only option is “Local Pickup (Free)”.

Would this plugin be able to remove the “Local Delivery ($10)” option for customers that are further than 12 miles away?

This is possible with this plugin. You could rename “Distance Rate Delivery” as “Local Delivery” and “Special Delivery” as “Local Pickup”.


turbotec Purchased

I am not able to configure distance wise shipping rate plugin setting in wordpress admin section. Give me some solutions.

Please read the documentation and check your settings. Please use the contact form on my profile page if you need more support. You need to be able to write in good English if you’d like support.

I don’t want to display shipping as default but whenever I am setting “Show the transport costs only after the address entered” than shipping is not showing before entering address but … it’s also not calculating & showing shipping price after enter Address as well…Please assist me Thanks

The plugin works great when I use this setting. Please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email if you still can’t get this setting to work on your website.

Is this a one-off $17 or &17 per year? Also, are there any plans to add an option where delivery rates change by zip code? I saw you have an app called “WooCommerce Shipping Matrix Rate” that works with zip codes, but my understanding is that it’s for shipping, not local delivery? (we only delivery products within the City using our messengers; we don’t ship via USPS/UPS/Fedex). Please advise. Thanks!

This plugin costs $17. It’s already possible to change delivery rates by zip code.


turbotec Purchased

boss, i need support. we had purchase ur plugin.. but it is not working. please give us support.

we have used in happyon.in. we had installed ur plugin. it is not calculating the delivery cost in km wise.

please reply us as early possible.

Please use the plugin’s documentation and check your settings.

If you still can’t get the plugin to work, please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

You need to be able to write in good English if you want support.

Hello, I purchased this to use with my multi vendor site but there I don’t see an option for vendors to actually create a distance rate rule for their own store?

That is not part of this plugin’s functionality.


jjwest88 Purchased

Hi There – not sure if I’m doing something wrong but i just can’t get this plugin to work… Keeps bringing up the error message (i.e shipping unavailable) no matter what settings I use. any pointers would be much appreciated…

site is http://thatflowershop.getsetgotest.com/



It works perfectly when I test it!

I have read through your documentation and cannot get this plugin to work.

I set up the Distance Rate Delivery and do not see any new shipping method on the checkout page. Here are my settings: http://imgur.com/a/WKAbf

I’m trying to set it up so someone is charged $40 ONLY if they are within a 12 mile radius. Otherwise they have an option to ‘Pickup’.

Please advise.

I used the ftp credentials.

Can you try using filezilla? It works for me here. So I think it might have to do with the ftp application you are using.

Try using the sftp protocol – and using port 2222


cnyapps Purchased


I installed and configured your plugin, but it is not working as intended. Even after setting a distance it still allows orders to be made beyond the radius.

Can you please advise?



cnyapps Purchased

Yes, of course I read the documentation. Why does it allow users to still place an order that are located beyond the miles that I set from the store ? How would you charge a flat rate ie. $5 for up to 8 miles?


cnyapps Purchased

PS I also added a Google API instead of using the default

It does not allow users to place an order using the delivery rate outside the maximum distance in the rules when I test the plugin.

To charge a flat rate of $5 for up to 8 miles, you would enter the fixed cost as $5, the minimum distance as 0 and the maximum distance as 8.


There is a problem with the plugin when calculating the distance to an address that is unknown on Google Maps.

Our customers enter a house name, street, town and postcode into the checkout, but if the house is not found on Google Maps (uk), then the calculation is not triggered.

For example, if they enter Unknown House, Westminster, London, SW1A 1AA – maps will not find anything, and the user can’t go through the checkout.

Our customer has found that he’s losing a lot of orders and customers are calling him because of this.

Can a flag be put into the settings to just work on the postcode?



I don’t think that Google Maps API works with just a postcode.

It does, so I’ve gone in and changed the code manually. I’ll have to update this every time you release a new version unfortunately.

Most of the updates are just adding new features so you don’t actually need to download the updates.

Ever since i got your Distance rate delivery plugin ,it has not worked for once,I requested your support but got no response ,maybe you can help this time .I have followed all instructions in the documentations .But the Plugin google map reading isn’t sensitive to any address both at the backend and front end of the site ,the map just remain static .The world map is what it displays all the time .

Please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

Pre-Sales Question:

I have a client who wants to start delivering their goods themselves. Sometimes larger orders need to be carried on 2 or 3 vans which, of course, doubles or triples the transport costs. Is it possible to create a rule that works out how much space the goods take up and so how many vans are needed and, therefore, what the total transport cost is going to be?

I look forward to hearing

You can create rules dependent on volume with this plugin so you could create 3 rules (rule 1 for 1 van, rule 2 for 2 vans and rule 3 for 3 vans).

Hello, Please can I contact you regarding some custom development work for this plugin to be used for a site of mine?

Also, thank you for your quick reply :)

I’m too busy to write that plugin for you.

When do you think you would have time?

When do you think you would have time?

I have lots of features that I would like to add to my plugins so I don’t think that I’ll ever have time.

Dear support,

I have purchased your Add On and created a product in my shop. It works nicely.

But when I add a second product in my shop this product does not have the calculation triggered.

I can’t find the setting per product for your add on and I don’t think it is there.

Could you tell me what might be the problem ?

Thanks in advance