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I love to see the live demo page if you’ve one. PLEASE.

We appreciate your interest in our plugin. Presently we don’t have a demo set up however it should be available in few days. Please generate a ticket with us and we will inform you as soon as demo is available. At the moment you can check screenshots of the plugin.

Hi, I’ve just installed this new plugin to my site and I am getting this error. The plugin won’t even activate :S

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’=’ in /home/mclothin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/DBC-PRO/class/class-manage-discount.php on line 51”

Line 51 of the code reads – var datepicker_icon = ’<?PHP =plugins_url(’../images/calendar.png’, FILE)?>’;

We appreciate your purchase. Its difficult to provide support via comments. Please generate a ticket at and we will assist you.

Your ticket has been updated and new version is available at codecanyon now for download. The bug has been addressed in the update. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via support system, in case you need any further help.

Can this be applied to User Roles or Groups ?

- turner2f

The support team will be in touch with you on the ticket. DBC PRO plugin changes the value in “sale price” field of the product directly in database instead of just overriding it. This enables you to use any woocommerce add-on that works well with default woocommerce such as groups plugin ( or user role (

For more questions please feel free to respond on the ticket.

Thanks for the reply.

Sounds very promising.

Can you please create a more permanent DEMO of the plugin, as only having 1 hour is not enough to “stress test” everything. Also I was at a meeting last night and did not get a chance to try it out before the login expired.


1) – Can the discount “countdown timer” be for specific Groups/User Roles ?


2) – If a person is not logged in will they see the regular price ?


3) – Is the “Countdown timer” optional ?


4) – Can the discount be applied to individual products as opposed to categories ?


5) – I am curious if there is a way to apply wholesale discounts for BOTH the “Regular Price” and “Sale Price” to ONE Group.

At the moment, it appears as if you can ONLY apply the “Regular Price” or the “Sale Price” to ONE Group, but NOT both.


6) – Are there any plans to display the Original price alongside the Wholesale price as an option ?


7) – Does this work with the “Grouped Products” variation in WooCommerce ?


8 ) – Can certain items be excluded from wholesale rates?


9 ) – Can this plugin work with Bundles ( “grouped products” ) and Downloads ?


10 ) – There may be a case where we would want to allow “Company A” to have discounts applied to BOTH the ”Regular Price” and ”Sale Price”.

While allowing “Company B” to have discounts applied to just the ”Sale Price”.

Is this possible?


- turner2f

Sorry for the amount of questions. It is just that I have not had a chance to try out this plugin as yet. I need a more permanent version of the DEMO and time to test it thoroughly.


On a different CodeCanyon plugin I ran into two (2) significant issues and want to ask you if your plugin does the same…


1) – It appears as if the other plugin causes the “Child Products” within WooCommerce’s “Grouped” (bundled) products to show up as FREE.

Once I deactivated the plugin the correct prices were displayed for the “Child Products”.

2) – I also noticed that when a Group (or User Role) is assigned with a Wholesale Rate for the “Regular Price”, that doing so removes the “On Sale” ribbon and the “Original / regular” prices from being displayed on the product’s thumbnail and the single product page.

Is this normal ?

- turner2f

@turner2f – We have responded to all your questions, please reply on email in case you have any further questions, we’re happy to help.

Hi, this plugin allows to increase prices for all products in the store a % ? It would be very useful… Thanks

As its a discount plugin, it enables you to apply discount to all products in one go in percentage or fixed amount.

Hi I just purchased the plugin but when I upload it, it fails.

‘The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.’

Why would this be happening?

any chance of a reply here? I have also submitted a ticket a couple of days ago but no answer!!!

Customer service is terrible I want a refund

Does it support 2.3 Woo? I would like to buy

I have a question before I buy your plugin I want to offer incremental discount. So it might be $10 off per item.

e.g. For a certain product that costs $50. Buy 5 and get $10 off = $240 Buy 6 and get $20 off = $280 Buy 7 and get $30 off = $320 Buy 8 and get $40 off = $360

So for every extra product purchased another $10 is added to the discount. I want to do it by dollar value and not by percentage.

Thanks you,



Can we be able to sell items for example: 1 item for $18, 2 items for $25 or 3 items for $33.


read below !

hello, I’ve applied 10% discount on this category but nothing happend…why ?

Good morning, I wonder if your plug suits my needs. In Spain there is a tax that we have to apply the autonomous companies, but not to private customers, the income tax (19%). I need a box that you can dial the customer in the payment page to define their status as company and mark a discount of 19% of the amount of the shopping cart is applied.

This is possible with the plugin?

Thank you very much !!

I bought this plugin one month ago, seen bugs that make it unusable for me, wrote to the support and still have any news…

There does not appear to be any active support for this plugin and it does have significant bugs. I have had no response on the Author’s own support ticket system for a month.

Hello. I’ve applied 10% discount but nothing happend. Any solution?

Hello? Any solution. Ticket created… but no answer received.

Beware, this plugin is a scam!

Please Respons to ticket show price #6683… its been over 2 weeks now!

Hello, I would like to ask if the plugin is working and if it has support because all the comments are very old and not very good. Nikos

Hi would like a refund, this plugin really doesn’t work.

hi. i submit a ticket for support in 15days ago but there is no answer yet !!!

AFTERSALES QUESTION: Help after install and activation of this plugin i set 1 discount and my site crashed. Now on shop page no prices showing. On product page same problem.

Please advise this plugin work with new version wordpress? woocommerce?

Awaiting soonest reply, TommyKoncept

? Any follow up my webshop is down cuz of this module…

??? still alive?