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I am still waiting to get a reply to my concern that I sent yesterday. It has been more than 24 hrs.

we have fixed the issue on your site, please check. usually we respond within 24 hours but some times it takes up to 48 hours.

Thank you. It is working now.

Thanks and Please don’t forget to rate our support on codecanyon.

Is this work for multi vendor and multi products site? All the products belongs to vendors, not me. Example: Buyer from Country JP buy ProductA from Vendor1 cost $10 located in PH, buy ProductA from Vendor2 cost $70 located in PH. Can you handle separate products and locations like this?

This case like me is applied to other user who installed multi vendor plugin.

Hi, can i create & print DHL label with that plugIN?

Best regards

Dear Sirs, does this plugin allow me to choose different shippment methods (i.e. UPS) for specific shipping classes? I.e. I need to have a shipping class “DHL” (=used with this plugin) and a shipping class “UPS” (=used with another plugin. Thanks for an answer, regards, MS

I’m unable to reset my password on your support site. There is no link to perform the reset included in the email?

We’re having an issue getting the DHL shipping method to appear under Shipping Methods in the Shipping Zones. Can you help?

Hey, is it also possible to use DHL Paket with this Plugin? I’ve seen Wooforce has an extra plugin for DHL Paket.

Thanks for your help!

Hi does this work on woocommerce 2.6.x?

they have changed the shipping method code since 2.6…


www89ee Purchased


our shop is – https://iris-janvier.com/en/shop/

I have configured and added the DHL shipping plugin but its not showing. Currently i set it to DEBUG mode.

Please help. This is urgent.


www89ee Purchased

Test with this product, this one has weight option added. https://iris-janvier.com/en/shop/bracelet-bil/


Does this plugin do the following:

Connect website (woocommerce) with DHL so that when customer order something, the order gets straight to DHL so that they can ship the products as my products will be warehoused and distributed by DHL

Looking for an early response

I sent you an open ticket about the plugin. Please respond.

Hello does this plugin work with woocommerce 3.0 shipping zones and connect to DHL account?

Hi, i been using this plugin for a year. But recently there’s error since after woocommerce updated. the error:

Warning: Declaration of FSTWC_Shipping_DHL::calculate_shipping($package) should be compatible with WC_Shipping_Method::calculate_shipping($package = Array)

Because of this, at the shopping cart page, the country/state/shipping drop-down is not working. Customer has to type the country themselves and refresh many times, only then the country drop-down shows.

Appreciate that you could assist on this matter as soon as possible.


I had to download and install this plugin again on my site and it is telling me it is a corrupt file. Is there a problem with compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce?

Hi, Since after the woocommerce updated. Your plugin is not functioning. The shipping rate cannot be calculate. appreciate you could get back to me as soon as possible.

Hi, when are you updating your plugin for woocommerce 2.6 or above?

Can the plugin create & print labels?

Hi, when i activate the plugin, in checkout shipping options are grayed out. Can you please investigate?