Discussion on WooCommerce Designer Pro

Discussion on WooCommerce Designer Pro

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Hi there,

where can i upload the blank image for example of a t-shirt which i want to use in the editor ?

You do not have a support license. Please purchase your license so we can help you.

Good morning, I am using your regularly purchased plugin. I have an issue with touch screen monitors when customizing the item. When I add an image or text, I cannot move or resize them. I have to use the mouse. However, this doesn’t happen with tablets or mobile phones. Is there a part of the code that can be modified to instruct the plugin to behave on desktop computers as it does on mobile devices? Please let me know which part of the code to modify, and I will do it myself. Thank you.

With touch screen monitors you cannot edit objects, sorry.

It is possible that updating the fabric.js library could solve the problem, but it would require rewriting a large part of the editor code.


rajgawdi Purchased

Hi, is there option for multiple(more than 2) type of design? currently there is only two type of design front and back. i have multiple card to print different different qr code on design.

It is not possible to add more than two sides, sorry.

When I upload design and press on Save Button then it keep loading with message “Saving the design wait a moment” and never save a design. I read your comment suggesting to someone for installing the Free SSL plugin I already did but have no success so far.

Please check your email.


mail589 Purchased

Hello, i have one little issue: in the designer the price is not visible, like in your demo. I think is only a litle switch in configuration, but i cannot find. Could you give me a hint, please?

Tx Bought via this license

Send us your url to the email: so that we can help you.

Hello, i have one little issue: in the designer the price is not visible, like in your demo. I think is only a litle switch in configuration, but i cannot find. Could you give me a hint, please?


You do not have a support license. Please purchase your license so we can help you.

may i know only can design front & back of shirt? able to add on & design left & right sleeve?

T-shirt sleeves cannot be printed, only two sides can be added.

I have an issue with designer where once a design is saved it doesn’t load the image and hangs with the loader image spinning? Just curious of you know a solution? Thank you.

You may have a problem with SSL protocol. Install simple ssl plugin:

Oleander Purchased

When you double click on the text, it duplicates the exact same text again on the mobile versions. It does this each time the text is clicked. How can this be fixed? It is so impossible to use the mobile version of this editor.

We have tested it and it works correctly, can you please tell us which version and mobile phone you have this problem with?

Oleander Purchased

Please watch this video to understand the problem.

This is observed on all Android phones. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S20, Xiaomi 12T Pro and Hauwei. It is the same everywhere. No such problems on iPhones. You made a good online designer, but it becomes useless on Android phones. Apparently it is the fabric.js library that is causing this problem

Changing the Fabrics.js version to the min. 2.0 is supposed to fix the issue, according to this topic:

Nowadays it is very important that online designer can be used on mobile phones, as it is half of all customers.

I’m sorry but we can’t update to the Fabric 2.0 library because we would have to rewrite a lot of the code.

The most we can do is offer you a refund if you wish.

If you want refund please send request in this link:

Why is there no settings for ‘Canvas output height’ in the Parameter settings? I see the option to adjust ‘Canvas output width’ but no height settings.

Secondly, is there any special calculations for the “Canvas height and width when calculating the canvas output sizes? Or is there no relation or calculation needed.

I’d really love to get a reply for this soon on this. Thank you.

The design parameters has absolutely nothing to do with the output of the file you create. We are selling a product and we cannot sell ur based on the height because we can’t set it in the backend. I am referring to the output height not the front end editor

We are sorry but what you need is not possible, the most we can do is offer you a refund if you wish.

If you want refund please send request in this link:

What do you mean its not possible you guys added it? you guys did it for the width why not just add it for the height as well it only makes sense. Why offer me a refund for me to leave disgruntled with a review of this app that will be ‘almost a good app if not for one simple silly addition that the developers are clearly just too lazy to add’. i dont get how im the only one advocating for this to be done.

how do i change the size from mm to inches?

I figured this out already.

Like I said I figured this part out…. What I need a real answer on is to why is there no option for output height and why don’t we have any way to calculate what the height will be based on the width we can manually set.

I really need help setting this up. i got it several months ago and i still have not been able to get it setup

my real problem is pretty clear I explained it twice in a previous thread. I’m setup ready to go just can’t manually set output height or calculate what it will be once its output.

The height and width you have to set in the design parameter, see an example of sizes:

No not for the design front end editor. I find it interesting you’ll all both parameters for the front end editor but only allow just the width for export. What I need the settings for is the output not the design editor.

hi when a customer adds a design can we put an additional price?

That option is not available, sorry.

too bad your plugin is nice it just lacks that and it would be great, you lose a buyer

I’m interested in buying this plugin , but it seems two years is a long time for you not to have any updates considering all the feature request and suggestions that you getting. Do you have any update plans any time soon?

There are no specific dates, we work on other projects.

I was asking you about the updates because I noticed that the instructions that come with this plugin don’t explain what the features do. The purposes of the Design tab, Parameter tab, Categories tab, Image filters tab, Calendar tab, etc, None of these tabs have been explained in the instructions, except that you showed the tabs in the instructions but never explained what they do. You have 3 YouTube Videos on this plugin, but then, you disabled the comment section, so this way nobody could ask you any questions regarding the features,.Do you have any well-detailed instructions that explain what the tabs or features of the plugins are? There are significant tabs in the plugin for sure, but what is their purpose?

Hi, is it possible to set multiple variabile on custom product? Like in the attached picture? We purchased pricom theme with the designer pro preinstalled

It’s not possible, sorry.

hello, we cant install woocommerce on our wordpress interface is there any other doc, could you provide us please. because we cant understant your user-manual into your ziip files. best regards.

To install the plugin please see the user manual:!/installation

We don’t know what your problem, please explain it with more details to help you.

Will you update to be compatible with WP 6?

The plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress / WooCommerce.

Is it possible to change font parameter from px to pt? I’m stamp maker from Thailand we usually use pt in font like 8pt 10pt to 48pt. Thank you

or possible to change the drag drop menu form 22px to 16pt (22px=16pt)

It’s not possible, the editor only works with fonts in pixels, sorry.

Hi, I created pages and asign those at setting. But the editor page is a normal wordpress page. What did I wrong and how can I fix this issue?

The designer page will not show any design because you have to select a custom product from you shop page, see image:

You have to add the designs first from the administrator and then add to a product.

You can see these help videos:

Create pages for the plugin. Adding fonts, cliparts and calendars:

Create a parameter and a new design. Add the design to a product:

You can also install the demos of the products:!/install_demos

is there a video tutorial for Image Mask? I don’t understand this guide:

is absolutely bad explained! I don’t have some settings in my Photoshop. i nedd to make some mask picture, i hope you can help me.

I don’t know of a better explained tutorial, sorry.

Try an older version of Photoshop as the tutorial is several years old.


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