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Downloaded and installed but image library is empty. How and where can I download those graphics templates for business cards, banners, etc? Thank you sir.

Check your mail.


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Questions: 1. Can certain options be omitted in the text section, such as text strike-through and over-line? I don’t want these options. 2. How can I get rid of FRONT icon from showing on the designer, since I am only designing on one side and it is not necessary? 3. I need to allow EPS files uploaded. Is this possible? 4. The Radius Curved text max amount is not enough, I need the size larger. 5. The Text size max amount of 96 is too small, I need larger amounts. 6. How can I show product behind the design area? I have a 30 inch circular product but only want a 24 inch circular design area in the center. 7. Tags are not working for searching cliparts that I have added. My clipart has tags assigned but it’s not being used for the search function. 8. How can I have the Clipart and clipart folders in designer display in alphabetical order?

It is not possible to hide text options, although you could do so with css rules. I could hide the thumbnails by css too.

It is not possible to load EPS files sorry.

The search for cliparts or templates are by the assigned name, not by tags.

You need many changes that require programming, but we are sorry to tell you that we do not make customizations.


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Questions: 1. I must be able to download a user’s original files from an order. How do I do this? 2. The images from Unsplash, Pixaby, Pexels, and OpenClipart are searchable through tags, so I would think that clipart can be searchable as well through tags.

Thank you for offering to hide the front thumbnails through css. Please do that or tell me what to do to hide this myself.

You can download the designs of a user in the order. See the image:

Pixabay images, etc have a different search engine.

Add this css rule to hide the front thumbnail:

My Server have not cpanel. Only connect via command line.

can you tell me the folders.. I will set!

You have everything installed again and everything is working. See:

do you have have more business card template ? or can I buy and install ? pls help me source many template to buy.

your system allow install vactor design ?

We have some .CDR format template, can we use those ?

The plugin only accepts these image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG.


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What can I do if I want to highlight the Download option in the panel? Customers are not interested in searching for the Download button and the download is taking a screenshot of the location.

Can you help me ?

We do not understand well what you need, to highlight where the downloads are you can change the icon in the my designs tab, adding a css rule. See the example:

Have seen Online Designer Tool It is very nice But I did not find tools to do a mask for a picture on another You could add this property ? The program on phone is inconvenient can be modified to be easier to use?

The next update will have the mask layer feature, but we do not make customizations, we’re sorry.