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Version 1.9.21 – Released.

Added new action in the attribute actions tab: Show product sides.

Added new option in style settings: Enable / Disable auto snap mode.

Added options in the style settings: Auto snap tolerance and color of the guides.

Added a option to set the design title to users in the editor.

Added new button to the my designs page that allows users to change the design title.

Added a option in the parameters that allows you to hide background color of design when generating the output files.

Fixed: “Layout type radio checkbox” attribute values show the slug when added with created taxonomies.

Fixed: When updating the product, new changes to attribute actions are not saved correctly.

Fixed: When using the quick edit option on parameters and products, the set values are cleared.

Fixed: Fonts in grouped text were not embedded in the PDF output.

Fixed: When a group is duplicated from side to side the objects are added backwards.

Fixed: The link of custom products is not correct with simple permalink structure setting.

Fixed: Users cannot upload images to the editor with the extension in capital letters.

Fixed: In IE browser, position of the page is jumping from bottom to center in big designs.

Fixed: The coordinates are not correct when aligning rotated objects.

Fixed: The coordinates are not correct when scaling objects with zoom.

Fixed: New session cannot be started with registered users on some servers.

Fixed: Several no important style bugs.

Check: Add to cart with CMYK enabled when ImageMagick is not installed on the server to avoid crashes.

Updated: Business card demo with new action “Show product sides”.

Updated: User manual & language file.


Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider them.


Arifje__ Purchased


I have a question regarding WCDP, can i load this without woocommerce aswell ?

kind regards, Arie

No, WooCommerce is necessary. If you want you can disable purchases by enabling the option: WC Designer Pro> Settings> Hide add to cart button in the editor

Hello, I’m having issue with my plugin update. Error! Envato API error: Unauthorized operation – please use a valid token with the required permissions. Reason scope required purchase:download

Also, I cannot delete my plugin for update because there are a lot of setting I already made.

Create a token with permission enabled “Download the user’s purchased items”, see user manual:!/license

You can also download the new version from your account, delete the plugin and install it again.

In no way will you lose your configuration, parameters or designs, you can rest assured.

I’m tried to update and I got this message now. Error! Envato API error: 404 – The purchase you have requested is not downloadable at this time.

There a block on downloads if you have tried to update more than 20 times. It takes 24 hours to get reseted:

Try after 24 hours or you can update manually.


vezve Purchased

Hello please consider when people are designing and they switch template their progress still remains instead of them starting all over.

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider them.


YOUKET Purchased

How can i use plugin more faster ?? it takes long time for Loading

Please tell us your url in a private message or at so that we can verify it.