Discussion on WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments

Discussion on WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments

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Hey – 2 questions:

1 – Is the Deposit and Balance payments taken in a single Order ID? 2 – Once the order is made and the Deposit taken, can additional products be added to the Order by admin?


Hi, 1.All balance payment will be in separate child order, you can see the under parent admin order list 2. No product can be added after deposit is made for the order.

if you need any customisation, please write

Does the plugin calculate and manage the payment of the remaining amount after the deposit?

after deposit, you can settle remains balance from back end or mark the order complete.

Could you provide a screenshot of how the remaining balance is settled? In the backend demo, you cannot access the edition of an order, so you cannot see the process. Thank you so much

Do you handle taxes correctly?

Can the deposit have taxes?

So are they calculated only in the total of the order or also the payments?

The legislation of my country obliges me to generate an invoice each time a payment is made, so each payment must have its taxes broken down.

In the detail of the backend orders I see a field “cart_deposit_amount” that says deposit, but it is a simple number, it does not have broken down taxes.

for above need you need customisation you can directly contact us for details. you can share complete requirement and get estimated time and cost

I deduce from your answer that the plugin does not perform any tax calculations. Taxes are only calculated by WooCommerce for the order total. Taxes on the advance or the remaining amount are not processed.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Can deposit be set to cart total instead of per product?

In a screenshot it seems so but in the demo there is no such option.

Is it possible to access a back end demo?

Hi, Yes you can set deposit on cart total, you can see demo here adding product in cart, you can also access backend demo here

I am interested in your plugin, however I am a bit concerned since there has been no update since 2021. I would like to inquire if this plugin is still being updated? When is the next update?

Hi, yes plugin is being updated and it’s supporting latest version of wordpress and woocommerce don’t worry about that, if you need any help related to plugin, we are just an email away. You can write

Thank you for you timely reply. When will there be a Envato update?

plugin is already on Envato, which is compatible with latest version of woocommerce and wordpress

Presales question


I’m after a deposit plugin that allows the admin to create an order (for example as they are taking a phone order). They can then select the product (in this case it’s an event (event tickets plus)) and specify the order as a deposit order.

They will then do the chasing manually, but for bookkeeping, they would need the ability to change the order from deposit to to completed.

Is this possible with your plugin?


yes, it is possible with the plugin, you can change order status of deposit order please have a look at as per your need, if you need any help after that you can write us directly at

presale questions

1) I take orders via phone/text message. I need to add payment plan via the admin/edit order view. can this plugin add payment plan to an order not created via the customer checkout?

2) Is it posible to have the initial payment be a fixed ammount, and then switch to percentage payents with the remainder ammount?

Example: $275 purchase. Set $75 deposit and then 4 payments of 25% each ($50) of remainder. $275 -$75 = $200 $200 / 4 = $50

Hi, these features are not available with this plugin however we can customise it for you, for more details write us to

thank you

Hi, This is presale question, I want option like following,

01. 25% advance payment

02. Another option buyer can choose 25% or Full payment.

Please make sure. I want this option in checkout page only.

Hi, admin can configure payments in 2 parts it could be any combination of making 100% payments. for more details please contact


Query before purchasing: I plan on using your plugin for this example.

If Fixed cart Rate deposit total is set to $10 and If user carts total Is $100,

User in checkout will be forced to pay a deposit of $10, then will have to pay $90 in cash in person upon delivery…

-Can deposit be forced to collect in one payment method, and the rest collect in person via cash (upon delivery)?

Hi, Thanks for this presale query, It is totally upto admin how he wants to collect the payments, user can pay via link on my account orders list or pay on delivery and ask to mark their payment complete. If you have any other query please write


@Crevol, Please check Email.

Hi, Does you issue resolved by support team ?

Hello, i want to make sure before buying. is it possible to set the deposit amount manually per order not based on product ? using the custom fields and setting status to deposit programmatically ?

Hi, you can set fixed or percentage based deposit amount from wordpress dashboard as admin.If you you want allow to fill deposit amount by user that is part of customization, please write us for other details. Thanks Crevol


Pre-sale question:

Is your plugin compatible with Listeo directory theme @

I’m interested in purchasing your plugin but I only need it if it’s compatible with the Listeo directory theme.

1) In case it’s not compatible do you offer refund? 2) Do you offer customization?

Thanks in advance,

— GM

Hi, We didn’t tested for this theme, but yea plugin is compatible with the woocommerce, if any issue with theme compatiblity we will provide free support for existing features you can also write us for any query or help


Hello! I’m looking for something to client down pay a fixed price and them pay the rest of it personally on location. So I have some questions. 1) Once the customer pay the initial deposit to what status the order is updated? And does tthe customer and the admin get tansactional emails? 2) What happens to the second part of the order? Can it be set to ‘do nothing’, since it will be charge manually?

Hi, 1.after initial payment order status remains pending untill final payment of the order, yes admin and customer both get transaction email from the woocommerce store. 2.if customer pay remaining balance order will be moved to processing, yes admin can change order status any time.after collecting money on door step(COD) admin can change order status manually. customer has option to pay manually from order details page . let us know if you have any query at Thanks

Pre sale question.

Could I have no pre payment and the remainder due in 1 payment (later).


Hi,Yes you can do this just set downpayment as 0%

Hello, We have Woodmart as a theme. It is apparently not working together as we have deactivated all plug ins and than changed the theme. With a new theme it was working. What can we do?

I am using plugin to make the checkout in one page, so is this plugin could work with our case.

the user at our site, click on Add to cart and then convert direct to checkout page

also our checkout page contain more option that increase the price

could we able make as this scenario: 1. after user click add to cart 2. he will converted to checkout page 3. user choose all product option 4. choose payment method such as visa 5. could we add an option in checkout page that user will choose to make full payment or depoist with percentage value of amount

Hi, I suppose you are using any third party plugin to convert add to cart into checkout, I am sorry to say but our plugin will not work in your case, plugin is fully compatible with woocommerce we also offer customization on reasonable price,please write us for more details.


Pre-sale: Is the plugin compatible with the Amelia booking plugin. I want clients to select deposit or full payment on the checkout page. But only restricted to One product. The rest of the products are all with full payment.

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product, and yes you can enable deposit for one product only, and i am sorry to say that but we never tested product with amelia booking plugin as there are many third party plugin and it is almost impossible to test compatibility with every plugin, plugin is compatible with woocommerce booking plugin


Presale question: is your plugin compatible with WooCommerce Bookings and WooCommerce Product Add-ons (with cost for add-on) ?

yes, it is compatible with almost every woocommerce products developed by woocomerce

Thanks again for your quick response I have another question. You said the order is splitted in two after payment. Can I apply a reduction on the second order and validate it manually ? The purpose is to pay the second part in a physical store (with reduction for loyalty program for example).

Yes, you can mark the main order complete from the admin.

Hello there.

Is it possible to set up multiple payments qith this plugin. Such as 33% deposit, then 2nd payment of 33% in 30 days. Then remaining payment 34% in 60 days.

Also can we set it up so the payments autopay from the customer, instead of them having to remember to pay.?

Please let me know. Thank you

Hi. This plugin only break payment in two parts, if you want deposit the amount based on days we are available for customization for more details please write at

Thank you

Presale question: Hi, is your plugin able to charge a fix deposit amount (e.g. $200) even if the cart value is less than $200? Our vehicle rental charges a fix $200 deposit per booking, the rental is $90 a day.

Hi, No, deposit is based on product price or leas than product price as fixed deposits but we are open for Customization for more details contact us


Does the WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments plugin work with Woocommerce Product Bundles?




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