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Hello, can I integrate this plugin with my mobile apps via REST Api? please give me answer ASAP i need to know to start working on my client project.


The data is stored in custom fields “_delivery_date” and “_delivery_time” of order post type, so you just need to use REST API to pull them out. For more info about working with custom fields in REST API, please see WordPress’s docs.

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Can i do That?

I have buy delivery time and time slot add-ons

I want to restrict number of shipping for time slot?

Hi, there’s a bug in the current version. I’ve just noticed that. Will fix it asap.

Regarding the restriction of deliveries per slot, unfortunately it’s not supported. We support only number of deliveries per day.

Best regards, Anh

By default it is not showing on ceckout page, how can i show this on checkout page

Does your theme uses a custom checkout template? Can you send me more info (or admin account) in support page?

Hi Rilwis, great plugin! However I have 1 pre-sale question. Is it possible in the backend to get an overview of all upcoming deliveries? Or is there somehow a summery of all upcoming order dates?

Thnx in advanced!

Cheers, Danny

Bad support here?

Never mind… 12 days of no response ???

Hi Danny,

Sorry for late reply. I rarely checks the comments for supporting :(. In case you need support, there’s a support tab above that you can send me the questions.

Regarding your question above, unfortunately there’s no reports for the deliveries yet. That’s a good point and I will make a note to do it later.

Best regards, Anh

I have noted on the shortcode to put in to other pages as <?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[wdts_shipping_time id=”ORDER_ID”]’ ); ?> However, how can i get current ORDER_ID?

also is there anyway that i can set weekdays and weekends as different timelsots?

when a customer chooses a time does it disable the time slot so no other user can choose it to avoid double booking?

Yes, it’s doable. The plugin has an option to limit the number of shipments per day. So you can enter 1 shipment per day and it will blocks that day when an user selects.


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Nice to have an updated version but…. no changelog? I don’t feel comfortable updating the plugin without knowing in advance what is changed.

I’m working on that. This is a big update that fixes all the reported bugs that I received.

I’m working on that. This is a big update that fixes all the reported bugs that I received.


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Here we go again… what is new in v2.0.1? When are you going to have a changelog?


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+1 for the changelog. :)

AFTER SALES: Hello, is it possible to display selected time and date on the woocommerce order page in my account dashboard?

Thanks Tommy

Found it, very good documentation! Recomend plugin for sure! Thanks nice work unlike some others on here. Good luck!