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Can I set this in every product page?

This is used to set deliver time for order, not for each product.

Hi i have purchased both plugins, but still can’t do what i need, “restrict by hours”, please advise because rifht now i have duplicate options with no solution, i dont see any examples in the documentation to restrict by hours

just to let you know, we need to setup different times and dates for a week cycle, thanks

I think it’s not supported for now. You can enable the date range, but the max/min hours are applied for all dates.

i wrote an email to you, im expecting an answer. Regards

Dear i have a problem since the last update of woocommerce 2.6.14 the plugin does’nt works, when i select required and save the case is already not checked and i cannot change option what can be the problem ?


Can you send me the admin account to check?

Hi there, this is great plugin.

But can it do this:

1) if current time is 11 a.m. a user cant order the product for 8 a.m. the same day. 2) To create product it takes 7 hours, so the time slots need to be shown 7 hours ahead, is this possible?

Thank you! Quick response would help a lot.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to restrict by time depending on the current time. The plugin only have a restriction for max/min hours.

Hi, im using a WooCommerce Point of Sale and i need insert in this plugin the field to my employee can set the date to delivery. How i insert?


If I set up 2 days for delivery and weekends without delivery what in situation when user order on friday? User will can check delivery date on monday? or on wednesday (2 days for delivery + 2 weekend days when there is no delivery) ?

It depends on do you disable weekends. If you disable, then it will be delivered on Wed, otherwise, on Mon :)

Great! So me or my customer will buy your plugin :) Thanks!

Can this plugin be used to select a pickup date instead of shipping date? I need something for items that I do not ship, yet I let people order online in advance for in store pickup at their convenience.

Yes, you can change the text label on the field to let people know it’s a “pickup date”, not “delivery date”.

I saw on the feauture of this plugin Ability to limit number of shipments per day, can i limit number of shipments per hour too???

Unfortunately there’s no option to do that :(

Hi Do you have a demo of these plugins I can take a look at please?

Sorry I don’t have it for now :(

Is the plugin compatible with 4.7.5 and woocommerce 3.0?

Hi Rilwis,

I want to purchase this plugin but i have few queries before I do so. Please answer these and if the plugin is useful to me, I will surely make the purchase.

1) Can I create multiple delivery time slots to be chosen by there client while checking out. Ex : For 15th July, customer can see multiple delivery slots available such as : 9 am to 10 am , 5 pm to 7 pm, etc.

2) Can disable the feature on specific dates and days.

If the plugin can do above things, I will buy immediately. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for asking the questions.

1) Yes, it’s possible, but not with this plugin. Instead, you should use the WooCommerce Delivery Time Slots. It’s my plugin, for serving this purpose.

2) Yes, absolutely. Restriction is one of the strength of this plugin.


Is it possible to place the date picker just below the delivery selection (in the order review box) ? instead of after the adress.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hi, it’s not possible at the moment.


Did you received my support email about disabling the picker with “advanced shipping” plugin ?

Ooops, can you send the question again. Probably I missed it.

Ok, I just sent it again. Let me know if you received it well or if I have to put it here.

Thanks. Will answer you now via the email.

Hey I have a question. I put the shortcode of shipping date selector on the product page and header menu. But when I choose the date in the header menu and go to product page or checkout I don’t see the selected date. I have to set the date again in checkout. So it’s useless plugin. I am looking for some possibility for having one global setting, which can be changed wherever I put the shortcode. Is it possible to achieve that with your plugin? I would like to achieve the same functionality as this website – you can set the delivery date on the homepage, whatever product page, category page, checkout page. And that’s how it should work properly. Your plugin doesn’t do that in my case. I use woocommerce 2.6.9 and the newest version of your plugin. Thx.

Hi, the functionality should work as you expected. I will check it and update the plugin asap.


Thx. Sorry for me being a little harsh but I was a little mad :-) Anyways I appreciate your work and I think that you should be paid much more for this plugin. I would love to know when you check and update the plugin. If you don’t find such problem please let me know because then it is a local problem in my wordpress installation and I will have to investigate the problem. For now I couldn’t found any conflicting plugins.

That’s totally fine. I’m still looking it. Will update it as soon as I can.

Does your plugin follow the timezone set by WordPress? If not, is there any snippet that can do so? This is one requirement that must be met. Thank you.

Currently it’s not. I’m working on a Pro version of the plugin which adds more features and settings. It will be released on