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anaduy Purchased

hello , i bought your plugin “easy to translate” but i cant find spanish lang, and nothing in the documentation. Plis give us an indication. Thanks

Hello, you can use poedit, WPML, or Loco Translate to translate any of the strings within the plugin. Each offers a different way to do it, and will all work equally as well!


anaduy Purchased

i dont wont to use any plugin. Where and how i can change the .po

Hello, then you should use poedit. The language files are in the ‘languages’ folder in the plugin. There are a number of tutorials online for using poedit, which will explain it better than I can on here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=poedit+tutorial&oq=poedit+tutorial&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2564j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Hi, I have a presales questions:

1. It’s possible to display the calendar always open in static mode? 2. It’s possible to disable a specific slots for a specific day? For example, maybe I have a special event one day that occupies me half a day and I want to disable delivery slots during this specific half day.



1. No, not yet. But on the cards!

2. Only by disabling that day on the slot the day before, then adding it back on again. There’s no way to set a specific date for a specific slot, only days.


besfe70 Purchased


Hello, in what way?


besfe70 Purchased

using flatsome theme latest version and latest version of woocommerce, if your plugin is activated it never shows extra product options, i am not sure it might be you need to check comparability with latest version of woocommerce or it is just the flatsome theme needs to be updated by author

Dates are not selectable for all dates. http://nimb.ws/s4ajI5

That’ll do it! If you can send me the plugin to support@iconicwp.com I will add compatibility ASAP for you

Okay great, sending you now

Thanks, give me some time and I’ll look into it for you.

Our website is under construction. After adding products and going to shopping cart page, when we click on “Proceed to Checkout”, we are not able to go to the Checkout page and a blank page appears. Even in your demo it is the same case. After clicking on proceed to checkout, a blank page appears. Please check and let us know what to do.

I had submitted a ticket. It is more than 16 hours and no reply

Hey, sorry – bit of a queue at the moment but will get to it ASAP! Thanks for your patience.


khongyp Purchased

I have submitted tickets more than two days ago and yet to receive a reply.

Hey, sorry about that – will be going through tickets today!


siete25 Purchased

Hi the delivery time is not showing in the backend, what could be the problem?

Hey, I’ll look into this ASAP and release a patch where required.

Is there any development date on the admin customisation for delivery slots? Sometimes it is necessary for the admin to manually insert or remove a delivery slot and this is still not possible. Please give us an update or create a small tutorial how to implement this (meta box / custom fields etc)

Hey Joe, this is something I will start work on soon. Currently I’m employed full-time, but from June I will be focussing on the backlog of new feature requests for all plugins!

Hi, I be a pre sales question. Is possible to configure different calendars? I need to display 3 different place to pick up the products. Cheers

Hey, you can set up slots that apply only to specific delivery methods, if that would help?

oh yeah!!!


tsjemo Purchased

Hello, the plugin is causing lots of PHP errors:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/footba73/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jck_woo_deliveryslots/inc/admin/wp-settings-framework/wp-settings-framework.php on line 863 Notice: Undefined index: general_setup_position in /home/footba73/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jck_woo_deliveryslots/jck_woo_deliveryslots.php on line 380 Notice: Undefined index: general_setup_position_priority in /home/footba73/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jck_woo_deliveryslots/jck_woo_deliveryslots.php on line 380​

We are using: - PHP 7.0 - WP 4.7.4 - WooCommerce 2.6.14 - WooCommerce Delivery Slots 1.7.4

Please let us know how to solve this. Thanks!

Hey, have you tried disabling other plugins to see if there’s a conflict?


tsjemo Purchased

Hi, just to keep you posted: the last 3 days we did not see this issue in the logs anymore. So case closed, I assume, sorry to “point” this issue!

No problem! As long as all is well


zephyrweb Purchased


I have a problem with javascript process. When I choose the date (select), I receive ajax response but the main.js trigger an exception and say :

“main.min.js:439 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘fragments’ of undefined”

I made a console.log before the problematic line, which show that e.data and data are undefined. You can see this in the next capture :


Can you help me ?

Have a nice day,

Hey, please can you send a message to support@iconicwp.com? Then I can take a look for you!

Friend okay, I’m programming your plugin for a friend and it’s presenting the following error! From: 8:00 to 13:00 in slots it blocks the same day I have to insert other than 13:00 to 8:00 because of this error can help me very happy ficom.

Hello, sorry, I don’t quite understand the question!