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You asked ticket number on my below review:

“This plugin generates error on checkout page and that’s why checkout page is not accessible.

I contacted support 6 days ago but no response.

Poor plugin with poorest support.”

But there is no option to reply on my review so i am sending my ticket number here : 1158834

Please check it and fix it asap.

Hey, replied. Sorry for the delay – I had been away.

Hello, I have a different problem, I receive error on emails which orders not used schedule delivery options.


I use latest version of the plugin

Hey, please email support@iconicwp.com and I’ll help you out!

Hey, I got a mail codecanyon for product update for woocommerce delivery slots But when i enter the licence key, its shows error my purchase code is 4b499d10-c3c1-4760-9c95-5682802cc9f6 please help me to solve those issues


Still it does’nt works, please check this website checkout page http://www.kadalunavu.com

Hey, please reply to the support ticket instead of here. Thanks!

Hey dude, so many people ask you about the possibility of displaying the calendar for delivery date (not the reservation table) on PRODUCT PAGE and you still ignore this request. Believe most people who need order delivery date on their shop are gifting services and really seek for this feature. I can give you the example shop – biggest in Poland with flowers https://www.pocztakwiatowa.pl/en/ – check the flow on this website (it’s not mine website though) . The aim is to inform user from the FIRST MOMENT that he can choose the delivery date. Otherwise with your plugin I have loooots of chat questions “hey, when will you deliver” and we have to explain everyone that they can choose the delivery date. I can’t imagine how many customers we’ve lost because the didn’t know when will we deliver the gift. Because checkout is too far in the process to inform them. So the best feature would be to allow placing the order delivery CALENDAR (not the reservation table) anywhere on the website so we can decide when and where to inform customers that they can choose the date of delivery. I would put it myself on the homepage in the slider, on the product page, on the category page and on the checkout page and always show the already chosen date. If I choose the date on the homepage, the plugin should display the same date on every page where the delivery date picker is displayed.

Well that’s great news :-) I think the settings should be set for the default shipping method. Than in the checkout if customer changes the shipping method, the delivery date will have to reset if the all constraints are not met correctly and customer will have to choose the right delivery date according to selected shipping method. In my case I don’t use different settings for different shipping methods so I don’t even need such functionality but of course some people use it and I understand. Develop the functionality, I assure you will raise sales if you put the magic keyword “order delivery date on product page” in the description of the plugin. I can even renew the support but please do it. Or at least add a “calendar mode” to reservation table shortcode, so people can click the input to open calendar view and choose from calendar view. Because that reservation table calendar view is absolutely useless from UX perspective. Thx dude! best regards!

So, when do you think you will be releasing any updates ? Do you think you could add a calendar view mode for reservation table? Or deliver date shortcode for any page? Thx

Hey, I don’t have a release schedule at the moment, but hope to be making some updates very soon.


I installed the plugin and on my checkout page, the calander appears in the footer. What is wrong here? :)

My page: http://testgelaende.earlytaste.de/kasse/

Thanks and best, Dom

Awesome! What did you do?

We forgot to select a shipping option. Once we selected one, it appeared.

Ah, yes, that will do it. Glad it’s sorted!

The calendar is broken – cannot select days in Chrome. Works in Safari. help??

All fixed!

HI, does this plugin allow you to set different delivery slots for different delivery areas? Thanks

Hey, it does! It allows you to restrict slots to specific shipping methods. So if you have methods set up for your areas, the slots can reflect that.

Great, thanks very much


I need to display a delivery date picker at checkout but only if the user is in a specific geographical area that I define, and only if they select “White Glove Delivery Service” as my shipping method (a renamed “Local Pickup”). Is this feasible?


1. That’s right

2. The fields will only show if the delivery method is selected

Excellent, that’s what I needed. I’ll be grabbing it shortly. Thank you for the help!

There’s quite a few up-to-date screenshots available here: https://iconicwp.com/products/woocommerce-delivery-slots/

Reservation table is not showing correct on our new site. http://mp.indiskart.no/shipping/

I have tried many thing from admin but it is not working.

Hey, please submit a support request to support@iconicwp.com with WP logins.


Our client’s using your plugin at the checkout page at https://www.panimonurkka.fi/

For some reason the dates are not selectable and because of that the clients can’t select time for their delivery either. Could you please check this? I can provide you with login details if you send me email at tuki@helpotkotisivut.fi.

We are using the latest version of the plugin.

Could you please help asap?


Just sent you private message at support@iconicwp.com

Thanks, I will check it out shortly.