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Hi, is it possible to show timeslot using shortcode?

Hey, show it in what way?

Hi there, this is great feature: Disable same day delivery if current time is after (x).

But can it do this:

1) if current time is 11 a.m. a user cant order the product for 8 a.m. the same day. 2) To create product it takes 7 hours, so the time slots need to be shown 7 hours ahead, is this possible?

Thank you! Quick response would help a lot.

Thanks for reply, I mean different. If the current local time in my city 1 p.m. and user selects same day delivery, the available slot should only after 7 hours. Is this possible? We need time to prepare product therefore if user selects delivery time 2 p.m. we will not be able to deliver it.

Yes, same answer as above! You can set a time in minutes from the current time, in which a slot is not available for. So for 7 hours you’d use 420 minutes

Great! Thanks a lot for quick response :) Purchasing now.


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it is a good idea
1- to have global delivery settings for products, and categories.
2- have local setting for each product
take a look at the tm extra product option plugin, I have this custom work done already using freelancers, the problem with the updates
you have very unique plugin, and you can go to higher level of sales, if you can make this plugin more flexible