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Any chance of adding support to have daily deals for a single random product? This would fully automate the process, and keep things fresh and exciting for the customer. Thanks!

Hi F8N1, thanks for your enquiry. We don’t have this feature in the pipeline but will look into what’s involved with adding an option to do that.

Regards, Ben

It doesn’t work. Can i get a refund. I don’t want this plugin.

Installing the plugin …

Update Package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Installing the plugin failed.

AND there is no demo working on your page. And i just read there is no timer also = its not a real deal plugin.


Hi Jane, thanks for your purchase.

I’ve replied to your email about this. Please send us your website details via email and we’ll take a look. Be sure not to post your admin login here :)

Regards, Ben

Our Daily Deals is not showing up on our website, and we are not sure what is wrong? Can you help us out?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing our plugin.

Can you please email us at support@ferntechnology.com with your WP login details and we’ll take a look. Please don’t post them here as anyone will be able to see them.

Regards, Ben

Hello there,

My friend, all deal are finished. Do you have a live demo with running ones?

Thanks, Igor

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment. The front page http://woodailydealsdemo.ferntechnology.biz/ shows what the deals will look like.

You can add deals to the “Dealy Deals1” etc pages via the admin section here: http://woodailydealsdemo.ferntechnology.biz/wp-admin/ – and also get an idea of how the plugin works.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Cheers, Ben

OK Ben, thanks

Is there any way to limit the amount of deals that are available? Scarcity would add a great yet simple dimension to this.

Hi there, thanks for your purchase!

You have full control over the products which will display in the deals for the deal time period, is that what you mean?

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood – if so can you please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Regards, Ben

Can you please re-configure the demo? Nothing is displayed, there are 52 pages of deals, and we can’t edit the pages with active deals shortcodes. Thanks.

hi. why your plugin was not updated for a year? its not up to date

I tried adding some deals on your demo but it keeps showing that no deals are available.

Does this plugin work with Wordpress Multisite?