WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin

WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin

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Customize My Account Page for WooCommerce with easy drag & drop builder, add multiple end-points, custom content, internal website links & external links. Allow users to add the custom avatar image for their profile. The endpoints can also sorted by drag & drop sorting. The plugin supports to show / hide endpoints for specific user roles. End-point icons can also be chosen from list. Create custom slugs for the custom end-points.

Please check the WordPress Profile Builder Plugin to create the users account page for the WordPress users.

Features Of Customize My Account Plugin

  • Drag & drop end-points builder for my account page.
  • Allow users upload custom avatar image for their profile.
  • Add internal website links, external links or custom endpoints with custom content editor.
  • Supports Wysiwyg editor to add custom endpoint.
  • Hide / show end-points for specific user roles.
  • Create custom end-points’ slugs.

Drag & Drop Builder For End-points

Add multiple end-points using drag & drop builder, add external links, internal links & custom content easily.

Multiple Layouts

The plugin supports multiple layouts for the my account page.

Left Default Layout

Right Layout

Tabbed Horizontal Layout