WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing Plugin

WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing Plugin

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Change your product prices for specific customers and/or user groups. Discount or increase price by fixed or percentage amount for any customer or user role. WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing plugin is compatible with all user roles plugins.

Once you set the new prices, only the specified customers will see the NEW price whereas the rest of your customers will see the regular price. Reward your special customers by offering them discounts or increase prices for specific customer groups to cover the extra costs you might incur to fulfill their orders. The new price will replace the existing price.

Features List of WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing:

  • Set Product Price by Customers, Roles & Groups
  • Discount Price by fixed or percentage Amount
  • Option to increase price by percentage amount
  • Change Price for Selected products & categories
  • Set Min & Max Quantities a customer needs to purchase to avail price reduction
  • Start & End Date new price rules

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Set Different Prices for Customers

Do you need to offer a discount for your special customers or user roles? This WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing Plugin empowers you to set special prices for your VIP customer(s), customer groups & roles, while the rest of the customer see the regular price. This is a perfect tool to reward your VIP customers with discounts that makes them feel special and make them a loyal customer.

Reduce Price by Fixed or Percentage Amount

WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing plugin enables you to reduce prices by fix or percentage amount of the current price. This plugin replaces the current price with the new one.

Option to increase price by percentage amount

This plugin gives you an option to increase the price by for selected customer, customer group or user role. This is a nice feature where the admin would like to cover the extra cost they might incur to serve the specific customer.

Change Price for Selected Products & Categories

WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing is a powerful plugin that enables you to create multiple rules to configure price by customers for specific products & categories.

Limit Min & Max Quantities

WooCommerce Customer Specific Pricing plugin enables you to define minimum & maximum quantities a customer can order on configured price.


Imagine you have created a rule to reduce the price of “Product A” by 10% for “Wholesale” Customer groups and limit the Min & Max quantity as 5-100 and added 15% price reduction for quantities above 100.

Now the wholesale customer would have to order more than 5 quantities to avail 10% price reduction and if they order less than 10 the regular price will be charged and if they order 100 above the 15% price reduction will be applied.

Multiple Prices for Quantity Ranges

The store admin can add multiple prices for different ranges, to further explain the above example,

  • Quantity 0-4 will have regular price for wholesale customer
  • Quantity 5-10 will have 10% price reduction for wholesale customer
  • Quantity 11-100 will have 15% price reduction for wholesale customer

Change Log

Version 1.4.1 Updated:
Fixed loading time issue in admin panel.
Version 1.4.0:
Make compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.
Version 1.3.0:
Some typo errors and CSS issues are fixed.
Version 1.2.0:
Issue Fixed with variations when creating a global rule and select categories, now the rule is applied on product variations as well.
Version 1.1.0:
New Feature added:
1 - Create Multiple Rules to Change Price in Bulk
2 - Change Price of an Entire Category
3 - End Date For Discounted / Increase Pricing
and much more
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of the plugin

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