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I had try to create an invoice, but I can’t add product, there are no products displayed when I typing at the box search for product. Please check that

Force refresh the browser page.

I had refresh my browser page and try demo in other browser as Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer but I got this problem. I had recoer a animation gif you can see this problem I got at here

Our demo is limited with what you can do given it’s a demo environment. That is why you are seeing this.


dagraph Purchased


I bought the plugin, but I can not make it work.

We have 3 types of accounts: - Administrator: access to the back office and all accounts and orders. - Customers: access to their orders and take orders. - Agents: access to orders from their customers and take orders for their customers.

Can you confirm that this is possible?

Yes that should all work but agents can see other agents customers.


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Agents should be able to see only their customers and not the customers of all agents …

The idea of agents when we introduced it was to associate customers to other users. The demand to have it like you say came after and we are working towards that.


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Have you integrated Sales Representative functions yet? I see several comments from people asking several years ago but nothing recent? i would like to add a sales team to a woocommerce platform where each rep has access to their customers. is that possible with your software?

You can do that now. Add sales rep to each customer. Have you seen our demo?

How to integrate sms and call voip to crm?

There is no way to integrate at this moment. How do you envision this integration?

On the customer list I can see column “last order” date, but when I export data to csv I only see column “last_purchase_date” with order date after installation date. From 1600 customers I see only 3 order date, but on customer dashboard I see order date for almost all customers. Why this data is not exported? Can I choose which data I will export in csv?

You can’t choose which data to export.

This data should be exported, we’d have to take a closer look at your site as it works fine for us. Can you fill in our support form?

I filled out support form. In future I would like to see the option to choose which data I wish to export.

Okay, we have noted down your suggestion and we look forward to adding this later this year as we focus on the CRM plugin.


Can timed or automated the “update customers” feature?

Not really, we can add this feature should you urgently need it.

Hello, we have a couple of pre-purchase questions I’m hoping you can answer:

- Are we able to add custom call purposes? - For customer emails can we set a default from name and email? Can we customize the email template? We would like to add our own header, colours and logo. - Are there any hooks and/or filters so we can customize pages as we like? Or can we request customizations and get those added into the plugin? What would that require?

All these sound like great ideas we would like to implement. Some of them are possible as it is, technically. But we would like to discuss your options more – please email us at


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Hello, I have implemented the plugin on my site. There is an issue where the customer #’s are different from the customer #’s created in the users tab. So, an agent tried to log a call. She selected a customer named Taby and then saved the call. When we click on the user icon a customer is loaded named Henry as if they are sharing the same customer number… Please provide assistance

This is an old bug, please be sure to update to our very latest version.

Hello. Hi. I would like if it is possible with your plugin to do the following: I have imported orders and customers from an old website, and now the orders do not match the customers’ orders. Is it possible to quickly assign orders with correct customers? Thank you

Not quickly, you’d have to have SQL experience.

I have the same issue as luxeseats (below). When I view a task such as a call, it shows the correct customer #, but the wrong customer details. I know this is an old bug, but I have updated to Version 3.3.11 and it still is wrong.

Please can you fill in our support form so we can see this in more detail as we cant reproduce.

I upgraded today from 3.3.7 to 3.3.11.

I followed the upgrade instructions provided. I deactivated then deleted the old version and install the new version thru the Wordpress plugin installer.

All my custom Status values were gone (about 670 records). No big deal. At the top of the Customer page is now two scrollable fields as wide as the columns filled with the following error codes:


SELECT customer.*, usm.meta_value as customer_agent, usm2.meta_value as agent_firstname, usm3.meta_value as agent_lastame, usm4.meta_value as date_of_birth, usm5.meta_value as phone, a_us.user_login as agent_username FROM wp_wc_crm_customer_list as customer LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta usm ON customer.user_id = usm.user_id AND usm.meta_key = ‘customer_agent’ LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta usm2 ON usm.meta_value = usm2.user_id AND usm2.meta_key = ‘first_name’ LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta usm3 ON usm.meta_value = usm3.user_id AND usm3.meta_key = ‘last_name’ LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta usm4 ON customer.user_id = usm4.user_id AND usm4.meta_key = ‘date_of_birth’ LEFT JOIN wp_users a_us ON usm.meta_value = a_us.ID LEFT JOIN wp_usermeta usm5 ON customer.user_id = usm5.user_id AND usm5.meta_key = ‘billing_phone’

INNER JOIN wp_usermeta um ON customer.user_id = um.user_id
 AND (customer.capabilities LIKE ' customer ' OR customer.capabilities = ''  ) 
 AND customer.user_id > 0  AND customer.status != 'trashed'   AND ( ( LOWER(um.meta_value) LIKE LOWER(' disid ') AND um.meta_key ='billing_first_name') OR ( LOWER(um.meta_value) LIKE LOWER(' disid ') AND um.meta_key ='billing_last_name') OR LOWER(customer.first_name) LIKE LOWER(' disid ') OR LOWER(customer.last_name) LIKE LOWER(' disid ') OR ( LOWER(um.meta_value) LIKE LOWER(' disid ') AND um.meta_key ='username') ) 
GROUP BY customer.c_id, usm.meta_value
ORDER BY customer.first_name asc, customer.last_name asc LIMIT 0, 130

Also to request support from AE they require Wordpress and FTP logins and I see no reason to provide this when the problem is probably not inside my setup but rather within their software. Otherwise I would have filled out their form. I fact I did fill out the form but since I would not provide those access codes the form would not complete.