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Hello I would really like if your plugin would integrate with Google Contacts. I need my Google Apps MAIL account to create new contacts from orders/customers and take in the email address and phone number used..

I can’t find any way to do this otherwise, wondering if you could look to see how difficult this would be with your plugin?

You want Google Mail (Contacts) to talk to the plugin or the other way around?

When I try to import customers with a .csv, I am getting

“0 Customers has been successfully added. 3 Customers was not added.”

Is there any doc to explain the mapping or importing?

Our team is on vacation now, we have stated this on our support tab. We are still taking care of tickets but our resources are limited. We appreciate your patience and we hope you can understand that we work hard throughout the year and we do give our development team sufficient vacation time.

Having looked for your ticket through your username, I did not find anything related. Can you please give me your ticket number?

Ticket #7576


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I want to add a couple of fields on for Customers with ACF, but I’m not able to do it, can you help me? or do you have documentation on it? I’m not able to find the post type or taxonomy for Customers form.

Regards, Rodrigo

Yes, we have created the integration only with the free version. The Pro version works differently.


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So is not possible to do it in the pro? :’(

Not really, they are programmed differently.

Good morning, we would be willing to take your plugin, but I wanted to ask you if you could tell me if you do not have problems with this plugin:

Sorry we do not own this plugin to tell you if it work with our plugin.

We use Woocommerce 2.6 and our orders won’t show up any more. How can we fix that? (We are stuck with 2.6 at the moment)

Our plugin doesn’t support old versions of WooCommerce. We recommend you update and check again.


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is it possible to export data to csv, like sales, clients purchases and that type of data? or do you offer a reporting dashboard add-on?


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any response?

You can export CSV file with data from the Customers page. Anything else will be required from the WooCommerce > Reports page.


I have a couple of questions before buying this,

1- i want to make sure this plugin proved custom fields for customer while registration. (Extra fields like favorite colors, favorite car etc…) 2- also, a hidden custom fields (Customer can not see it on his account page but he can see the costume registration fields that he already inserted) in each customer like dynamic data for example: Date of visit and its details on each visit for each customer. 3- what is the ACF 5 ? and does this will help me for custom fields ? and how it works actually ? 4- i have a subscriber plugin with woocommerce, my products are only subscriptions for plans and not a real products. it will make any issues ? 5- follow up emails, like calls but emails, like i send email through customer page and i want to follow it, instead of sending emails from 3rd party providers like hotmail or outlook. emails will be custom. 6- reminders that his plan will be expired or any custom reminder ? (I think this should come from the other plugin for subscribers ?)

Hope you can answer on all my questions. thank you in advance.

Sorry for the late reply:

1. You can do this using ACF (it’s free) but it only to admin if you want to customer as well, look at Checkout Field Editor plugins (WooCommerce one). 2. Hmm, this is ACF as well.

3. Advanced Custom Fields.

4. We have not tested so we cannot comment.

5. Not with this plugin.

6. Not with this plugin.

Thank you for you reply,

So as i know now, ACF does custom fields for customer but only for admins can see, how about if i want those custom fields to be in the registration page for the customer ? so he can fill it out ? and i think if the customer registered he can see his fields in the my account page ?

Thank you

Not possible right now, we have it on our list of tasks to do and we hope to get there but we are running busy.

Hey, is your plugin compatible GDPR ?

We are working on this – WordPress plugins are self-hosted and so it is up to the site owner to ensure GDPR regulations are met. However, we are working on ways to make this process easier for users like yourself to adhere to the regulations with your customers. This depends on a few developments which we are working on closely with our legal and technical team.

Ok, thank you ! Another question : I saw it’s possible to create a group of customers who have ordered products of the same category; is it possible to send this group to a mailing list on Mailchimp ?

No, our plugin does not link to other services.

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Hi. Presales Question. I think you may have the solution I am looking for. I need to dig around in your demo some more. However, one thing I noticed is that when I am in a Register on mobile (Android/Chrome) I cannot see the options to Void, Order, or Pay the order. Even in browser scrunched down to mimic a mobile view, those options/buttons disappear. Suggestions? We will have field reps who will need to use their phones to place orders for our Dealers. Mobile is a must. Thanks! This looks like a really good solution if we can get it working on mobile.

Also, can Registers process payments by way of credit cards, paypal, terms, etc? I saw the terms option there. And, we use Rumbleship (not sure if you know who they are), but they are our terms gateway. Very curious about this.

Finally for now, is it possible to pull up a Cashier’s sales AFTER they are offline to see their total sales for an Register or Outlet for any given term?

Thank you so very much for your time.


Hi there, a couple months ago another customer ask you this “Hi – any way to get the custom meta boxes in the same area as the ”customer details” ? Instead of having the custom fields on the sidebar or below ? Thanks.”

I’m using ACF and I have a very important field which is now at the bottom of the page client details, did you achieve to develop that section you mention? or is there any way to sort ACF groups to put it on top?

Another question, how to make that custom field searchable in the backend? to find customers by it?

If you want it to be searchable, make a filter.

If you want it to appear on top, the closest thing you can do is put it to the side.