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Installation Error Hello,

I just bought and tried to install this but got the following error: “Unpacking the package…

Could not extract file from archive. woocommerce-customer-relationship-manager/assets/img/ui-bg_glass_55_fbf9ee_1×400..png”

Any idea how to fix this?


Sorry about that, we did push a new update to our profile so you should be able to download a working version now.

OK. Thanks

hi is there anyway i can remove and re-organize the field on add customer data: i just want some field on not all of them, and some field i want to be there but not require at all. i use to customize the woo-commerce check out field using custom function plugin so that i dont have to manually editing .php file. here is my customer checkout form:

if you guy could give me some function to modify the field i will just add it in. i did sent some support request through ticket system and it never get rely. not sure if u guys still support your own product

thank you very much

We support our own product always, what is your ticket ID so I can trace it and get onto it?

About the issue you are describing, this does not sound like its our plugin. Our plugin does not interface with the checkout fields.

yes that is woocommerce checkout, what i try to said is i just want to hide or modifies those field since we only need a few of them. i used to hide commerce check out field just by add simple function on wp-admin. i hope to do the same with those field on customer tab.

anyway, your support ticket seem not working at all. i sent 1 and after so long time i have to solved myself: second one is still pending: sorry but to answer support ticket for days is unacceptable

Understood, for both tickets there are missing requirements which you have not provided.

For the first ticket, WooCommerce is not installed – which is probably why there is errors.

For the second ticket, the username and password is not correct. Please can you send us the right or make it right.

Great support, fast and I solved everything

That is great to hear, please can you leave us a review.

BUG REPORT: There is someone VERY wrong with this plugin.

When WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager is enabled on my site, ALL scheduled posts are reveled on my blog page immediately.

Them this plugin is Disabled, NONE of my scheduled posts are reveled on my blog page.

Please provide an update to ensure this NEVER happens!

Thank you

We apologise for this, we are not able to replicate this issue however, we did have one user who had a similar issue and we debugged the issue and found it was related to the theme that was installed. Could you confirm that from your end?

Hi actualityextensions,

Thank you for the reply.

The problem I’m experiencing is not theme specific. I can install and activate the basic Twenty Seventeen theme and the same issue persists.

My assumption is that it’s a conflict with a plugin but I do not want to disable all my plugins and experiment with trouble shooting.

Could you offer any additional information as to what conflict you saw with one of your other users? Where was the conflict code related? Maybe I have something similar in one of my plugins.

This issue of your Plugin causing scheduled posts to be displayed on my site before they are published is a complete Deal Breaker! This could even be considered a security risk.

If its not fixed ASAP I’ll just delete your plugin and ignore this products cool functions.

This is a rather sad circumstance since I really like your plugin but can NOT accept scheduled posts being displayed before they are published.

NOTE: I’ll be happy to send you are screen capture video of the issue if it will help but I’lll need a private method of sending you the link.

Thank you for the assistance I really do appreciate it.

That is understood. If you could please email us at as soon as you can and we can take it from there.

Hello, is it possible to translate the plugin in german?

It should activate when you have the German language of WordPress enabled.

Thanks, can i send some translations over the support form? The Products menu is very well translated, the customers menu should be edited.

Hello! I have the latest version installed but the fields are misaligned. The chrome console displays no errors.


This is most related to cache of the CSS files. Please hit shift + F5 to reload the assets. If that does not work, get in touch through our support form and our team will look into this.

Where is the “additional information” tab for writing cutomer notes. It shows in the demo but I am not seeing it now that I have purchased it. and not the notes to the right that say customer notes. I am talking about the place underneath the customer information. how do I get this to pop up? Also how do I change the order of the tabs underneath the customer as in the demo. Please advise

The additional information is the module called Advanced Custom Fields. Our demo is showing this integration, you can install and activate it for free and set it up.

Hey there, I know this plugin is compatible with ACF which is amazing. My question is, I would like to know if this plugin is compatible with ACF for Woocommerce, which uses ACF as its backbone. The plugin is here: .

We have no idea if this would work but are interested to find out. Please do get in touch with us via so we can take this conversation further and exchange information to ensure compatibility.

Okay…I’ll do it!! I will let you know for sure!! Thanks.

Hello! Purchased the CRM today, how can other users log in? If I assign a user to WP, they can make posts and edit pages. Also, how do calls work? Can I plug in a dialer or integrate with VOIP? Thank you!

Assigning users to agents would mean they can create customers, and you can assign the customers to the agents. Preventing them from pages and posts will require another plugin.

Calls work using the html tel: tag which your system will have a default client for. VoIP in this case is your system.

Is any of the information within a customer’s ‘Additional Information’ metabox visible to the customer, such as the description?

No we can develop it so it can be.

Does this work with woocommerce subscriptions ?? I can’t find a filter for that ??

Yes it should work, orders should appear in customers history.


Just started using your app for my store and I tried to send bulk email. In the body of the bulk email I used the shortcode customer billing first name. This way each recipient could get a personalized hello with their first name.

Such that a bulk email to owned by customer eric jones and another sent to by customer kim miller would insert billing first name as eric on the email to example and billing first name kim on the email to anotherexample.

This does not appear to be the case. My recipients all got the name name in the customer billing first name field.

Did I use the wrong shortcode? Is this not possible with bulk email?

No the short codes do not work in our emailing feature but we should develop the feature for it. I have added this to our suggestions board.

Thank you.

Hello, we have a problem with your plugin. When we create a Task for a customer, we are not able to see the task in the customer view. Right where that Tasks should be, we see an error “array(0) {}” And No found. In the Customer Tasks list

That is not right. Have you updated to our latest version? Please fill in our support form so we can investigate the issue and check for cause.

Would like to know how well this plays with your point of sale plugin. I have purchased it to replace our current solution and I’m trying to add some missing functionality that this seems to have, though I have yet to figure out how to allow a customer to put a deposit down, and track that data in the point of sale system, and I don’t know if this would allow for that.

Hmm, no it won’t let you do that. You can do it manually, keep notes, track things manually but nothing automatic if that makes sense.

FILE UPLOADS? Can this plugin track customer files uploaded to the server? I am using WooCommerce Custom Fields to allow customers to send me images. Does you plugin track this in any way?

No sorry it cannot do this.


Mayhus Purchased

Whenever a customer register, the CRM system will create 2 records. Why and how to solve this?

That is not right, sorry to hear that. Can you please fill in our support form found here so we can resolve this for you.


Mayhus Purchased

Hello, I already submitted my issue on your support but still haven’t received any response from you guys. Can you please check into that? It’s important.


What is the ticket ID, I can check up on it and see what is happening to it?

hi admins, can u itegrate that your plugin works wit WC Vendors Plugin or Dokan.. i think this will be a good seller :)

No, it does not work with that and we cannot make the integration anytime soon. How does it differ to WooCommerce anyway?

hi admin, thanks for our time.. maybe this need a try, can i buy the plugin and if its not working i get a refund.. then you know 100% if its working or not.. or are u 100% this not working for multivendor.. the idea is every vendor on woocommerce can see the CRM and can usi it for his own customers..

No sorry we do not issue refunds.