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Any new versions since April? Why not updated? And changelog here is behind 3.3.2…

We are working on some changes. Do you own the product?

With latest update of WooCommerce a bug appearing in orders backend in dashboard. There are no direct links below the order anymore. In debug.log is something with ”/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4139”

I’m talking about orders in backend of woocommerce. I can’t explain better – so I’ve done a screenshot for you. Normaly below the order number on mouseover direct links are clickable to edit the order. Not anymore with active CRM after the latest woocommerce update. https://your-domain/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=shop_order

Also not working on your demo-site. On mouseover on the order itself no direct links (edit, delete) are available.

Yes I see the problem now, thank you for reporting this to us – we are going to fix this now.

Any eta on a new version? Demo/live preview is not available at the moment…

We have launched our new demo, please check it out.

Thanks – will have a look!

Can we delete predefined customer status? We want to use a fully customized and clean status list.

No, sorry – it’s in the system – you can create custom status though.

We have some issues with assigning customers to calls and tasks with inputting the customer name when adding a task, but when the task is saved it being assigned to different customer.

Is this something that is known?

No that is not known. Can you please fill in our support form so we can look into this for you and get it resolved?

Hi is it possible to remove or hide some of your fields in profile page ? and add other ? thanks

Not really. Which fields would you have wanted to hide?

Is it possible to make adjustments to the fields that are being exported? We would like to include the customer notes if possible

Not possible out of the box. How would you like to import it? Latest note or all?

Hi Guys – I love the CRM. I wanted to know if it is possible to have a notes option, similar to the “Customer Notes” on the Tasks page? I’d like to be able to add notes as I work on a project so that if something comes up, like an issue or delay, I can keep it all documented against the task… Thanks – Mike.

Yes of course. You can make notes for customers. Simply open the customer and there should be a notes panel on the right.

Not a note on the customer – a note on a task…

Oh right, no, sorry. This is not possible. If you want, we can develop this for you through our modifications team.

Hi, are you the same people as Thanks.

No we are not the same, sorry about that.

Are you business partners? ‘coz effectio ppl are selling your CRM extension on their website but much cheaper.

No, they are illegally selling our product – no support will be provided if you have purchased our plugin from that site.


qalainau Purchased

Reservations post does not work when install the plugi-in. Please ,fix it.

Sorry to hear this. What do you mean by reservation post?


qalainau Purchased

schedule post


547th line

'public'    => true,→  'public'    => false,

Thank you for sending this to us, we will add it to our plugin as soon as we can.

On customer details page. I would like to have a graph with monthly sales total or even a list of last 12 months sales totals from the customer. I have wholesale customers so this is good information to have

What data variables do you want on the graph as well as sales? X and Y axis? Do you have specifics?

Month on one axis, total sales in the other, line graph. Other stuff I would like on dashboard is a tab for customers who have placed order, another one to view registered customers that haven’t ordered to date and also see out of customers who haven’t ordered how often they have logged into the site. My website is wholesale and users have to log in to view pricing.

I want to integrate your plugin with Point of sale plugin, is it possble to add a customer without email address ?

No that is not possible, sorry about that.


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Hi, is there any way to enlarge the widget “costumer notes”? We want to place this on the main left and wider part of the screen.

You can use Advanced Custom Fields to add a similar one.


drimendo Purchased

Hi, are your screenshots and documentation outdated? We’re confused because in actions column there is only on icon listed “Edit Customer” but not others like “Place Call”.

Yes, the place call button is no longer there. We removed it, we are in the process of updating all docs and screenshots. Sorry about this confusion.


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Hello, I have 3 questions:

1. I know that I can add new customer status under Customer > Settings > Custom Status. But where i can delete the default status from system? I didn´t find the php file where i can edit it.

2. If I would like to edit the country in Billing Details, I only get Germany as a selection possibility. Shipping Details is ok.

3. I ask you many times in the past: The google map it is still not displayed on my crm.

BR Anna

I can see the following messages in the console:

load-scripts.php?c=0&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-draggable,utils,jquery-ui-sortable&ver=4.8.2:9 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:38 Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError _.rb @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:38 util.js:222 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys JB.j @ util.js:222 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:137 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:56 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:53 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:56 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:108 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:53 (anonymous) @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:108 Sc @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:55 Rc.jb @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:108 (anonymous) @ stats.js:1

Yes it means there is no API key – are you sure you’ve entered it?

Yes: Settings -> Allgemein (the first Tab) -> Google Map API = AIzaSyBsY5ZhNzC5s8MDKmMGxE1tD4iD4pSDaQ8

Is there a way to set a Discount per customer? Thanks a lot, David

No, there is no way to do that. You could use Dynamic Discounts & Ruling for that.