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I’m working on a website of my client, trying to make work this plugin. When you add a new customer you can’t assign any agent, the dropdown menu is empty and if you try to search the username of the agent (registered user with “agent” user role) you don’t find anything. Is it a bug?
So, how to assign an agent to a customer?

Are you referring to the demo environment?


BDElsa Purchased

Hi, the function of bulk export contact is not making sense,when i execute the action, only those who had purchased can be exported completely, the rest havent purchased (dont have any order records) export 0 data. since your action is called export contact instead of export customers (if you defined customer as those who purchased), all the contact should be export normally… least when I choose bulk mail, it did carry all the mail address to the mail window correctly..pls assist , thank u so much


BDElsa Purchased

btw, Hello,Fabiogo, mine version can assign as agent to a customer ..version 3.1.6…

It should export both 0 data and 1 data. Please fill in our support form so we can look into this in more detail.

I require both the backend and the frontend to be in Spanish, do you provide a .POT file with these characteristics? Thank you.

All the .pot files should be already included in the plugin. There is very little front end interface in this plugin anyway.

Hi, Is it possible to include a new customer in the order window? Thanks

What do you mean by this query?


klur Purchased

hello, we have some problems after installation of customer relationship on woocommerce: all orders and customers disapear on woocommerce and your software is not working and the orders dont appear there, either new orders. We need some urgent help ! Francine Klur

We are very sorry that you are experiencing this issue, could you please fill this form so we can take an urgent look at this.

Pre- Purchase question, can we made an order on behalf of customer, I mean to manage sales like invoicing, place sales order and etc

You can yes, search and view the customer, then click on Actions > Create Order.

Why does the plugin keep indicting in WP that an update is available?

What version are you on?

Pre-Purchase Question: Is there a customer support & ticketing system built-in? What if I wish to offer a call-back option to customers, where they request a call back, I receive a notification with their profile and purchase details, and then call using a desk phone?

Also, In your demo, the dynamic group filter is showing all users instead of customers meeting the criteria. Is it a demo specific issue or a bug in the plugin?

You can use many status options to define what their stage is in terms of calling back. You can also create multiple call records, reminders and actions to do.

The dynamic group function on demo is related to the restrictions on the demo environment.

Let me rephrase the questions: is there a functionality for customers to request call back, and admin notifications for such requests?

Also, I had modified the criteria on demo system, to select ‘customers’ with > 100,000 value, and yet no filtering was done in the resultant group. So, does this functionality work?

No, there is no feature for customers to request a call back.

Works OK with Woocommerce 3.10?

Yes so far we have had no severe issues.


vitexio Purchased

Hello! I would like to use the insert user and password functionality in another email generated by another plugin. Do you have a shortcode for me to be able to send my users and password to my clients?

Are you referring to the users and passwords for their WordPress users?


vitexio Purchased

Yes. When you create a customer in the system your CRM sends you a user and the self-generated password.

Yes, that is correct – what would you like it do instead?

Is this feature already done? I mean, can I assign a sales rep to an order with your plugin? Tks!

No, but you can of course assign a customer (which is the holder of the order) to the agent.

Hmm, that works the same for me then. But it would be great if I could share orders to the agents. Like, from 1 to 1 or 5 to 5 each sales rep would get it for him.

Is it possible to make woocommerce work as a “Request Forward Quote” with you plugin? I mean, the customer would receive just a confirmation of his quote and then my sales rep would send him the price, does you plugin work like that? Tks!

Hi I’m very interested in your plugin, Question I currently use Mailster as my main newsletter plugin for many of my clients and it has WooCommerce integration.

I notice you have mailchimp integration, how hard is it to get Mailster integrations?

We will have to consult the API document for Mailster to tell you of the possibility of integration.

Hi, 1/ is there any estimated date to show user data in front end or allow users to fill information at register form?

2/ I require to set custom notes per customer which customers can see but not modify is it possible with your plugin?

3/ Can I allow purchases only if customer status is, let say, "Trusted" ?


Could you help me to integrate the data of your own plugin to the database of Wordpress ?, through a .CSV file

Thank you

The data will be exported from another system to integrate it.

I have a question before buying. Is it possible to add custom fields to Customers like a travelnumber? In the demo i did not have the possibility. And can i hide some default fields?

Hi, i a interested by the customer detail page. do you think i will be able to add customfields of this plugin ( in this page ? thanks