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Hi, Does your plugin depend on another plugin (ACF)? Thanks

No it does not depend on it. The ACF plugin enhances it.

Hi, presale question: Is this plugin compatible with Sendgrid Plugin? Thanks

Sorry we have not tried. What is this plugin?

It’s an email sender like Mailchimp. Here is the link

Yes we checked, we have not checked so sorry.

Hello! I made the Brazil portuguese translation (pt_BR) and Poedit did not show any error. Everything is normal. But when I’m going to include a New Client the page is completely unconfigured. Look:

What can I do?

Tks! Luis

Our customer is waiting for the system. Please respond or return the value to us to find another system. Tks.

The plugin looks like it has been incorrectly installed.

I wanted to like this plugin, but some bugs and most critical – the mess with POT/PO files is awful for those who want to translate (non English websites)... For example Call Duration string and other hard coded, not in PO. And some wc_crm-default.po with secret aim… not POT template, etc….

Sorry to hear that, we emailed you asking for more information on this to make it better for you. Please reply when you can.

When I create a user as agent the CRM menu does not appear.

How do I create an agent?

Our customer is waiting for the system. Please respond or return the value to us to find another system. Tks.

That is because an agent cannot access CRM settings. They need to have assigned customers.

In a earlier version, there was a “go to customer” button at the top of the order screen. Now it seems to be gone… can we get that back please?

Sure, we have added this to our list of tasks.


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Bug: When searching a customer by his username (e.g. XXX) there are no results displayed: /admin.php?page=wc_crm&s=XXX

Have you set the Search Parameters?

Are there any conflicts or issues with this plugin and and Inventory synching software such as software for Quickbooks pro? Are you familiar with a form plugin that will work with your product, that creates a user/ account from the form. I am trying to see if this will work with our new site. Do you offer customization services.

We have not heard of issues with conflict and syncing with Quickbooks. Our plugin does not do that out of the box. We do offer customisation services, it is best to fill in our contact form found on our website.

Hi does your plugin do specific filter by users: - how much they spent total - do they bought specific items - number of orders they made - some other custom fields options.

So I need create a parametrs (to choose), and select that users. So and send email to them.

Yes to users, last order and specific items.

No to total and number of orders filter.

pre-sale question:

can this plugin work as employee relationship product?

for example, we have 5 different department, and each department will first receive the product… such as, creating a banner for store

when 1 department is finished they will mark as to another department to take care until the status is complete…, we have coordinator who will arrange product workflow to each department

Yes if you set it up right – with the right status. This plugin is very flexible.

Hi there,

I’m very interested in purchasing your plugin, but I have a few questions…

1. There are many backend pages in your demo that are showing a PHP fatal error – Is this an issue with the actual plugin, or is there something wrong with the environment the demo is being run on?

2. Is it possible to allow an agent to submit an order on behalf of an existing customer?

3. Is it possible to allow an agent to submit an order for a new customer and have that new customer automatically assigned to the fulfilling agent?

4. Can another user role be added? For example, a “Carrier” role for shippers to log in and update delivery status on an order?

Thank you!

No sorry this is an issue with demo environment. We tackle the PHP problems as people report them.

Yes, they can create orders for the customer. But of course, the customer needs to pay.

Not automatically, they would have to assign themselves to the customer.

You can add roles using other plugins. Our plugin does not create custom roles.

Is there no way to submit a support question without giving you FTP and web site credentials? I just purchased the plugin, but maps do not work. I am getting the same error others are reporting with what is being seen in the javascript console. That goes back to at least 8 months ago. What can I do without opening up my site to a vulnerability?

Sorry but in order for us to properly diagnose the issue, we need that information.

Hi, just logged into your demo… what is the Point Of Sale plugin you are using, I’m also interested in that, and how that integrates with WooCommerce. Thanks.

Is there anyway to extend or include the an additional function for files/pdf/images?

Something along the lines of Adding a new Call/task/activity, but also have file/document/pdf/image etc…

You can do this using Advanced Custom Fields – edit the task, call and activity pages.

Hello! Can you say – Admins only can add manually a new customer in CRM? or what roles users can also can do it? The aim – cannot grant Admin access to a manager (but he need to add customers).

thanks, but where and how?

We have replied to your email with further details.


Presale question: Can I create company- and customer records and link them, i.e. associate employees with a company? And….since it is an extension plugin, do I need to get Woocommerce as well or does it work without it? Thanks a lot

You need WooCommerce to make this work. Yes you can create ‘Customers’ and ‘Accounts’ for companies.

Pre Sales Question:

Is it possible to assign a customer to a user based on zip code? We have agents all over the world with specific territories and it would want the mto be easily able to see their “leads” and not others.


That is not possible at this moment of time. However, this sounds like a possible good idea, we can certainly develop this for you. Please contact our modifcations team and we can look into modifications for you.


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Hi, I have an issue where it is not importing the names of the users during setup, all other fields are okay. Help?

Please fill in our support form so we can look into this for you.

Hi can u give me an example of how make group of buyers or no buyers? i cant get it work in the demo

What do you mean ‘buyers’ or ‘no buyers’?

I cannot log into the demo. It just send me back to the plugin authors portfolio page upon login.

Sorry to hear that, please try again now and use the pre-filled username and password.