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How can i get to show the sizes? I looked everywhere in the product data, Even after they do the design does not pop up on sizes. thank you.

Please add the size as the variation options for product and they will show up while buying after designing . However if you still face any issue, please feel free to submit the ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your access info for more help. Thanks :)

Is there a way to have a graphic that must be on the shirt and the customer can just change one part.. Basically we’d have our logo then the customer can add something to it

Can you not upload the default product image with the logo on it ?

Does it support full-area print and rectangular areas of a Tshirt ? I mean a print area of irregular shape and regular rectangular areas. you can check https://inkxe.com to see what I am referring to.

We can perform custom development or you can also check the following item to upload tshirt image instead of mobile case


Presale question:

I’m in a different branch so they need to design another product. Can I design the main/raw product. And kan I choose a upload limit. Because they only can print on some part of the product. (bounding box it cold on some plugins)

- I want to make an example design, where people can remove or replace their logo.

-Can I customize art gallery

-Can I give restriction so people need to upload fox example min 100px logo or upload?

-Does the plugin recognize variation. For example people can choose 10.20, and color (only need to have 1 design option) but doesn’t it conflict with variations and pricing. I need it to for example 10 cost 20 euro + (10 customize costs), and 20 cost 35 euro + (10 customize cost)

- If people submit and buy it, how does is look in the backend? Is there a automatic pdf file or uploaded file? For example at the moment if we sell, there goes a bill to customer and a factuur to our mail. Or do I need to go in the plugins ftp map and download it there?

Kind regards Dylan Md Agents

Hi Dylan,

Thank you so much for the detail. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss these features. And then we can move from there.


Pre sale question:

Is your plugin compatible with all the wordpress themes?


Hello, this product is great! The functionality is exactly what I was looking for my website and the support team is very responsive and quick to get you answers.

Thank you so much for this lovely comment and will really appreciate your 5 Star for this item :)


Presale question:

We want to offer our costumers Custom Packaging Where they can have text and artwork on top,left,right and back of their shipping box.Is it posible with this plugin.

you can check https://packlane.com/customize/mailer-box on what iam refering to


We can perform custom development to server you purpose. Please email us for a quote.

how do you make the text larger?? There is no box that highlights the text to drag the corners out??

never mind, I got it!:)

presale Q: is there anyway one can set this up such that after designing a tshirt, that design can be sent as an email attachment?

We can perform custom development. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

Hi, when i click to customize product, its send me to this link, http://yourlogostuff.net/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-custom-tshirt-designer/includes/tshirt-designer-design-template.php?type=wtd_sc_designer&wtd_id=1248

but when i saw ur demo site before buying the plugin it was Small link. dont you guys think its a bad development to show a link to in wp-content directory. My first Q. how can i solve this like ur demo website? why u guys do not give a shortcode.

2nd Q. i found a error, when i click to print logo in admin area everything work fine but no logo appreas. i have inspesct the url and its adding a space into the url, so its not showing any image to print. here is the url with including space,

there is a space ”../uploads <space>/2016/06….”

where i can find the code to fix it.

Shortened url causes issue for some hosting, thats why we have kept the general url system at plugin.

Is there any guideline for me to work plz. anything.


Please submit a ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your site FTP and admin access information along with this issue details , our support team will check it out for you .

I need to have this customized for different garments and areas of those garments. I’ve seen by other requests that you offer customizations, have you done something like what I mention? Please let me know if you do and then I will email you the specifics for a quote. Thanks.

Yes. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with your customization requirements.

Pre-sales question: we 1000’s of variation products of blank apparel options already setup with sizes, colors, and prices. Can we add your plugin and be able to use with existing variable products? Thanks

yes, we believe so.

Hi, i have just bought this and it doesn’t work at all, why not??

I have looked through the documentation but still nothing??

Thanks Gary

Please submit your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information in a ticket at support.sovlercircle.com. We shall check it out for you. No Worries please :)

the domain doesn’t exist??

Sorry for the typo. Please try the following url support.solvercircle.com

I have purchased your plugin a while ago and love it so far! I have one issue, when you click on the Customize button on the product page, it does not open in a popup window, just a page on it’s own but there is no way to get back to the site. You can see it here; http://blackdawgtees.com/product/black-baby-rib-t/ How do I get it so it opens in a popup window when the button is clicked?

Thank you!!

I just sent you an email, thank you!

Yet, we did not receive any email to developers@solvercircle.com

Sorry, just send it again from a different email address.

Hi, would it be possible to use this plugin in a slightly different way. We’re looking for the customer to be able to upload an image of their face and position/scale it as required… would your plugin do this? Cheers :)

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with screenshots to explain your desired need, so that we can let you know the quote.

Hello. This is a pre-sale question

We run a custom Jersey site and want to allow our customers to custom make individual jerseys.

We want customers to have the option to customize the Name on the back of the Jersey, the main number on the back, the logo/name on the front of jersey, color, etc. We want to start with a Basketball and Football. Or possible have pattern/designs on the sleeves, etc

Please let me know if your plugin will allow my customers to custom make it? Or can be tweaked to add these options. Does it require specific PSD images of a jersey template?

We can perform custom development at additional cost and you can email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the cost.

You can just have the PNG images of a Jersey.

I emailed you. Awaiting your reply

Replied to your email. Thank you.

Can someone please clarify for me, the following, Is this a plugin or a script?

Also can you use this with any wp theme?

This is a Plugin for Wordpress+ woocommerce site.. Yes, it works with any theme

Hi, I need an app like this, but I cant change the background, for example my client can upload an image to customize the cloth? for sublimation technique. Is that possible? Thanks!

You need to upload the Background image from Admin panel


ealcius Purchased

i want to add some text few paragraph above the customization panel / tool kindly guide me how to do that and is there any short code for inserting the customization tool in a page?

Actually, we think we should not keep extra space in our design tool other than the controls and necessary space required for the process. Because, this is the first time, someone felt to provide extra content in or above design tool (which can be done through custom coding ). So, if we find more similar requests from our buyers, then in future releases we shall plan to add such feature. To be honest, we are working on to reduce the space and make the tool more concise so, that is our current target. But we really appreciate your idea and thank you so much for staying tuned with us.

Looks Great !

hello i have interested by your module. It’s possible to change background color (product) ?



Please check here in the documentation. You can change most of the colors from settings : http://www.doc.solvercircle.com/wordpress/woocommerce-custom-tshirt-designer-pro/#admin_settings


ok but it’s possible to change color direct on the product ? (pink shirt) (i click on blue color and the shirt change the color in blue?)


I think you can check the following item for such feature :


You can also email us to developers@solvercircle.com for any custom solution.