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Hello… I purchased your theme but there seems to be issues with it… biggest one is that I cannot use the custom art upload… when I go to Art List to upload my art, nothing happens… it does not work when I press “Browse.” Also, I found the documentation to be very unhelpful… Is this the following the only documentation there is (are there any video tutorials or other documentation)?... http://www.doc.solvercircle.com/wordpress/woocommerce-custom-tshirt-designer-pro/#!/admin_settings

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with your site access information and issue details . We shall check it out for you . Thanks.

I have written to the email address you provided… waiting for a reply. Thanks.

Sorry we did not receive any email, can you please check and send us another email with a new subject ?

Hello,1. Can I use my custom fonts? upload by admin 2.Can the image are register use download only? thanks

Yes, you can use custom fonts. but you need to upload through ftp. Admin can download customized image from his panel. Please check documentation for your features. If you need any additional feature you can email us with details for quotation.


PJHerod Purchased

Hello I purchased this plugin and can not get it to work and the support center will not let me login can some one here help? Thanks.

Please send the access info to developers@solvercircle.com

Hello, this is a pre buy few questions…

I need the posibility to make the Customizer just for some user roles (admin, Designers).

I need the option to create a WC Product with the customized Product. Some like replace the “buy” button and add “Create Producto” and make the front and back images like the “Product Gallery of Woocommerce product”.


Please feel free to email us to developers@solvercircle.com for custom solution.