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Hello… I purchased your theme but there seems to be issues with it… biggest one is that I cannot use the custom art upload… when I go to Art List to upload my art, nothing happens… it does not work when I press “Browse.” Also, I found the documentation to be very unhelpful… Is this the following the only documentation there is (are there any video tutorials or other documentation)?... http://www.doc.solvercircle.com/wordpress/woocommerce-custom-tshirt-designer-pro/#!/admin_settings

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with your site access information and issue details . We shall check it out for you . Thanks.

I have written to the email address you provided… waiting for a reply. Thanks.

Sorry we did not receive any email, can you please check and send us another email with a new subject ?

Hello,1. Can I use my custom fonts? upload by admin 2.Can the image are register use download only? thanks

Yes, you can use custom fonts. but you need to upload through ftp. Admin can download customized image from his panel. Please check documentation for your features. If you need any additional feature you can email us with details for quotation.

Hello I purchased this plugin and can not get it to work and the support center will not let me login can some one here help? Thanks.

Please send the access info to developers@solvercircle.com

Hello, this is a pre buy few questions…

I need the posibility to make the Customizer just for some user roles (admin, Designers).

I need the option to create a WC Product with the customized Product. Some like replace the “buy” button and add “Create Producto” and make the front and back images like the “Product Gallery of Woocommerce product”.


Please feel free to email us to developers@solvercircle.com for custom solution.

Hi,i am interested in this plugin, i have a question please. When a customer design their tee shirt then only one option is available (Buy) so my question is can i use this plugin for selling customers designs? Means a customer comes to my website for the purchase of selling his/her design and he/she create that design on tee shirt then he/she directly submit it in shop for selling purposes? My idea is this plugin is working like sungfrog.com ,teespring.com ,etc. ?

Also can you please provide me a demo account for admin area please? Looking forward to you. Thank You!

When someone completes the checkout then the Order is created at woocommerce and at the admin panel for each order you will be able to see a Link to show you the corresponding customized ordered design.

Ok thanks for reply, let me know if you can customize this plugin for me? I can pay you for that. If you can then please read the description, i have also attached some screenshot for you.

1. Please see the image 1. In this page, i just needs a (Sell) Button when is connected to create new product, and customers & artist can sell their designs by using this addition feature.

2. Please see the image 2. In this page, i just needs an option to add colors & size variations for customers & artist to select these options to sell their tee shirts in different options.

3. Please see the image 3. In this page, i just needs an option to add titles, description, tags and category, so the artist or design seller can write about his/her tee shirts etc.

The next i needs a (Finish) button as shown in figure, this button works like this, when artist, customer, seller etc. press that button then a message is shown that (You product/design is successfully created) and by pressing that button the product will be shown on the shop page with his/her design for available for sale.

Screenshots: 1. http://prntscr.com/f1zc7p 2. http://prntscr.com/f1zcju 3. http://prntscr.com/f1zcpd

Looking forward to you for prices, time frame and suggestions. Thank You!

Please e-mail us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss above features and cost

Hi, i was able to install, activate and upload some art work in the plugin. Issue is, i cannot see the frontend. Please advice how to activate the frontend to customize products.

Thanks for the purchase. Please submit a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your site FTP an Admin access information, our support team will directly check at your site. So, no worries please :)

Hi do you have a guide on how to use this plugin? i see how to change colours and add art work but how do i add it to a page?

Hi, You just enable the Customize It checkbox for a product from woocommerce product admin panel and it will be all set.

I have done this but there are no localisations in the list for me to edit and no customise button for a customer to click on http://adorenda.co.uk/product/design-your-own/

We have replied to your email, please check and continue through email. Thanks :)

Hello wpproduct,

there are some question please detail answer:

my target costumer only indonesia state…it is possible to change languange, currency, shipping lokal, lokal bank payment etc

thanks for detail answer


Hi, I think, we already replied to you through email. This plugin has PO and MO files for multilingual facilities and the currency, shipping and payments are handled with woocommerce. So, if the woocommerce has the payment gateway plugin for your bank, that should be fine.

I realize this is a Tshrit designer but can we use it for Bottles? We are not in the tshirt business.

Sure. Please upload the picture of bottle instead of tshirt from admin panel. Then you will see bottles at the design panel.

how many fonts does this have? Can we upload more fonts?

Yes, you can upload your own fonts.

Hi, does the plugin support multisite?

One License is applicable for one domain only.

Can each Product have a unique set of options?

I mean once you hit the “Buy” (or Cart) button… not all products our will have the same selection of colors, sizes, etc.,

And, can I set the price per these options… for instance. A Small T-Shirt will cost less than an 2X-Large T-Shirt.

Currently, you can set one additional price for customization. If you need to add separate cost for back design, it will need custom development. Please feel free to email at the above address to discuss customization. Thanks Nasif

Sorry, but now I’m a bit confused…

In your 1st comment you stated:

“Hi, The product options are the feature of woocommerce. And our plugin works with woocommerce. So, if you can use woocommerce and our plugin then you should be able to have product options and also our design feature for each product.”

Now woocommerce allows many customizations which of course each can add its own additional cost to the Product.

In your 2nd comment you stated:

Currently, you can set one additional price for customization. If you need to add separate cost for back design, it will need custom development. Please feel free to email at the above address to discuss customization.

So are you saying you can have many customizations (Via woocommerce settings); But, ONLY One (1) may have an additional price connected with it and any other woocommerce customizations cannot have price adds?

Sorry for the questions, but your Documentation mostly shows images; not much Q&A.

In the Live Preview; after hitting the “Buy” (Cart Icon); it does not go back to any sort of Product (woocommerce) page. So I can only surmise that the above statement:

...you can have many customizations (Via woocommerce settings); But, ONLY One (1) may have an additional price connected with it and any other woocommerce customizations cannot have price adds?...

Is pretty much it!

Also, in you note/Email it said:

Please feel free to Email at the above address to discuss customization.

However, the Email address was a do-not-reply one:

Envato Market <do-not-reply@market.envato.com>

If this client of mine stays true to her other products, she will need more than one option with additional price adds connected to them.

Again, thanks for your time and patients,

we already provided the email address as developers@solvercircle.com , so please email there to reduce your confusion. Thanks :)

Hello, I’m searchin for a pugin that give you the possibility to select: 1 the design 2 the product 3 lastly open the customizer page (example site https://www.eshirt.it/gallery/ ) Is it possible with this plugin? Thank you in advance

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com and we can offer you a custom solution.

Can I see an admin demo please and thanks

That doesn’t help, I need to see the admin template options.

Hi, wondering, can we have the prefix images/text just for selection? instead of allow end user to upload themselves.

also, for design option, can we make the price vary to the design selection? For example, plain t-shirt $50, if select logo A, will sum up $55, if Logo B, will sum up $60?

We can provide custom solution at separate cost to implement the feature to set price for each logo. Please email us to discuss the cost for customization.

Its look like there is no option for order more than 1 size for same design.


We can surely customize it as custom development.

Hello, I have a printshop in the Netherlands and want to have a t-shirtdesigner for wordpress so people can make their own t-shirt and buy them. What do I need ? I can only buy the regular license, is that enough ?

Yes, a regular License is fine for you.

hi, Im planing to buy this plugin, but first I have a couple of questions: 1. Will I be able to add multiple templates of thirts? I also want to add sweaters, can I do that? 2, I want picture/logo or text to fit in A4 paper format, will I be able to set this size on any uploads client made? I mean will the picture cient upload, gonna fit in A4 paper size, can I set that? 3. Will I be able to set front end of plugin to lithuanian language, or somehow change it manually? waiting for reply, thanx

Im still waiting for a reply

You can upload what product image you want to upload from admin panel to be designed. we have replied to your email. Could you please check and reply to the email. Thanks

I see, thanx