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Hi there, good luck with this great plugin.. 1.Does this auto replaces/extends the current default “related items”? 2.is there a bulk edit option to set rules to all products/certain categories? Thanks :)) Ron

Hi Ron,

Thanks for reaching us.

I have gone through your query and understands your concern. regarding your question please see my comment below:

1.Does this auto replaces/extends the current default “related items”?

Answer: Yes as you know by default WooCommerce shows related products from same categories product. but once you choose products from your product edit section -> Linked Products -> Custom Related products . it will replace the current one and show your choosen products as a related product for that product.

2.is there a bulk edit option to set rules to all products/certain categories?

Answer: In current version of this plugin do not have edit option to set rules for all product or certain categories at once. so you will required to set rules by going individual product edit section but we love your suggestions and will try to cover your concern as soon as possible in our future release.

Please check for the same and let us know if you have any query or questions. I would like to help you.

Thanks. WPCodelibrary

Hi, Thank you for your quick response. about the second question, it could also act this way: if no manual related items chosen, let the plugin display the items that would have been displayed there anyways by the original Woocommerce rules. Thanks, Ron

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding your second question. if the no manual product is chosen then. plugin will not change default functionality of woocommerce. so if no manual products are chosen then it will show as woocommerce default shows related product. default woocommerce functionality will work if no manual product chosen

Thanks, WPCodelibrary

Great work :-) GL


Thanks for your wishes :)

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)

@EricProchnow Thanks :)


ifede84 Purchased

Dear Costumer Support,

i’ve just purchased and installed this plugin and i have a big issue: activating your plugin an other one code canyon’s plugin, Advanced Bulk Edit, stop working.

Can you help me please? I can provide you admin access if you need

Thank you! Federico


ifede84 Purchased

Just sent, thank you :D

Hi Federico,

I have sorted your issue can you please check for the same and let me know if you still facing any issue.



ifede84 Purchased

it works now, thank you!

Great work! :-)


Thanks :)

Great Job, keep it up.

@ mage drive Thanks :)


I installed and activated your plug-in, used only TAGS but I get this error;

Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-product.php on line 1647

Please advise,



Thanks for share your concern with us.

Can you please share your issue in more detail with us on wpcodelibrary@gmail.com or you can share us on my skype: wpcodelibrary I will provide you proper solution as soon as possible.


Hi! About the tags, can i make that only show products that match all of the tags? not display products that match with any.


Thanks for reaching us.

Regarding tag you can show related products from specific tag for particular product so for example if you want to display related products from tag jeans for product ABC then you can achieve this using this plugin

Please let us know if you have any query. We will be happy to help you


Hello, this plugin looks nice. I have one question: can I have 2 related product fields, one by category and one by tags?

For instance, I need to have a product listed and under it have one row of products with the title “Related by category” and then another row of products with the title “Related by tags”. Is this possible? Thank you.


Thanks for reaching us and share your query. I understand your query. Our plugin shows related items based on selected data from product edit page. But as per your questions it looks likes it is site specific requirements. So it will required custom development. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.


Hello….I have a quick question.

If I set specific tags and specific categories under your plugin, can I have it show products under tags FIRST and if no products are found under those tags, showcase products under the categories?

This would be the most ideal scenario for me.


As you know this is your site specific requirements. So to give you time estimation I will require to do more troubleshoot your site. So if possible share your requirements in more details at wpcodelibrary@gmail.com. once I will get details I will get back to you.


This is not a site specific request. That means this would only be specific to my site, which we both know is false.

This is a request to make your plugin work more efficiently with ANY website. If your not interested in making your plugin more usable to the general public, then so be it. I am telling you right now, if you gave the plugin “priorities” with the tags and categories, it would be more useful to the general public thus allow you to sell more in the long run.

There are already plugins on the market that do what yours does for free.


Thanks for your suggestions. We always welcome our user suggestions and feedback. So we will think about your suggestions. And in future (currently can not give you exact time) if we cover your concern in our future release then we will update you.


Verynice ;)

@st1s Thanks :)

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this plugin, and I have a question. If I were to show two related products on a product page, can I set one of them a specific fixed product, and then the other one to be randomly selected from a tag? Thanks!


Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

Regarding your query . Yes sure you can select any specific product. And select tag for display other products. So you can achieve your requirements using this plugin. Please let me know if you have any other questions for the same.


I purchased this plugin based on your reply. However, when I set one product in “Custom Related Products”, then set a tag in “Select Tags”, then set the “Number of Products to Display” to 2, the product which I set in “Custom Related Products” won’t be shown. Instead, two products which are related to the tag I chose in “Select Tags are randomly selected and shown. Am I doing something wrong?

As I indicated in the previous comment, I want to always show “Custom Related Products”, then randomize the others which include the same tag. Is this actually not possible with your plugin? Does your plugin not prioritize “custom related products” over tags?

Please let me know how we can solve this issue.



Thanks for purchase our plugin and share your concern with us.

Plugin should work as your described so if you have any query please send your site admin credentials and if possible FTP details at wpcodelibrary@gmail.com (not in this comment) so that I can troubleshoot it and provide you proper solution as soon as possible.


Hello and thanks for this great plugin! :)

I have 2 questions:

-Is there a way to don’t show the actual product in related products when we select a categorie?

-Is there a way to don’t show out of stock products in related products?

Thanks :)




Thanks for purchase our plugin and share your concern with us.

Currently there is no admin settings available to exclude actual products when we select categories and also no settings available for exclude out of stock product from settings . But can you please send your site details (Not in this comment) at wpcodelibrary@gmail.com. So that I can look into it and provide you proper solutions.


Hello, I have 2 questions:-

1. If no related product is selected is it possible to disable the ‘Related Products’ section on a single product page?

2. Is there a field name I can use to import custom related fields (specifically via a CSV product import?

Thank you


Thanks for reaching us and share your concern.

In our current version of plugin there is no such functionality available as you have asked in questions.


Is it possible to put 0 into “Set number of related products to display” to disable related products on a singel product page?

Never mind – found a fix!!

Hello! I own the paid version. I have following problem: In certain products I have to relate more other products. I setup the “Number of Products to Display” to 20, but it still shows me only 11 related products. Why? Also for some products I don’t need any relations at all. I don’t fill anything in any of the fields: Custom related products, tags, categories. I even set “Number of Products to Display” to 0, but no luck! I keep getting several “Related products”, even I haven’t selected any.

@ pavel_sofia

Thanks for purchase plugin and share your concern with us.

Regarding your first query no of products shows 11 even you set 20. Would you please provide your admin details at wpcodelibrary@gmail.com ( not in this comment ) so I will see the settings and troubleshoot your issue and provide you better solution as soon as possible.

Regarding your second question. If you don’t set any settings from product edit page then it will show you default related products which shows in default woocommerce installation.

So please check for the same and let me know if you have any questions for the same. I will be happy to help you.


Just purchased this plugin but there is no priority given if to the chosen product. It needs to be chosen product, then chosen tag, then chosen category—in priority order. Now I see a number of comments about this deficiency. The reason for purchasing was the problem with random products.


Thanks for purchase plugin and reaching us.

It is good to display related products randomly and also default related product functionality does the same as you said.

Giving a priority requires many cases to check. and looks like your site specific requirement so can you please share your detail requirement and site details at wpcodelibrary@gmail.com. so that I can troubleshoot and provide you proper solutions.


It isn’t a site specific requirement. If we wanted randomness we wouldn’t be looking for the plugin.

Once the priorities are filled then the others can be random.


Thanks for get back to us.

I understands your concern. But priorities can be different different for different different users. It involves many cases when user do settings with limited no of related products to show. But sure we will troubleshoot regarding this and if we add functionality in future we will update you for the same.