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We can’t add custom layers/custom items. When setting up custom area design and I add/upload custom layers, click save in product designer and save again in Woocommerce products and re-open custom area design again- all layers that I added before are gone – the only thing which is saved is the area design layer only… I was told by you that it’s could be an issue with cache when in fact it’s not. I cleared my cache, cookies etc. and tried 2 different browsers (safari and chrome) and none of that fixes the problem. Please advise how to fix this as soon as possible

Hi, I think your computer saved cache. Please help me remove your cache and check again. if you see any problem, please help me open ticket on our site. Thank


monday21 Purchased


I appreciate you for taking your time to respond to this. That’s what you said the last time and it didn’t work – I assume you maybe mean doing it (clearing cache) the other way. I have submitted a ticket and looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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does the plugin still work only with the administrator role? I have to make the site use to my client and I would like it not to have the role of administrator


Sorry, now system only allow admin add product design. Thanks

Hi I would like to know “custom design” link, who response to this button? woocommerce or theme of the wordpress…I use avada…can you kindly explain your link or “custom design”


You can see this button in page product detail with product you added data of designer. If your site missing this button, please help me open ticket on our site, we will help you check. Thanks


Hello, I’m trying to download the product image customized by the customer from Admin side in .PNG format but nothing happens except a blurred white screen. When downloading in .PDF format, it generates a blank PDF.

Note: I’m using Google Chrome and for the image which is to be downloaded is less than 10 mb.


Please help me open ticket on our site and share info of your site. We will help you check. Thank


Hello quick question.

How can i style the dashed border.

.design-area { border: 1px dashed #666; float: left; overflow: hidden !important; position: absolute; }

If i put this in my theme css nothing happens.

Hope to hear from you soon.


You can create new file tshirtecommerce/addons/css/custom.css and add this code. Thank


Is compatible with Woocommerce 3.3?


Hi, Yes our plugin compatible with Woocommerce 3.3.

Hello, I am interested in your plugin marketplace, but I am with impression that the site is discontinued, I added in skype no answer, I looked at facebook, it has not updated for a long time. I would like to know if you still work on this specific plugin? I also want to know if I can hire developer to customize, I wanted to make it simpler and also change the entire template. It is possible? (Freelancer you do?) I want to take advantage to also say that his work is very good and I’m excited about it.

Hi, Please help me email to info@tshirtecommerce.com. Thank

Any way to get Entire order details downloaded or forwarded to printer. Current problem is that we can go into Woocommerce and see the new orders. I can find/see the “Design Details” links and can open or download the SVG PDF PNG of the design, but not of the whole product. ( T-shirts in this case) Then I realized that just coping and pasting the Download design link and sending it to the printer does give them much more details. Example https://jamiehayestshirts.com/tshirtecommerce/design.php?key=56e6acc6a4f8ee28a296def3d06c700f&view=front&session_id=1b9df743b3178751652df2599c36b84f

But the doesn’t give them the size, color, quantity, etc…

How can we get ALL these details to the printer?

By printer I mean the Printing Company that prints the T-Shirts for us.

How to not show “Edit Design” link on Woo Commerce Receipts? There is a link in the emailed customer receipt “Thank You for your order” note. How can we delete that?


You only go to admin page > tshirtecommerce > settings > uncheck button allow customers download file design and save. Thank

It is unchecked. Again this is not when they are in the designer. This is in the email they receiver after the purchase is made.

Hi, We help you open ticket on our site. Please help me send info of your site via ticket, we will check what your problem. Thank


rgentzkow Purchased

Hello – I have the custom product designer and have also purchased the ‘get a quote’ add on. Both are working well. The only problem I have is that I need to modify the email notifications.

I need to be able to list – in the email notification – all design parameters including the image of the final design submitted by the user. Currently you have only provided the ability to customize the email with price, tax, quantity, attribute and url.

I also need to add some extra fields for the user to complete prior to submitting. I could not find the code in the directory structure to make these changes myself. Please let me know which the file (s) that I need to modify and their location in the directory structure.




You can send link download file design to email. So you can see detail of design in this page.

hola buenos dias , despues de la instalaccion del producto no me aparece ningun producto de referencia para poder personalizar y añadir en mi pagina. Me podria decir como puedo solucionar el personalizar las camisetas desde las que tienen ustedes con mis ilustraciones , gracias.


Plugin supported you import product demo. Please help me go to admin page > tshirtecommcece > settings > click button “quick setup”.


Can you help me with your Regular License and Extended License? I did not understand the difference. And I have a question, can I use the products created by users to sell them further? Or is there a possibility that they can create and sell them on the site?


Regular License: You only use plugin on one website (domain). Extended License: You can install on more domain.

If you want allow designer upload and sell product you can use our addon. Please help me check demo http://market.tshirtecommerce.com/


Pre sales question

I tried typing Hebrew in the product customizer, it worked fine but when I tried writing Hebrew in the round text it displayed in a left-to-right direction instead of right-to-left as Hebrew is written.

It’s essential for my customers to be able to write Hebrew in the round text.

I have the required code needed to make this work, my question is if you can add it to your plugin before I get it – which will definitely help other people who have the same issue with your plugin or is there any way I can add this code to my website without editing core plugin files.

Here is my code:

var inputText = "עברית"; var checkRtl = /[\u0591-\u07FF]/; var finalText = checkRtl.test(inputText) ? text.split("").reverse().join("") : text;

This code checks if the string is a right-to-left language string and if it is, it reverses the string.


Sorry, I not sure what code you want add. Please help me email to info@tshirtecommerce.com. Thank

Hello, I just bought the plugin and I’m doing the initial settings, I’m in the part that asks to put the API code, and in this way asks to put the domain. It turns out that I am updating my current site in another folder and when it is ready I will replace the old site with the new one! How can I do this? Will the plugin be inactive if I do this?


You can install and use on domain test and live your site. All functions works same on 2 domain. Thank

Hi Admin, I want to add undo and redo option in this plugin, how could i add ?

yes, we will update in next version.

But when you will update it coz i want right now , please give me proper assistence.

Please tell me next version when will come ?

Hello, I bought your plugin, I installed but the rendering has nothing to do with the demo. I would like to know which wordpresse theme to use in order to have the same rendering as the demo version of your plugin. I regret buying this plugin

hi, i took a look to the demo on mobile and i’ve seen that when i click to upload images from my device it shows me only “camera” – “record audio” and it doesn’t show me the device gallery folder (the folder where my saved files already are). First i thought was a problem of my smartphone but then i checked a demo of another product designer and it had this feature. Your plugin hasn’t this possibility?


I have bought your plugin 2 months ago and there is something I really cannot manage to make working :

When I add images for personnalisation, these image do not keep their proportions.

1) I upload my image. 2) I resize it 3) I slect another image 3) I come back to the first image and instead of be : 2.5X2.5 (square) it is 2.5X2.7

I have been trying weeks to make it work and no success. so if you have some tips or a patch, it could help me.

Many other problems that I can fix, but this one !!!!

I cannot complete my project until this bug has not been solved. Any idea please ?


Hi. I am interested in buying your plugin but I have a question.

Please see example http://www.piprinters.com/product/v-neck-t-shirt-printing/

When choosing different areas for print the price changes. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thank you.