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Is multisite supported yet? If not, how far away is it?

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Any indication, soon, a fair while away or possibly never, would be greatly appreciated


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Hello there,

Can I create customizers using the mentioned plugin for multiple products? We have over 20 print products including business cards, flyers and etc,... Is there a limitation on the number of products I can use or no? They will all be on the same website which is considered one end product.


You can use unlimited product and sell on your site.


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Amazing. Thanks a lot.

i want to buy this plugin and i dont know how ti install so please teel me if you install and config basic 2 or 3 products


Please help me open ticket on my site. We will help you. Thanks


Hi, I want to buy this plugin for my latest research work and need some modification in it.If i bought this plugin then I need it’s code so i can modify according to my need or you can do it for.if you can then is there any extra charges or something? Kindly Inform me ASAP. Thank you


All file is open and you can edit any file. If you need we help with customize, please email to info@tshirtecommerce.com. Thanks


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when exactly this week update

Hi, We will complete update in weekend.

Halo! Pre-sale Question, this plugin support with this template Avada 5.2 ? and mobile view can support like an demo on this plugin ?

this theme : https://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/2833226



Yes, you can use any theme and this theme.


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Is there a way to control which emails the ‘edit design’ and ‘download design’ appear in? Or hide/show download button?

Also on my server I get this error when I try to click on ‘download design’ in an email:

“Directory access is forbidden”


Customers need login on your site to download file output.

I can not upgrade to the latest update version of your component, I have a license available, but it does not allow me to pass the 4.0 update on the website administrator.

To update from scratch you are asking me to create an account of my store in this link http://store.9file.net, which is impossible because the green button to create account does not work in any browser.


You need verified purchased code in admin page to download or update.

Please help me add shop description and save. Thanks

How can I do to remove the option that with the right mouse click, people can download the images from my clipart? I’ve tried some plugins for this but none is good with your designer tool


You can do step by step.

1. Add new file tshirtecommerce/addons/js/click_right.js

2. Open this file and paste this code:
jQuery(function() {
        jQuery(this).bind("contextmenu", function(e) {

Hi, I’m hoping to purchase your plugin.

I just wanted to check something. When the customer purchases a design can they download the design as JPEG or PNG?

Thank you

Thank you. Does the customer get a copy when they order?

Yes, you can setup in admin page. You can allow customers download file output or No.

Perfect thank you

Hello, is possible to get demo to install_

Sorry, we have’t version trial.


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Where are the finished designs that are purchased by the customers located in? I can find the images they upload but i can’t see the finished designs with the text and other elements on it.


emresert Purchased

ignore the message; found it.


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I am new user with this plugin.

- There is a language panel for language translation. Is there language file can let us download for translation?

- There is “Introduction Tutorial” for new user. Can I translate the “Introduction Tutorial”? Where I can find the Strings?

- We have 1 admin and few editors. If I hide the “T-Shirt eCommerce Manager” menu for editor. Can they run it with woocommerce?

Thank you!


1. Yes, you can download in admin page > tshirt ecommerce > settings > languages and click link on language download file.

2. Please help me see this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ONPodp-cOSd3BIMEZqYzdkeGs/view?usp=drivesdk.

3. System only supported with admin account.


1) How to import the language? upload it via FTP? If yes. Where is the language folder.

2) On Woocommerce Product “T-Shirt eCommerce” Tab. I can not find the language strings and files for translation.

Screenshot: http://nimb.ws/idhcn9

Where we can find the strings for translation?


Hi, installed tshirtecommerce and as online editor works wery well. but for some product i want to use original product attributes by woocommerce, but if plugin tshirtecommerce is active, attributes by woocommerce in product page is not available (if i try to add some attributes, only see loading icon and nothing hapenned), can you help me?


You can setup any product works with design tool or No. If you not add data of product design, system works same with Woocommerce default. If you need help more, please help me open ticket on our site. Thanks


If you are planning to buy this item that is intended large format printing, Do not buy this item waste of time and money. I’ve contacted the author via their website but they cannot do the customization I want even if I’m willing to pay.


You checked with file output? You can download file output with PDF, this file is vector with layers. You can printing any size.

Sorry, what your email? We only free fix bugs, not support customize.

Where is this vector with layers as PDF?