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Hello is there a way to disable part of the steps in the image upload process? After uploading there is a modal window that asks the user to select the colors of the uploaded images. Is there a way to disable it? We are not charging extra based on the colors used on an image.

Hi, You only change printing type in admin page > page edit product.

1) Is it possible to add watermark to the image and then removing it after customer purchase products? Anything you can suggest us. 2) In the /tshirtecommerce/admin/index.php?/product we are not seeing changes what we did to our product. Why so?


1. Sorry, system not supported.

2. You can change via page edit product of Woocommerce.

2. You can change via page edit product of Woocommerce… Ans) Sorry, but that is not reflecting at the frontend even after changing that..

I think your server not allow write file, please help me open ticket on my site, we will help you check. Thanks



I have some questions before i buy this product, please :

1/ Does this plugin include the quotation request or is it an extra with the “Get a quote” plugin ?

2/ With the “Get a quote” plugin, if no price is given on the product is it possible to fill in a price in the request for quotation from the back office ? Because my prices are always different I need to inform it at the request in backoffice.

3/ After accepting the request for quotation can the customer add this request to the cart and proceed to the payment? This is an important point for me because I have no product through direct purchase. This product can do this: https://codecanyon.net/item/easy-woocommerce-request-a-quote/17804793 Once quote is transform in accepted mode, an add to cart button appear in caaount customer.

4/ Who changes the status of the quote ? pending etc

Thnaks for all your answers.


Thanks you interested.

1. Sorry, package default not included any addon, If you want use addon, you can download free or payment extra.

2. You can setup in admin page, you can setup detail of what you want send to customers.

3. Sorry, now system not supported with add to cart of request, this request will saved and send email to admin, customers.

4. Admin can check detail of design, change status in admin page.

Thanks for answers,

3/ if i buy custom product designer and get a quote plugins, is that a point you can add ?

Many thanks.


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Hi, Please email to info@tshirtecommerce.com


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I have your Custom Product Designer installed and working on my WooCommerce site, but now my invoices include error messages whenever someone orders a variable product from my site that was not created through the Product Designer.

For each item, the specific error message reads like:

Warning: preg_split() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in */wp-includes/formatting.php on line 2594

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in */wp-includes/formatting.php on line 2596

Any idea how to fix this so I don’t see errors in my WooCommerce invoices? Am I missing a setting somewhere that I need to apply to my normal products?


Please help me open ticket on my site. We will help you check and fix. Thanks


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Every time I move or resize a layer/design an ajax call is triggered tshirtecommerce/ajax.php?type=prices

I’m having a lot of visits and this call is saturating the CPU of my server.

Can you give some advice of what files or functions I have to edit to only trigger the getPrice call when add a new layer, but not when it moves or resize?

I’m not using a lowcost server and that’s a major performance error of your plugin.



System supported calculate price with size, color of item design. So when customers move, resize, change color system will automatic load price.

This functions not connect to database so this functions works very fast and no problem with server. But if you want remove automatic load, you need edit more files.

hello i have update plugin but it saying layouts.json missing

Hi, Please add new file tshirtecommerce/data/layouts.json after check again. Thanks


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Hi, i read in an comment that you can add pdf and eps to image upload. You say the following: Hi, System not support add PSD and PDF. If you want use 2 this file, your server need support phpimagick and Not all server is supported. So we only add when client ask.

I think i can activate it via htaccess on my servcer. It would be great if we can test it.

Thanks, Junes

Sorry, now this functions not default. We try update this functions and system will support in next time.

I purchased the software and am using Wordpress .this error pops up Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_product() in /home4/zisreal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tshirtecommerce/includes/product_images.php on line 6 please respond asap


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Please help me open tick on my site and share info of your site. We will help you check and fix. Thanks


I need to check some infos before purchasing the plugin. I read some threads in the comments, but gotta make sure: 1 – Can the client download an SVG file from their final design after they purchase it? 2 – Can I define any size for the output the client will get? 3 – Can the client, upload an EPS file to create the design? 4 – Is there a documentation where it says how the infos of the product are stored in the db? (or can you tell me?)


Another question: Can the admin upload a SVG or PDF to make a template? And will it keep the layers separate?


1. yes, customers can download file design with SVG after order and payment.

2. No, system allow admin setup size file output and customers only download file size.

3. No, customers only upload file PNG, JPG, GIF.

4. We only have document help customize layout.

5. System supported admin upload file SVG and create design template with text, file svg..after customer only edit text and buy.


Hi Is pricing on amount of colors supported? Same color in different cliparts on the canvas shoud be one price.