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I installed woocommerce custom product design and there is no way to create a new product with your plugin. I can create a product with WooCommerce. Have followed all instructions and still getting no where .. can’t publish .. can’t create new product .. customers can’t upload .. everything you claim is not working for me… just bought it today My host: bluehost Wordpress WooCommerce PLEASE ADVISE ASAP


Please help me update last version and check with document http://docs.tshirtecommerce.com/knowledgebase/add-new-product-design/ and try add product again. If you have any problem, please help me open ticket on my site. Thanks


upstore8 Purchased

hi how can i remove non-applicable printing types. I do not have DTG or embroidery


Sorry, you want remove addon or remove printing type in addon?

Hi Dang, Would like to remove printing type like DTG and Embroidery


danuveeka Purchased

Good Morning, We purchased the software yesterday and was very disappointed to see the complete version advertised does not include the add ons. “Complete Version with Addons We provide some useful addon for this plugin that add many functions awesome on your site. You can download free or payment extra to use.”

This is not very clear. What is the price for the full package with add ons as $49 paid is misadvertised.

oh, I think you not read all. We added in this link http://wordpress.tshirtecommerce.com/ “We provide some useful addon for this plugin that add many functions awesome on your site. You can download free or payment extra to use.”

Or on list addon https://tshirtecommerce.com/add-ons/, showed all price of addons.

Please help me check again. Thanks

Hi, I’ve bought this amazing plug-in two weeks ago. I’d like to know, how I can remove the possibility of choose the text’s outlines and the possibility of unlock the text’s proportion?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


Sorry, now system not supported you config hide this option in admin page but you can hide it with CSS. Please help me open ticket on my site. We will help you. Thanks


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you keep sending or you have an Auto Response/

You keep sending the instructions,

THe dashboard is Different from your dashboard in the instructions.

Many tabs are missing.

BrokerRon BrokerRon PURCHASED SUPPORTED 1 day ago Flag Ron Doman <brokerron@gmail.com> AttachmentsMar 18 (2 days ago)

to no-reply, T-Shirt Hello you keep sending the same instructions YOU are NOT addressing the questions ask




For your convenience, I have created on such FTP Account and you can provide the below information to your developer:

Code: FTP Host: us10.siteground.us OR FTP Username: maggiez@10000monarchs.com FTP Password: #be4t?O5b4Ku

======================================= this is the issue. This is FRUSTRATING.

============================================== can you address the issue about the DASHBOARD?


I have installed lots of plugins. this one does NOT work.

I have wasted money on a new website , that I got just for this plugin.

I also bought your plugin and support/

=============================== you need to look at the web site.


I not sure you check and read ticket we reply or no. You open ticket but not give info of your site. You give ticket number with info of your site but this ticket doesn’t exist on our system.

We send document to you in 4 days ago and this document is latest version. I not sure what different dashboard.

We reply very clear, if you want we help install or you have any problem, please share info of your site with admin account, ftp account. We will help you. I not sure why you no reply via ticket and comment more time on this page. Everyone can connect your site now. If your site have virus or someone remove any file…we can’t help you.

I see your site using old version. You can update new version in admin page. If you sure we want help and not want reply via ticket. Please send URL, admin account. We will help you check.


Can i edit the CSS? Because in plugin Simple Custom CSS i can’t edit? There is addon?

Thank you in advance


Please help me read this link to customize css http://docs.tshirtecommerce.com/knowledgebase/customize-cssjs-of-designer/. Thanks

Hi, Whats with all the bad reviews? Can i try out this plugin and get a refund if requested? Thanks.


Please help me read comment of bad reviews.

Sorry, we no refund. Please help me check careful before buying. Thanks

Please test with front-end and back-end http://wordpress.tshirtecommerce.com/ in this link.

No refund possible??? why? It looks good, i am just not sure if it works with my theme. I use enfold theme.


Plugin sure supported with enfold theme. More our customers using this theme.

We free support install and fix bugs. All functions of system is same demo, so please help me check. Some customers after download said system not supported some options and want refund…So we not support refund. I hope you understand. Thanks


birken Purchased

is it possible to white label branding your plugin?

Sorry, you can’t white label system or re-sell.


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We are trying to make the customization screen to show in full page, but we cannot make it full page. Should this work with any theme? if yes, could you please let us know how we can make this to show in full page?

Thank you.


Please help me open ticket on my site and give info of your site. We will help you check. Thanks


Hi, how do variations work? Can i set a different product design per variation (lets say color) or can people only select the color when customizing the product?


System supported variations of woocommerce. Please help me check detail with demo and sure supported what you want. Thanks

“Select printable area shape” their are only three shapes and at the “Other” it won’t allow me to enter a mask


You can use addon mask to add more area design with file PNG. Please help me check this link https://tshirtecommerce.com/product/mask



Mask is installed but not working .. I upload a png design and place it 1st on my layers and the “Other” mask is checked, then when I save and preview it defaults back to the original square bounding box and not my png design.

Is it supposed to override the bounding box because the bounding box stays highlighted


Please give url, admin account of your site to our email info@tshirtecommer.com. We will help you check. Thanks


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I just downloaded this plugin, and was hoping to use this for a wide variety of printing needs. This product has EVERYTHING we were looking for, except it only seems built to handle t shirts. The problem is I need to use this for signs and banners (Which are all different sizes), and I was looking for a way to create variations of a product with different canvas dimensions. When I bought the plugin it showed it being used for a wide variety of products, and was call the woo-commerce product designer, but then when I opened it up it was called the “t-shirt” designer and does not seem like it was intended for anything other than tshirts. Ultimately I was just hoping to find a way create products like a blank sign and allow the user to choose a different size, either by creating product variations or by some other means. Any suggestions are extremely appreciated, thank you!


You can add more attribute with size and price extra of size allow customers choose but system not support change area design when you choose size.


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Hi dangcv

Upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.1.4 via downloaded files and ftp method as directed. Then upgraded from 4.1.4 to 4.1.5 by upgrade button in plugin admin.

Bug 1 – blank screen on mobile devices (screen less than 526px wide)

Bug 2 – designer theme graphics still look like old version (not like your demo). Did upgrade fail?

Site: https://giftsociety.com.au

Please advise solution.



Please help me open ticket on my site and give info of your site, we will help you check. Thanks


Sir I recently purchase your plugin and i really like its functionality. But Sir there was a problem occurring and that is i test that plugin and i make a order myself, when i tried to download the edited product photo from admin panel i found that i am only able to download the photo without background. Sir i want to know that is this possible to download the photo with background as i want to apply this in my visiting cards so it is easy to process that is printing. Please if you have any answer contact me at shyamsingla11@gmail.com

Hi, We send email to you. Please help me check. Thanks

I recently purchase a mask addon from tshirtecommerce and can’t upload to my site. I follow instructions on video and doesn’t work. I purchased WooCommerce Custom Product Designer through Encato and the Mask directly from tshirtecommerce so it only shows on tshirtecommerce the Mask purchase and not the Designer. Please Advise ASAP .. I don’t want to cancel my Mask Order for non-performace


Please give url, admin account to my email info@tshirtecommerce.com. We will help you install. Thanks


I’m interested in purchasing your plug-in. However it doesn’t seem to be working correctly on Internet Explorer. Could you please advise? Thanks.

I’ve been trying to get the t-shirt plugin working for a day and a half now. I’ve watched all the videos and read all if the literature. I’ve gone over this step by step and it still does not work. What gives? what else can I do? Do you have better instructions that are clearer to understand. I’ve been working with wordpress for 2 years now and this is the first time I can’t get a plugin to work.