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Hi, I have a question. I have more than 5 variations in my products, but principal image not change because I don’t have all images of all variations, so can I put a small image when I select each variations? If I select color red, size medium and Construction material iron…can I show 1 small image for each variations? so I can see all variations I have selected with this image.

Thank you.

Hey, I’m not quite sure I understand your question. please could you illustrate it?

I try to explain to you in more detail

I have a product with 3 attributes: color, size and construction material. I need that when selecting each variant an image corresponding to that variant is loaded. For example, selecting the red color, loading a red image, selecting medium size, loading an image with an M, and selecting iron construction material, output an image with iron. So when selecting the 3 variants will have on the screen the main product photo and three small photos with the three variants selected.

On the other hand, is it possible with some plugin for woocommerce that the attributes are independent of each other? If I have 3 attributes with 4 variants, I would have to complete 81 combinations and I do not see it very clear.

Thank you


It may be worth checking out our WooThumbs plugin – this allows you to assign any number of images to a variation. If that is too many images to create, then checkout our WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin – this allows you to build your image using layers.

Hope this helps!

Hello, with your plugin am I able to achieve the drop down menu as shown in this link: https://goo.gl/Llo1JW

What I want is the ability to have multiple text fields when a user select Make to Measure from dropdown list.


Hey, sorry for the delay – no it doesn’t do that. It’s more for presenting informational data, rather than input fields.

Hi. Is it possible to show these variations in the cart and the order email notifications? I am using this code to display the variation description but I’d also like to show the other info that is in the variation fields.

if ( $_product->is_type( ‘variation’ ) ) { echo $_product->get_variation_description(); }

Unfortunately this plugin is not going to do what I need it to do and I have decided to go a different way. How can I bulk delete the fields I’ve entered info in? If I deactivate the plugin will that work? If I just delete the field it still shows the info on the front end. Thanks

If you deactivate, the fields will stop showing, but the data will remain. You’d need to delete the meta directly from the postmeta table in the DB


Hi, pre-sales question:

Does it work along the WP All Import Pro plugin? I need to create a Custom Variation field and then after run an importation task to populate this field?

To see how the WP All Import Pro works with variation fields please take a look a this video (go to 1m52s): https://youtu.be/7kCmESmKGro?t=1m52s

Hello??. Where is my support? I opened two tickets 5 days ago and no answer…

Hey, sorry – there’s a bit of a queue at the moment. I’ll get onto it today! Thanks for your patience.

ok. I’ll be waiting for this.

Hi, the same re-purchase question – is it works with WP All import?? I need to create a lot of custom fields for variations – can I import export them? do “WP All import” allows to select this custom fields? I need to use it for amazon

2 – will it works with wordpress 4.7.3 and woocommerce 2.6.13/14

Hey, I believe import via WP All import is possible, but it isn’t straightforward at the moment. I’m going to work on that and add compatibility.

Yes, it is compatible.

What happen if I don’t want to show one of the custom fields?

Example: have two custom fields, one for colors and another for barcodes. I don’t want to show the barcode one on the product page, but I do want to show the colors one.

Can I do that?

Hey, there’s no option to hide fields at the moment, but it is on the dev list so will be added in future

I need some Custom (Product) fields in Woocommerce:

1. Because we are selling Maintenance Contracts with a fixed therm – i need a custom Product field with a value “Order Date & 30 Days” in example: Product ordered on May 1st so the End of Contract is May 30. How to display this?

2. I need some custom fields per product (like Username and Passwort) for each sold product, who can be entered by my (logged in) Customers in Order History” .. Example: Sold Product is a maintanace Plan; after purchasing Customer needs to enter Login Data für the domain ..

Is this possible to do with your Plugin?

Hey, I don’t think the plugin will do what you need. This plugin is for admin users to add additional information to variations, not for customers!

I see … thanks for your service!

Hi, is it possible not to show the field on the front end? I would like to just have a meta field. Customers should not see it. Thank you.

Hey, not yet, but it will be soon!

I think this plugin might suit my needs. Is it possible to display the variations in the “Additional Information” tab at the bottom of a product page? I am ok to hack code if that’s an option

Any answer to this? I have a client who would like this

Hey, sorry for the delay – the additional info will be shown where the variation description currently gets displayed – this is usually up near the add to cart button. You could bring it out in other locations too, as it’s just custom meta.

Hi, can I set a link to the checkbox? Thank you

Hey, sorry – I’m not quite sure what you mean?

For example, the customer can click the checkbox ‘do you like to buy a cable additionally?’ and the link to the cables will be opended…Hope you know what I mean. My English is not that good ;)

The custom fields are informational only – they aren’t for frontend option, but rather for admin users to add info to a variation. Hope this answers the question!