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Hi, I have a question. I have more than 5 variations in my products, but principal image not change because I don’t have all images of all variations, so can I put a small image when I select each variations? If I select color red, size medium and Construction material iron…can I show 1 small image for each variations? so I can see all variations I have selected with this image.

Thank you.

Hey, I’m not quite sure I understand your question. please could you illustrate it?

I try to explain to you in more detail

I have a product with 3 attributes: color, size and construction material. I need that when selecting each variant an image corresponding to that variant is loaded. For example, selecting the red color, loading a red image, selecting medium size, loading an image with an M, and selecting iron construction material, output an image with iron. So when selecting the 3 variants will have on the screen the main product photo and three small photos with the three variants selected.

On the other hand, is it possible with some plugin for woocommerce that the attributes are independent of each other? If I have 3 attributes with 4 variants, I would have to complete 81 combinations and I do not see it very clear.

Thank you


It may be worth checking out our WooThumbs plugin – this allows you to assign any number of images to a variation. If that is too many images to create, then checkout our WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin – this allows you to build your image using layers.

Hope this helps!

Hello, with your plugin am I able to achieve the drop down menu as shown in this link: https://goo.gl/Llo1JW

What I want is the ability to have multiple text fields when a user select Make to Measure from dropdown list.


Hey, sorry for the delay – no it doesn’t do that. It’s more for presenting informational data, rather than input fields.