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i think it’s what i looking for :)

i’m glad to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice day.


Will you plug in help us solve our problem?

We currently have two plug ins working together -WooCommerce Extra Product Options & WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Here is the situation, for each product we sell, we have 3 types of packaging/product form – individual bag, box and a sample. We give quantity discount only for individual bags. For boxes and samples we don’t give quantity discount. As of right now, the plug in calculates the discount for all three types of products and sees them as one form. And if you add various forms of products to the cart with quantity over 5 items, the discount will be taken out of the three products combined, not just one. http://nutstop.adopliz.ru/product/dark-chocolate-pretzels/

Thank you!

Steps 1. For individual bags, limit the total quantity allowed to be 24. 2. When selecting 25lb case option, TOTAL price to be only for 25lb case, thus $50. 3. Allow the customer to select two forms of product with various quantities, ex: 2×25 LB Case + 15×10 oz Bag, including the discount, plugin WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts. 4. Remove the quantity discount option for 25lb Case and Sample, quantity discount to apply only to individual bags – 10oz bags 5. Created fields for all product catalog, (25 LB Case ? SAMPLE), with functionality to input fixed pricing in product settings 6. Have product displayed correctly when added to cart. 7. Create a correct product calculation within the cart, disable the option for quantity discount for 25 LB Case and SAMPLE 8. Create a separate default weight field for 25 LB Case and SAMPLE. This crucial for UPS shipping intergration since we need to tell UPS how many and what form of product we are shipping. Now we have only one field for one form of product – individual bags.


Will this work on a rtl site? Can this be used with Wc-Vendors?

what is the difference between this plugin and the free one:
i see both are the same !!!!!!

Does it work with WooCommerce Version 2.4.10? The FREE Version doesn´t work with Version 2.4.10.

Can you use this plugin to assign different discounts to attributes/variations in variable products