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Hi !

Instead of using exchange rate for every products, is it possible to have a different approche? I’d love to put different pricing on each single products according to the currency.

For exemple, 100€ is not USD 120 for a 1.2 rate but USD 100 because I want to set it like that.

Thanks ! Alex.

Hello Alex

Yes! It’s possible.

Watch video please –

Is tooltips the only one display style? Is there an option to change it to list style or simply display like:
$100 (USD$:20/CAD$21)

Hello Unfortunately the plug-in has only one style of tooltips. To change this, you need a CSS customization

hi thanks you for your reply this is my website that i use switch currency on it but EGP not work well This is my website


But the plugin installed there is not my and its doesn work, install please this one

Currencies: USD,AED. Main Currency: AED Problems: 1) On variable product the price in AED is correct, the price in USD is not converted. Your adding filter code into index.php is not working. 2) When converting to USD: All products are now showing to be on sale with the same price. Like product price 1$ it is on sale for 1$. On converting to main currency AED there is no issues.

Write request on support here please with exact links and even wp-admin access as looks like your site and WOOCS has conflict with another script

I would really love to use the commercial plugin but even the free plugin does not work well for me. It is not the theme that breaks the plugin but something else. Here is the issue: I try to use Currency switcher with Woocommerce Appointments. The base currency is USD. Let’s say the price of the appointment is 20 USD. When I change the currency on front page to EUR, the price turns 17.40 (which is OK) but when I put the appointment in cart it changes to 14.35 EUR. How? Why? What could be the source of the problem and how could it be solved? Best regards


Its incompatibility and double conversion. What the plugin you using, this one or any another, there is some plugin with the same name

What can be done:

The plugin I’m using is Woocommerce Appointments by Bizzthemes ( Is there a way to make Currency switcher compatible with Bizzthemes Appointments? I mean the premium version, not the free one. If it is possible, I’m going to buy your plugin.

Hello mindenaron

Please read this – We will help you for free. Just follow the recommendations that are described in this article.

does this support auto currency switch by customer IP/location?