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I just Installed the free plugin on my site on the footer ( .In the plugin settings i selected “wsSelect” , and added it on my front page using a widget. why am i seeing two drop down menus instead of one. please help.

but in usual drop down the flags are not showing in the default state.

in such case influence of another js libs should be removed, find that script which skin the WOOCS drop-down and exclude WOOCS drop-down

how would a non programer, layman knowhow to do this.


Alios1 Purchased

Hi, i installed the plugin, but woocommerece gives me an error that paypal dosn’t support the currency? what is the problem? Thanks


Paypal doesn support all currencies in the world + be sure that you set all money codes as here


you can drop screen of first tab options here to see currencies

Pre-sale question, I want to be able to convert/switch between these currencies: US $,Sri Lanka LK, Euro, British pound, AUD. Doable?

All from this list: and all another which not exists in the reality

Hi, I’ve installed the plug in and currently plan to switch to full version before the project going to live. However, during the final check, we’ve recognised that it did not work on the mobile versions (neither ios nor android). Would you please advise, where could be the possible problem? Or is it because it’s the fremium vers?

hello, I tried to post on Support section but got no reply so I try to post on comment section this time.

I get a serious error on my site from this plugin. When I turn on ” Is multiple allowed” option, the check out amount would be double counted. For example, if I’m a customer and buy a product in USD 1 and choose HKD as the check out currency, the check out amount should be USD 1 X 7.8 = HKD 7.8, but at the checkout page, the amount would be multiplied by the exchange rate in double time, it turns out to be USD 1 X 7.8 X 7.8 = HKD 58.5

It’s a serious bug to my site and has already turned many of my customers away. Please fix for asap


Support answered you on the next day. 1 day == 1 answer except of weekend. Continue interaction there please

Pre-purchase question, I need to try the plugin before I buy: after choosing the currency the box became bigger with a description of the currency below the signal, how to fix the size of the box and remove description. I’m using a shortcode.

Please check the screenshot

As the box for currency drop-down is to narrow is better use another skin for it, ‘chosen’ for example, which you can select in tab Options of he plugin settings


WonWood Purchased

Just bought your plugin, but it will not update the currency rate, so it just write “0” in all three currencies. So all product is displaied as the price is “0”!!

Please let me know how to fix this?


I think trouble can be with currency codes, please drop screen here of first tab of the plugin options. Also try in the plugin settings activate option ‘Enable CURL’ (if on downloaded version its removed)

If no luck: – write here please with wp-admin access …


touched Purchased

Hello. I think this plugin has stopped working as my site no longer updates the exchange rates every day. I have to type them in manually and click save. Even pressing the button to collect exchange rates does not work and always returns 0. Any ideas what could be wrong? It was working perfectly when I first installed it.


I think file_get_contents was disabled on your hosting. Enable CURL in the plugin settings in such case. If no luck write on the support with wp-admin access:


bre sure that currency codes in he plugin settings is still right, like here:


touched Purchased

Ok, but what do you mean enable CURL? There is no option for CURL in the any of the tabs for the currency plugin settings.

In such case write on support please as described above …


Hello I’m not sure that I understood you correctly. What tool do you use for integration?


You can select it: if to set in the plugin settings multiple mode – you will get order email in with currency on which order was paid, if to select non-multiple mode – only in the baseic currency

Does the premium version updates currency rates automatically?

Both do that

With free version I need to click a button to update the currency rates. It’s kind of manual.

in tab Options activate ‘Rate auto update’

I tried the free version. I have some issues, though. It doesn’t automatically convert the currency amount/value. I want to automatically convert the values not just the currency symbol to USD from our visitors outside of my country. It does convert the symbol to USD but not the actual value. Upon checkout, it does convert the actual checkout amount to USD.

Is this normal to the free version or just for the premium?

We installed the free version to try out. There are two issues. The product page columns become distorted. On deactivating the plugin they are displayed correctly. What could be the problem? Second. We set the local currency as Indonesian Rupee and we want to set the rest of the world as USD. Do we have to select every country one by one or is there some way to say ‘All other countries = USD’? Thank you


Link please with that distorted columns. Problem – CSS, but I have no idea as the plugin has styles for drop-down only. Try to change drop-down skin to the usual drop-down

Do we have to select every country one by one or is there some way to say ‘All other countries = USD’? – no, its just enought set Welcome currency as USD and INR in geo ip settings for India


Hello. I installed the free version of the plugin. It works fine except of one: for some reason when I add product to cart the secondary currency (EUR) is not converted correctly. Please try to add to cart class 01 from this page: and you will see that it gives price 7 EUR, when it should be 28 EUR. The EUR rate is set up on 0.24 ILS. When you switch to ILS the price is displayed correctly – 117 ILS. Thank you.


100% incompatibility with any plugin or even with wp theme, please read:

Before Purchase Question i used shortcode [woocs show_flags=1 width=’300px’ flag_position=’right’ txt_type=’desc’] to put currency selector in my main top menu but when i press the drop down menu it hides behind the menu Please check screenshot


Disable chosen skin in the plugin settings, or add more z-index for its code. If its just only one issue between WOOCS and your site support will resolve it after the plugin buying, just ask them about it here:

Hello, I’m interested in this plugin. However, I have tried out non premium plugin already and couldn’t find the currency switcher but the converter instead in the widget list. Please I need be sure if this will be included when I purchase the premium. Thank you


Looks closer please in the widget page. Also you can use shortcode [woocs] where you want. Free version can operate only with 2 currencies – only this one difference.

Watch please:

I got it. Thank you very much.

Welcome …

We are using the Woo-Commerce Currency Switcher Plug-in on a test site.

We also use WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options to configure our product pricing structure.

The variations are being properly charged on the product page and in the shopping cart.

However on the shop page in Canada (US is our standard currency), the wheel-sets are showing too high of a price in CDN funds.

The price on the shop page reflects the Base price of a product plus the lowest cost of an option. So base plus the cost of the 1st hub options. All other options aren’t required or have $0 option.

This is set in the Extra Product Options setting.

The issue happens when there is a required product variation that costs money and the site is being converted to Canadian funds.

The issue only shows up on the shop page. The price is correct on the product page and cart.

I have tried all the steps listed at the link below and am still having the same problem.

I switched the theme and disabled all the plugins except for Woo Commerce and The WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options which is necessary for our pricing structure.

I can send you admin log-in details for our site.

We would really like to resolve this.

The author of the WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options has just resolved this for us within hours

Great, because from my side I cant resolve it


Kilakini Purchased

I have added the currency switcher widget in the shop side bar and have three currencies. But it’s not working, the currencies not updating when selecting one from the selection box. no refreshing or nothing happening.

Js conflict with events, try to set usual drop-down skin or chosen in the plugin settings

WOOCS make recounting /shop/?currency=EUR – so thing in js

Also you can write here with wp-admin access if its nessesary


Kilakini Purchased

now i can see if the url is with currency param (/shop/?currency=EUR) the switching is working with all skins. but in the default url ( /shop/) not working in any drop down skin. I will send you the admin access.

Great, support eill be opened tommorow, so if you not sent request please do that and interact there …


Aosoth Purchased

Realmag, theirs a problem mate. everyone is swapping onto PHP 7 but your plugin not working with it so i can’t swap over to it =’(. It’s something to do with the geoip function you’re using from, woocmmerce. could you please look more into it and make your plugin work with php7 in next update?


Strange, but demo site uses PHP 7.0 – I already on all my sites use v.7 of the PHP. Be sure that you not installed smth conflict


Also be sure that you using the latest version of WOOCS as from woocmmerce 2.4 a lot of changes done. Ask the latest version here

Also you can renew support and write request with EXACT description what exactly is issue and jow to replay it on the site

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