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Hi, i have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to put the currency switcher in the top bar? Thanks,Jessica

Hello Jessica

Sure, just drop this shortcode in the right file of your wp theme

Hi, Before purchasing, I tried free version. What I need is; entering some product prices as usd, some product prices as TRY. Checkout must be at TRY only.

I added code snippet to functions.php to force TRY checkout. I set USD as woocommerce base price. At Currenct tab of Woocommerce, I set USD as primary currency. I set both ‘yes’ of ‘Is multiple allowed’ and ’ Individual fixed prices rules for each product(*)’ at Advanced Tab/Currency.

I found below issues; 1. All prices is shown as TRY at product and shop pages insteaf of some product prices must be usd. 2. After checkout , product is still shown at cart basket.

How can I solve these issues? If I purchased, How can I sure that it works properly.

Best Regards Tosun

Hello Tosun

1) Maybe you set TRY on front, and in such case you will not see USD untill change, BUT if you want let your new customers see prices in USD – set USD as welcome currency too. + Only one current currency will be shown, there is no such feature as SHOW different currency on different pages. Its possible only set in each product different price for each currency, but showing will be only in one currency

2) It will be fixed in the next version, now

Hi, I’ve send a message through the support channel, and received a response, but a fix for the wrong 3rd party Woocommerce plugin.

As I mentioned, I’m using “Woocommerce Bookings” plugin (premium) and not “Easy Booking” plugin. The prices are updated when visiting from another country, but after completing the booking information (dates & amount of adults and/or children), the total price for the specific booking is shows the original currency’s price with just the currency name icon changing from ZAR to €. When visiting the “Cart” page, the total price shows the correct currency amount.

For example when viewing the site from Europe: Original price = ZAR350 pp; Single product price = €25 pp (using VPN to view site from Netherlands); After booking information is completed = €350; Cart page: €25

Showing the total price of €350 when completing the booking information (before putting the booking into the cart) can be confusing to customers to the site and might lead to no bookings on the site at all.

Please advise.


Support answered you correctly, please re-read

I’m not sure, but I think there is a small misunderstanding between the two of us.

I’m using WooCommerce Booking ( a premium plugin from Woocommerce.

I don’t use the Easy Booking plugin. The two plugins are completely different. – read this please carefully, you can clarufy it on support


I have a small support issue. I managed to round prices to whole numbers. I also want to do that with the shipping fee, displayed at the checkout page. Is there a fast way to do that?


Team WeConnect


I managed to round prices to whole numbers – try this please, also you you can add currency code in ‘Prices without cents’ in tabs Options of the plugin settings. If no luck – write on support here please with wp-admin access
Hello Dev,
I have pre sales question, We are using different Aelia currency switcher but as it had conflict with famous product filter plugin we want to switch now and product filter dev told us your plugin is compatible with filter.
Now main question
1) We are using GPF plugin and the feed is used various location
We want to use rounding function on our store but the rounding price should also reflect correctly into feed for all currency.
Like we want to set price of all products ending by .95
It should put that rounding price in feed not original one.

2) We also want to apply VAT for Currency GBP means if you are in US and site loaded with USD as per Geolocations but if you switch to GBP currency then it should show you price with VAT so VAT should not be based on location but based on currency. To keep running Google Ad based on Product feed we must have this functionality as Google is fetching that GBP based feed from US and if VAT is not applied then they reject it.

Right now we have both of above customization with Aelia but as said above if your plugin also support some custom functions with which we can achieve these then we would love to use your plugin.


1) We can help with this plugin as we have program WOOCS LABS

2) Here is possible to resolve by custom work only, because there is no such accurate targeted recount in the plugin

Hello realmag,
Thanks for reply, so we are already using Google product Feed plugin as said above and with help of some custom script/code the both thing are possible correct?

How much you will charge for that?


Describe please exact task here by links and screens about what you have already and what you want to get, video will be even better to avoid misunderstanding


ycchang Purchased

Hi, I bought this plugin and it went well until I got two issues:

1. The “Hide switcher on checkout page” selector is “no”, but I still can’t find the switcher at checkout page.

2. The “Is multiple allowed” selector is “yes”, but when it proceeds to checkout page, it changes back to default currency (TWD) with US dollar sign, please see the screen capture attached, thanks.

This plugin is awesome but i have a problem. It is not working on cart page. When i try to change currency on the cart page nothing happens.


Just looked the site – smth reload js of the drop-down in the site and and drop-down switcher doesn work, BUT switching works: So what can be done:

hi, I have just renewed support for 6months, what is the latest version of this plugin?


2.1.9 but its still on Envato revies, ask support for the latest version here please


Remes Purchased

Can you make a video for How to hide payment gateway on checkout please ?


Yes, not soon and this video will be very short, because I will show how to use this scripts . You had troubles with it?

Hi Initially, It works fine, but when I change the currency now, the page show 2 prices, the same price but the first one with line-through. my website Please advise. Thanks


Tell me please what is WOOCS version installed and woocommerce version

Also drop me screen (share screen on your site) of Advanced settings of the plugin settings

WOOCS version: Version 2.1.8 Woocommerce version: Version 3.0.1

Update please to WOOCS 2.1.9 from and write me report how is it – simply uninstall old version and install new, do not worry about data as it in DB

2.1.8 has imcopatible moments with the latest woocommerce, so I did update to make them compatibles – a lot of changes in woocommerce is done

when i try to add another currency it gives an error why is that so ?

Try this version: – any way its question to the server

have tried that still no use not working :( if we give u the ftp could u kindly check out and help us out ?

Sure, you can renew support and send request here with ftp+wp-admin access

Hi , bought this plugin. But How Can I do for the symbol example (USD MXN, etc.) Appear next to the price … for example: $ 140 USD


In tab options of the plugin options use ‘Custom money signs’ to add USD,MXN, etc … Save and then attach that abbreviaturs to currency in the first tab of the plugin settings



Is it possible to have all the prices on the website display as the customers local currency, but all payments must be received in USD. So if I were a UK buyer, my products amount to £100 in the checkout, but when I submit payment, the system says “Because we are an international website, we accept all payments in USD. Your order amounts to $125 (£100 = $125)” and the customer pays in $. How do I set this up?


Thanks for that. Is there a way that when the cart total is converted from GBP to USD for example, that the customer is made aware of the change. As it stands, it converts without letting the customer know, which will confuse them.

Ideally, I’d like the text in red to display:

Is something like this possible telling the customer of the conversion?

Now for some reason the GeoIP is not working. I am based in the UK, but I can see USD prices now, which didn’t happen before. Is there someone from support who can take a look at my query?

Is something like this possible telling the customer of the conversion? – if currency of the user defined by geo ip – yes, enable ‘Show approx. amount’ in the plugin settings, all another text descriptions you can do self

Now for some reason the GeoIP is not working

Following this : can u make woocommerce dynamic pricing compatible please ?


Yes this one !

Ok, we can try: write on support please request and share that plugin somewhere with us as there is no free version there

Ok I have sent the plugin to u and already wrote to support about this

Hi, I installed your free plugin, however I don’t use a side bar in my shop. Is there any other way for me to show the switcher without it being a widget?


You can use shortcode [woocs]:


eneosoil Purchased

After updating the plugin on 2.9.1 my prices are not showing! Only default one currency.

What is your woocommerce? You can renew support and write access here with exact link to issue and wp-admin access


baraa2022 Purchased

Hi, i have purchased this plugin long time ago and didnt use it because it wasn’t working probably and i thought its because of my server. i have changed the server and hosting as well, and i still cannot use it. the problem is when i choose the currency storage Session the currency reset it self to base when moving from page to another. And when its Transit the next customer who enter the website will have the currency the previous customer has been selected. is there any solution??


baraa2022 Purchased

The problem with sessions was that the server has varnish caching integrated. can you please help me to know the name of the cookies the plugin use so i can exclude them from the varnish caching?


Sure, keys for storing currencies are: woocs_first_unique_visit, woocs_current_currency, woocs_default_currency, woocs_user_country

Hello my friend, I have a question and hope your amazing plugin help me, now I have to accept my payment currency only in dollar $, may be in future will add more, but also i want to enable users to check their payment of products with other currencies but when they will pay convert and process it with dollar, thanks