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Hi Can you help?

The currency switcher works fin up until the checkout! I only have 2 currencies set UK and EURO. UK is default but if i select euro it changes right up until checkout then it will auto default itself to UK? Any Ideas? Chris

Is there any way to display prefix after price? Like i wanna display $5.00 USD / $5.00 AUD.. As the symbol for USD and AUD same customer got confused. Please advice me if there anyway.



I answered you on email

Hi. There is a problem with updating the currency from the privatbank UAH. When trying to update writes “no data for UAH”. Pls, fix…


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Pre-purchase question:

Our store is selling goods in USD , I’m using a credit card payload but we can only accept payment in other currency instead of USD.

So, our store needs to show USD in first place, but to accept other currency for payment.

I’ll appreciate for your assistance.



you need to customize the code. Example: ( in functions.php ):

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘my_example_scripts’) ; function my_example_scripts(){ if (class_exists(‘WOOCS’)) { $curr_curr=$WOOCS->current_currency; global $WOOCS; if ((is_checkout() OR is_checkout_pay_page()) AND $curr_curr==’USD’ ) { $WOOCS->current_currency=$your_currency_code; $WOOCS->storage->set_val(‘woocs_current_currency’,$your_currency_code); } } }

Is it possible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher to automatically display product prices in USD for all users but display prices in CAD only for users in Canada?

If yes, then how?


Yes. Set “welcome currency” – USD. In GeoIP rules – for CAD set Canada

Can this be done with the free version of the plugin?


“Can this be done with the free version of the plugin?” – Yes!

hi does the geo ip functionality works in free version ? thank you


Unfortunately I do not have this information. You can test it with free version –


3KyNoX Purchased

Hello, I’m currently testing your plugin. I mainly need it to be able to use with a bitcoin payment gateway that work with Currency-Switcher (ie. ) and having the ability to set bitcoin as default currency on woocommerce.I’ve tested the free version of your plugin and here is the 2 main problems I notice:

1. If bitcoin base default currency is selected, woocommerce prevent me to have paypal payments enabled -> 2. I’ve placed shortcodes on product(s) / cart / checkout pages, everything work for switching on product(s) / cart pages but if I select dollar on checkout page, bitcoin still forced displayed.

What’s your thoguths about this ?



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Thanks for fast answer.

1) So how can I accept Paypal enabled gateway payments with btc base currency ?


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w00t, coming back to my previous comment, I tried the option “is multiple allowed” for the checkout and Paypal is listed as payment gateway.

So it looks like to work, thanks a lot.



Hi – I am trying to make the code changes to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.0 however the code examples do not match up. Do you have updated instructions? Or am I missing something?


Please write me on support ( use contact form ) –

Drop me version of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts. Yes, some code changes are possible.


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Hi, the price in product page is showing wrong, it is lower and in cart or checkout is showing right! thanks


Read this please –

It’s like a conflict with a third-party plugin.

Try to disable all plugins (except woo+woocs). Do test.

If no luck – write me on support ( use contact form ) – Drop me wp-admin access

I have installed although as a UK based company and to sell in USD and for EU VAT reporting I need to be able to display currencies in USD but display the GBP currency conversion in the order (and on the invoice generated). Is this possible using your plugin? The plugin seems to be forcing charge in USD when product is displayed in USD and overriding the woocommerce base currency of GBP. Is it possible not to override base currency and instead display the exchange rate in the order, for example the checkout display USD but below on the checkout (and order) the GBP equivalent that will be charged and the exchange rate.


You can configure this plugin – the order will be made only in GBP. Other currencies will be like information on the store page.

Example add this code in functions.php: add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘my_example_scripts’) ; function my_example_scripts(){ if (class_exists(‘WOOCS’)) { global $WOOCS; if (is_checkout() OR is_checkout_pay_page()) { $WOOCS->current_currency=’GBP’; $WOOCS->storage->set_val(‘woocs_current_currency’,’GBP’); } } }

Hi I am not able to activate the plugin ..getting error of 504 Gateway Timeout need quick help


Please write me on support ( use contact form ) – Paste your massage and wp-admin+FTP access


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Hi, i just updated my site to woocommerce 3.2.6 and wordpress 4.9.1 but after installing WooCommerce Currency Switcher my website goes white out. there is only white in front and back end. after disable WooCommerce Currency Switcher it works fine. please fix it. thank you


Please update WOOCS to latest version 2.2.1

If no luck – Write me on support( use contact form ) – Paste your message and wp-admin+FTP access

Hi, I tried searching but can’t seem to find any answers.

Is there a way template or something like that to import all currencies. I would like to have all currencies available.

Is there a way for me to install it easily, or must I create each currency one by one manually?

Thanks a lot.


You need to add each currency manually ( )

(For a free version, only two currencies are available)

Hi realmag777,

Hopefully you can help me figure this one out:
1) My payment provider currency must be set to USD (does not support CNY)
2) My website visitors are Chinese so they need to see CNY
3) When I set Multiple Allowed to ‘yes’ it shows CNY everywhere including checkout. Problem is that the payment provider must be USD so when paying it’s the CNY amount but with USD currency. The payment provider plugin is probably to blame for this

Possible solutions:
Solution A) My checkout does not have a currency converter – if the customer could see the CNY amount next to the USD amount then they are more comfortable purchasing. I tried <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[woocs]’); ?>. The converter shows, but no visual changes.
Solution B) Customize the payment provider plugin so it shows the right amount of USD when ‘Multiple Allowed’ is set to ‘Yes’

How to make this work?
Thank you!


Your base currency is CNY. Right?

Try to add this code in functions.php:

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘my_example_scripts’) ; function my_example_scripts(){ if (class_exists(‘WOOCS’)) { global $WOOCS; if (is_checkout() OR is_checkout_pay_page()) { $WOOCS->current_currency=’USD’; $WOOCS->storage->set_val(‘woocs_current_currency’,’USD’); } } }

Thanks for that pablo
Base currrency is USD. Because the payment plugin does not accept CNY as checkout currency.
With multiple allowed ‘yes’: Shop+checkout currency is CNY which is great, but has CNY amount while during USD payment. Ideally the payment amount will be the correct USD. Like such:

With multiple allowed ‘no’: The USD amount is correct but not very user friendly since the checkout shows USD. If we can show CNY there it would pretty much solve the problem. As such:

Thank you!


“Ideally the payment amount will be the correct USD.” – It looks like it’s a conflict with a third-party plugin. Read this –


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How to add a currency symbol that is not available in your plugin? I need to add MZN.


I answered on email


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Hi, on our site currency converter widget and also currency rate widget is not working can you please check our issue Thanks


Please write me on support ( use contact form )-

Paste your message + exact link to the issue or even better wp-admin access