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Hi, its very important to send the converted currency in the email order for the client instead of the woocoomerce activated currency. how i slove this issue? the email sent with ‘usd’ but i wanted to be using ‘aed’. starting from the checkout page the currency convert back to us dollars but i want the checkout page and the emails to the customer to be in aed too like the website

Здравствуйте, realmag777!

Заметил один баг в плагине, когда наводишь на иконку рядом с ценой чтобы узнать цену в другой валюте, некорректно отображает если цена старая и новая:

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В смысле устаревшая версия у меня? – на скрине код во front.js не такой как у меня

Кидайте ссылку. Если корзина обновляется во ВСЕХ браузерах – то проблема решена. Если нет – то тут надо решать кодом на месте, но это надо обсуждать

Приветствую! Кинул вам на почту ссыль. > на скрине код во front.js не такой как у меня Странно, ведь версия последняя…

Здравствуйте Александр

Суппорт ответит, если что продолжайте переписку там …

I am looking at purchasing the plugin. I am testing the free version.

The default currency is EUR as that is the pricing set by my supplier but i wish for the customers to check out in GBP.

I have entered the hook:

add_filter(‘wp_head’,function(){ if(is_checkout()){ global $WOOCS; $WOOCS->set_currency(‘GBP’); } });

the problem is this just defaults to EUR on the checkout page.

I have tried with IS MULTIPLE ALLOWED set to yes but the checkout currency will be what ever the customers selected the firced curency will not apply.

please tell me how to get the forced currency to set to GBP when base currency is EUR and not allow checkout in any other currency but GBP.



Looks like you did all right and that should work, its need looking-in on the site, I can suggest you the deal: if all another features of the plugin works well for you – buy the plugin and write on support here the same description and screen of this suggestion, and if it will not be resolved I will make refund. Of course support will need wp-admin access and your interaction with it …


Elepzia Purchased

Hello my friend I sent you email, please check

Hello Gianluca

Support was moved to another email, please write your request here , exact description what is wrong and what you did before, also be sure that if you updated woocommerce – update WOOCS to the latest v.2.1.9 too. Maybe support will need wp-admin access

About geo-ip issue please read this before – – maybe you need make test from another browser if currency storage is session, or from another IP if its transient …


Elepzia Purchased

Please check I sent detailed email, maybe more than one email jaja Espero me entiendas!

Hello Gianluca, sorry for delay (fin de semana y poco fiesta), today you will be answered, if you not sent wp-admin you will be requested about it, interact with supporter there please, he will resolve the issue …

Hi, before I want to purchase this plugin, can I check, does this plugin compatible with yith stripe?


Its compatible with Stripe gate, BUT question is in the plugin which provides stripe-gate functionality on the chekout page. – this one works with WOOCS fine, another plugins should be tested, and you can do it with FREE version of the plugin

Hi there

I love your plugin and been using it a long time. Great job.

This is probably an unavoidable setback, but your wonderful plugin is by far the slowest plugin. (Using P3 to detect, it’s over 5-7 secs.) Do you have any advice to keep it as fast as possible? Should I keep the amount of currencies low for example…

Also, the selected dropdown view loads with a delay. The first second(s) it shows as a standard windows dropdown before using the selected style (ddslick for example). Any way to avoid this?

I love the plugin, but like other people I really need it to load faster. Thank you for your tips! :)

Have a nice day, Tim

Hello Tim

noticeable second from the default drop-down to ddslick – by the way, try to use currencies stirage as session OR vise versa transient, I had cases when request to sessions was slow, or vice versa – troubkes was with transients …

A few versions ago I never had this delay though… I don’t get it either. – architecture of the WOOCS did not changed, only fixes and new features as fixed prices was added

It can’t be any lighter and faster. It transitions faster to ddslick, but yet it still flickers for a noticeable second from the default drop-down to ddslick. – I have an idea, hide container with currency switcher by CSS .woocommerce-currency-switcher-form{display: none;}, and somewhere in the footer add script: jQuery('.woocommerce-currency-switcher-form').show(200) – in such case switchers drop-down will appear smoothly and without flickers …

Thank you for your kind tips and insight.

I tried both session and transient like you mentioned with no noticeable difference. I also went back to version to see if that would help.

That’s a great idea, I’ll try that. Thanks! :)

Hello Tim

Thank you for cooperation …

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this – do you know if there will be any conflicts with the woocommerce TM Extra product options plugin?

Hello – they both compatible, but there is one issue with fixed prices can be. You can check all functionality you need with free version of WOOCS:

Hello, since recent updates your plugin seems to be throwing this error in console:

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.cookie is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ( at i (wp-includes-js-jquery-jquery-1.12.4.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (wp-includes-js-jquery-jquery-1.12.4.js:2) at Function.ready (wp-includes-js-jquery-jquery-1.12.4.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (wp-includes-js-jquery-jquery-1.12.4.js:2)

Any idea why?


Just looked your site: troubles is that jquery cookie libtary not loaded

Reinstalling the plugin has resolved it, many thanks :-)

Welcome ;)

Before purchase I wanted to know.I am trying free version for my woocommerce. All working good but just in checkout page or cart page currency switch doesn’t work used shortcode. [woocs show_flags=1 width=’300px’ flag_position=’right’ txt_type=’desc’].

Hello – I see no switcher there and there is only one place to drop it—footer, because header is hidden + in tab ‘Options’ of the plugin settings see ‘Hide switcher on checkout page’ -> should be ‘No’

I did No on checkout page but now it shows short code but doesn’t make any changes in currency. could you check it again please

Hello Try in file plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\js\front.js to comment a line – Clear all cache and do test please.


briface23 Purchased

Hi. I’ve have some issue after updating above woocommerce 3.0.0 version. and I already sent email to your team, and said that your plugin is incompatibility with my current theme. and it should be customized. Please advice me what to do next.

Here is screenshot of issue. and, test site

Thanks in advance.


I just looked last message from support: Hello

I checked the standard functionality from woocommerce – everything works correctly

This incompatibility with the current theme ( third-party software ) –

To solve this, you need to customize the plugin.

And read this –

Deal is in incompatibility right (booking plugin), BUT have you seen this link: ? Look on it closer please

Just cooperate with support, they suggested you help, even made clone of the site

Modification will be sooner not in the plugin, but somewhere on your site side


I just purchase your nice plugin a few days ago and use it on my site now. Just works fine before. But i get issues when enable “Is multiple allowed” option, it showing wrong product price on each currencies. Can you please check it on my site, here you go I can provide you login if you need it.

Kind Regards


Write request to the support please with wp-admin access – it can be conflict with another script …

Hi just quick question. How can I put your plugin in the topbar ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Thanks a lot for your fast response. It lists up now all the currencies but there are not active somehow. Do I have to ajust something ? Its on Thanks a lot

That can be js conflict with another js library for drop-downs. Just looked the site and not see drop-down

One hint: in the plugin settings set drop-down skin as ‘usual drop-down’

If no luck – renew support and write request here with wp-admin access and short description what is wrong


I see that CHF is default currency – – BUT default currency should be always == 1 ->!/section_1 #5


asad11184 Purchased

I am facing the same issue for all the currencies apart from the base currency

I have 4 or 5 other currencies… Is there a better solution for this problem and would I have to repeat the same code for all currencies?

Update woocommerce + instal latest WOOCS, and if no luck-> write on support please:

Hello I am facing an issues with Woocommerce Booking, and Woocommerce add-ons. The thing is that it is working fine when “Multiples Allowed” is disabled, once it is is enabled it doesn’t reflect on the “Add-ons prices” or the “Total cost” it just change the currency symbol keeping the same value as the site currency it doesn’t convert it. while it works fine then when I go to the “Cart” and “Checkout”


Read this please: and cooperate with support here , start with descriptiuon and that plugin share, also wp-admin access maybe will be nessesary – if its plugin incompatibility they will help, if its troubles with theme – maybe