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Hi presale question, you listed Woocommerce Points & Rewards in your compatibility list here but need to add some codes in order for it to work. Are these codes updated and work with the latest version? Do you have plan to add Sumo Reward Points to your compatibility list? Thanks


Are these codes updated and work with the latest version? – You can try it with free version –

To add hew plugin the compatibility list –

Any offer coming for the plugin?

Hello, what offer you mean?


Currency aggregator = (central european bank)

EUR to GBP rate = 1.11538676036 WRONG!!!

in the website of Central European Bank

EUR to GBP rate = 0.89655 CORRECT!

Whats’s app?!


Looks like this aggregator has changed the API.

Fast fix: In file – lugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher\classes\woocs_after_33.php delete this code –


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Side switcher worked good before but it stop working 2 days ago, then I deactived it and replaced it with gadget switcher version . it worked good but it stops again! today! I didnt change anything about it ,,, I didn`t update wordpress or woocommerce aswell!


Please write on support –

Paste your message + wp-admin access I will check it

Hi, i realized the currency switcher under mobile version country flag will gone, can you advice how to show the flag in mobile as well? thanks


Drop me exact link to the issue!

The second screenshot is not related to this plugin.

Hello~ thank you so much, for the iphone no issue now. but for android version it will still not appear the flag. Can you advice more pls? thank you and appreciate your assistant.


Clear all cache

Please drop me exact link to the issue


Stop working in my backofice


What do you mean?


when i update to last version

And when i go to settings tab, only see you multicolor spinning, nothing more…


Reset browser cache please:

If no luck: – with details and mayne wp-admin access will be necessary

Hi, subject: conflict with other plugin.

i install activated and set “Currency per Product for WooCommerce” plugin in . sku 4657736 is set to “ILS” . please see this url:,toshiba

You will see 2 products: the left side with ILS, and the right side with USD.

when activate “WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher” then, go to ” WooCommerce” >>> “Currency per Product” tab >>> “General” >>> Custom currency symbol when template change to currency_symbol then all products show $ sign – not ok. (No issue if deactivate “WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher” plugin). i can give you CPANEL, FTP, WP-ADMIN passwords if need. Thank you, Uri


This is incompatible with third-party plugin.

WOOCS plugin can only display one currency

i don’t want to display more then one currency. the issue is only with the currency_symbol . if i change currency_symbol ($) to currency_code (USD) then all ok. why ?


It can be a conflict. Write request here please, maybe wp-admin access will be necessary

I want to buy the plugin But in the free version I can not But in the free version I can not do anything so I do not know whether to buy I want the price to be in shekels Say 500 shekels But check-out I want the price to be displayed in dollars, the dollar exchange rate 140$ How do you do this?


I try first on free version. But I don’t found any option to do this:

1. Geoip activated 2. No manual switch currency

Just visitor enter to site and see the prices in his currency (the normal prices, no the “aprox amount or aprox prices”

Tried everything, and the only way to see the normal price in his currency is activation the manual swich, that I don’t want to have.

Any way to do it? The rest of the plugin is great, but this is my primary need, automatic prices detected by geoip in customer currency (just like site: for eg)


The normal price continue in USD – set session as storage in tab Currency storage and check in another browser – as you visited the site from browser the system remember last selected/set currency

Hello! Thanks that solve the error!

The last bug that I found in order to buy is this. Some value that is not working fine with the plugin cartflows:

I let you a video for easy explanation:

Please fix this and I buy it! Thanks!

Please, I have followed your instruction on how to use the shortcode out place on a menu at Top Bar using Menu Shortcode plugin. But, how do get this out?

The screenshot below explains better.

Awaing for your positive reply

Kind regards


Please drop me exact link to the issue.

Did you use this plugin? –

Paste this shortcode in label ( not URL )


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Hello Team, May I know can I get the currency value on WP REST API ? ( . Many thanks!


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Thanks and sorry for missing your message

Hi. Is there a way to make the plugin load quicker? GTmetrix waterfall says “action=woocs_get_products_price_html&” is using 1,6 seconds on the admin ajax.

Sometimes it’s 0,6 seconds, sometimes 1 second and sometimes 1,6 seconds. It starts to cost me more than it gives.


This does not slow down the loading site, because the plugin makes asynchronous requests

But you can disable it –

Hi There, i realized there’s an issue for the plugin, it keep changed my currency default option USD currency to UAE. And it causes my paypal was automatically disable. this is very urgent pls advice more. .


Please check option –

If no luck – write me on support please –


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Hi Does the plugin already have automatic updates when a new version comes up?

It is a time-consuming process to have to manually download/upload the plugin whenever a new version comes out.

Hi is fully compatible with is the most Rule and promotions pricing plugin in envato.



Unfortunately not. The latest version is not compatible with this plugin.

Do you have a more modern layout? Something in teh top header bar perhaps? This one is very ugly (no offense)

What one you mean, screen please

Hello, by the way I preparing update with some features, if you interested to test write me here please: – I implemented some new features and skins there

sir i want to buy this plugin before i purchase i install free version and it work only shop page and cart page but in checkout page not work.

Everything works fine except the FINAL PAYMENT. The currency switch fine but at the end the customer only pays in the default currency ($ us dollar).

I want to enable it in checkout. How this is possible?


Please check option –

thank u sir now work.



i have bought currency switcher twice but unable to upload the plugin. It shows that no plugin.

i did same as instructed. it shows that i am still using the free version and can not add currency.

Hello, I would like to add multiple currencies but receive all payments in USD. Is this possible? if so, how can I convert customer’s payments to USD please? I cannot find this setting anywhere.

Hello Unfortunately not. The plugin can manage currency till to the checkout page.

Thank you for letting me know. That’s a shame but I will buy your plugin anyway because I’d like to add a third currency and your free version works nicely.


. That’s a shame – ??? Our plugin does not interfere with bank transfers! It is very important! And the user must always see in what currency he pays.

Hi! Can I set prices for different goods in different currencies? For example, product 1 = 100 USD, product 2 = 50 Euro


All products must be stored in one currency only.